Josh Rosen Deal Close(?) Done Deal(?) Or just rumors(?)

We might be getting close to a new QB…

I don’t know enough about the guy to judge yet, but i know he was highly touted LAST year.   During the season, he had a lot of bust-like qualities.  But did he get a fair shot with that awful Cardinal line?

I’m excited for now.   The promise of a first-round pick (last year) for our 2nd-round pick this year seems fair.    I’d prefer a 3rd or 4th rounder, but we’ll see.

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  1. It’s heating up. They’re saying the Dolphins might not be willing to just give a second round pick they would want another pick in return. But sounds like they are pushing for giving a third. Which, if they can pull that off it would be a great move! We’ll see….

  2. A second would be fair but why not push there is no one else really out there. Only teams that need backups. I said before offer a 3 this year and next or if a 2 definitely get something back. Theoretically they could keep the 2 and draft whoever is left this year could be Lock or Grier…or just wait another year.

  3. Author

    My phone was blowing up with Rosen rumors an hour ago, but now it’s dead silent. No reputable source is calling it a done deal. Waiting game I guess.

  4. Author

    Hope they announce it soon, because if we give up our pick tonight, then i don’t even need to watch the draft!!

  5. Posted on previous Truth at 601p:
    I say we have made the trade and it will be announced when we are on the clock tonight.
    If not,I will be very disappointed and will have lost what little faith I had in Grier and whoever else has draft input. Tanking for Tua is not a strategy with far too many variables.

    1. Author

      It would be funny if we get Rosen tonight, then Ryan Fitzpatrick gets hurt and Rosen becomes our starter. He sucks badly, and we get the #1 pick next year,
      We then draft Tua, and trade Rosen. That would be 2 years in a row that he gets dumped for the new kid in town.

      1. He can’t suck any worse than last season whe he was basically running for his life. Reminds me of our QB the 1st 2 years of our existance when we had castoffs and draft choices. And let me remind everyone here again about our history of drafting QBs-we had the 1st & 2nd pick in the draft our 1st year and drafted Rick Norton #2-our 1st BUST! For those too young to remember (or care)

  6. Like I said in the previous Truth,we have little competition for him now. They won’t take a 3rd round pick for him but if we manage to pull that off,WE win this years draft. But I see a 2nd and we move on (like I said yesterday).

  7. I don’t want someone elses garbage ..stick with Fitz or if Lock is sitting there grab him with our 2nd rounder or stick with Fitz and draft high qb next year …what happen if we take Rosen and end up with the no.1 pick next year ? then we are in the same boat as Zona so don’t do it unless its a 4th or 5th .

    1. Totally clueless statement. “someone elses garbage”? LOL
      Lock might not be available when its our time 1st of all. 2nd,Rosen has a year of NFL experience is the same age as all the others already drafted. And big if it happens,we get #1 next season,we trade down and fill many more holes. Laughable if you think they will accept a 4th or 5th for Rosen.

  8. And last night,the pick is in and they run 5 or 6 commercials. More than once. It’s all about $$$$.

    1. Author

      Absolutely. The commercials were so often last night. And from 8:01-8:04 was all commercials. I thought I had the wrong channel on.
      Then they finally came on the air, and took 10 more minutes to gave away free tickets to someone.

  9. Pick is in and we wait……………got to get all the expert BS in and the commercials.

    1. Author

      Yep, it was bullshit. I saw the DOLPHINS PICK IS IN at the bottom of the screen during a damn Arby’s commercial.

  10. Karmatourer…..if Rosen was any good ..why would they draft Murray..because he is better?…didn’t know my opinion didn’t matter.

    1. Because Arizona is going to a spread offense and Murray fits that better than Rosen. With Arizona’s o- line last year, it’s to early to call Rosen garbage. Sound familiar?

  11. We trade down for a 6th rounder?

  12. The Cardinals are smart so far. They could wait for training camp to start and hope another team’s QB get injured,then THEY have leverage.

    1. Author

      OR…we still trade out 2nd rounder coming up for Rosen. It’s a dick move for AZ to hold onto him as leverage, but it’s a business too

  13. YESSSSSS we have a QB!!!!!!!!!!!! Just like I said-trade announced when they were on the clock!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. The Cards could have had a higher pick if we had not traded down.

  15. Author

    It’s an outstanding deal…like I just said to Karma, we moved back and had a less valuable pick, and the Cards still took it PLUS we gets the Saints #2 pick next year.
    We gave up a #2 for Rosen, just like this morning was speculated. But we also get a #2 next year as a gift! Well done, Chris Grier

  16. We also get 2020 5th from Zona in that trade..

  17. We finally have a REAL QB after 7 years of misery! Well done.

  18. Author

    LOL…you guys see Mando’s crying column?? He kept reporting for 4 solid months that Miami would tank on purpose. Now he knows he is dead wrong, like he’s been all along. And he’s blaming everyone else.
    Yes, Rosen is a spoiled Southern Cal kid, but so was Troy Aikman…

    1. So we win 5 games now instead of 3 or 4. No tanking-just lack of talent. I accept that it’s a 3 year rebuild.

      1. Author

        Agreed. Ross said he will rebuild. And we are. He never said tank on purpose. That was Armando.

    2. His column was strange,even for him.

  19. Finally,we have a real QB,not a failed 7 year project!

  20. And we got the second round from NO next year for trade ammo to move up next draft!

    1. So we drop from 48 to 62 this year and also give up a 4th round this year for a 2nd in 2020,which is ~#60 and a 6th. Hmmmm.

  21. This turned out better than expected no waiting guessing game until next year. If someone told me DT, QB and OG I’d be happy! Especially a top ten QB. I’m not buying the complete lack of talent they have lots but depth is the issue. Losing RT hurts but let’s see what happens the rest of the offseason. This may be a quicker turn around than some think.

    1. By ‘RT”,do you mean Trannyhill? How does that hurt? That’s a huge blessing AND we actually got a 4th rounder for him IIRC. And lost that absurd contract if we kept him. Rosen is under that number for 3 more years,right?
      But at least we agree on the biggest question mark answered and we can get on with the 3 year build. I upped the win total to 5 this season and we’ll still have a top 15 pick,as usual.

      1. Sorry RT I meant right tackle James as we lost him in FA. Tanny has effectively been replaced hopefully between these two new QB’s they are better overall. Not being hurt will already be an improvement…

  22. So 11 picks next year and a compensatory pick for James.

  23. For the next three seasons, Josh Rosen will count a combined $6.24M against the Dolphins’ salary cap.

  24. I honestly think now we can see what Rosen has for two years and keep building the core in next years draft, and if we suck enough…..go for SUNSHINE!!!

  25. When you write “sunshine” – I hope you are referring to the Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence. I’m much more excited to want to see the fins draft him than any other QB in the coming years, Tua included. I know it may be a 2 year wait, but I think he’s worth that wait.

    He’s already won a national championship (as a freshmen) and has the size, height, etc. – to be the NFL’s next potential Tom Brady, from a rings standpoint. When he (eventually) does get drafted, I think we will see a very wild draft day, with perhaps one team offering ALL of their draft picks to move up to the top spot to get him – much like Ditka did with the saints to get Ricky Williams. That would never be done for a RB today, but a QB (like Lawrence) could make a crazy move like that one possible again. Would love to see some owner/gm with enough balls to make a bold move like that though. So that definitely rules out Ross, to do anything close to that, guaranteed.

    1. Cripples your team for 3 seasons to give up so much draft capital in the hope he works out or doesn’t have a career-ending injury. Trading for Ricky and that idiot owner of the Redskins owner Snyder giving away so much for RGIII are examples. But I see where you’re coming from. I don’t see us doing it as it would go away from our rebuilding mindset.

  26. The Red Zone,where we rarely score:
    ▪ Here’s the good news on Rosen: He has a big arm. He can escape pressure. And he was really good in the red zone last season.
    On 38 red-zone dropbacks, Allen completed 16-of-38 attempts for 146 yards, seven touchdowns, and zero interceptions, with three of those incompletions coming from dropped passes, per PFF.
    Rosen’s red-zone big-time throw percentage of 7.9 percent tied for the third-best mark among quarterbacks this year, while he was one of three quarterbacks (along with Aaron Rodgers and Matt Ryan) to make at least 30 red-zone attempts without throwing a single turnover-worthy pass.

    1. Good to hear no reason to write the kid off he was literally on the worst team in football. The goal is to not ruin him this year but I honestly believe that this team may do better than expected. Plus with all of the picks next year they should be able to improve immensely the year after…

      1. I agree. He may not be the savior but he has the opportunity to be. Or at least above average,which will be an improvement. We are used to dealing with projects!

    1. LOL! And if he stays healthy and isn’t tackled by his shadow,he’s better,whether he starts or not!

  27. Remember……………..
    The Dolphins have learned nothing from their own history and therefore may be repeating it yet again. Instead of drafting Drew Brees in 2001 they drafted Jamar Fletcher. While that move cost them, it wasn’t until Nick Saban opted to trade a 2nd round draft pick for Daunte Culpepper instead of signing then free agent Brees.
    Before that the Dolphins spent a 2nd round draft in a trade with the Eagles for A.J. Feely. That didn’t work out really well either.
    Of course the Dolphins have not done much better with drafting 2nd round quarterbacks either. They spent 2nd round picks on Pat White, John Beck, and Chad Henne. All three are considered busts for the Dolphins.

  28. Stop it. John Beck is hall of fame material. Pat White is runner up

    1. LOL! What nightmares they were!

  29. Why do they have these offsite nobodies announcing draft picks? Does goodell think seeing cancer kids or rednecks increases ticket sales?

    1. Every year. it stopped being about the draft and about entertainment several years ago. Go back the the drafts that Rozelle did,which the showed a few of,and that’s when it was for the real fans.
      Here’s the obvious giveaway-even late in the 2nd round and from then on,they announce a pick,go a a closeup of a fan,and Theresa few second hesitation before cheering,all along the fan having NO CLUE who was drafted. That’s what this has turned into. The face of the real fans were shown when the Raiders and the Giants 1st round picks were announced. The expression on the faces of REAL fans shown through. That is what the draft is really about.

  30. TWO running backs taken round 7. I guess they can play DE too?

      1. And we already have a FB,something Gase never had.

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