Draft Analysis 2019

Well, apparently we’re stuck with Charles Harris as our leading sack monster.   He has two sacks in two years, and yet our brain trusts thought it was better to waste draft picks on running backs and a project LB with pretty long hair who left many pundits scratching their heads.   We really really needed a DE or two.

That being said, despite an underwhelming Saturday, we made some great strides Thursday and Friday.   I’m on board with Josh Rosen and, for once, I’m not going to criticize management for trying this.

Let’s hope his attitude issues are in the past.   He needs to perk up a little and be a leader, just like Christian Wilkins needs to perk down.   Both can be stars, or both can be busts.   But their potential is just beginning, and I’m excited to see what Brian Flores and his unknown coordinators can do with these guys.

Your thoughts?



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  1. I responded to Floridian at the end of the previous chat a few hours ago:

    Yeah,WTH? I thought we had 2 that were going to be given the entire season to prove what they were capable of. Were either of these wasted picks better than Ballage and Drake? Here is an article from 3 weeks ago saying what I’m saying: https://www.sun-sentinel.com/sports/miami-dolphins/fl-sp-dolphins-deen-rb-20190403-story.html
    Plus,we already have a FB,something Gase never had. If they are just training camp fodder,don’t waste picks on them. Just sign some UFAs or undrafted players. But I am happy with Thurs and Friday,needless to say. Did you see the photoshopped Rosen did of himself in our Jersey last night? It’s good.

  2. Plus Rosen gets a raise because he moves here.

  3. Author

    And the guard we drafted, Michael Dieter, admits he eats McDomalds 5 times a week’. I love it !

  4. Fair or not,Rosen will be compared to both Haskins and Lock.

  5. I know a lot are upset choosing 2 RBs back to back but it really does not matter. Most 7th rounders won’t make the team anyway and its probably better cap wise to sign some DEs after the draft who are more likely to stay on the team. Plus RBs last year did not play that well so some guys to push them are always needed and this is a team with a lot of needs. Even if we selected some good DEs here we still have a lot more needs to fill in for next year.

    1. Author

      Well, I’d disagree and say that Gore had an outstanding season and was set to rush for 1,000 yards before getting hurt in December. I see your point and, yes, I know they are only 7th rounders. But if you’re going to try to find a diamond in the rough, make it at DE.
      RBs are a dime a dozen.

      1. 1 of them can apparently run kicks back and both will probably play on special teams,so I see them making the 53 man roster. Cap-wise for 7th rounder have little effect on our Cap. We had needs and RBs are 1 of them.

  6. Author

    Saw an article on DEs who will soon be free agents and signable in 2 weeks. Tops on the list: Dion Jordan.

  7. More cuts after June 1,right?

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