Who Starts: Rosen or Fitzpatrick?

Make no mistake about this:   Coach Brian Flores and GM Chris Grier know who their starting QB is.

Don’t be fooled by the politically correct nonsense about “it will be a competition,” and “we’ll have to see.”  They know already.   Of course they know.   It’s fine that they don’t want to share the information yet, but at least say “No comment” rather than pretending they are unsure.

But, us Dolphin fans are used to getting lied to.   Like when Tricky Nicky Saban said, “I am not going to Alabama” or when Big Bill Parcells said, “I will not trade Jason Taylor. ” Or when Stephen Ross said he’s hiring the best coach possible and then foisted Clueless Joe and Arrogant Adam upon us.

The training-camp QB “competition” is just a token farce to make it look like both guys have a chance.   I don’t know who that person will be, but Brian Flores does.

My gut tells me they’re giving the job to Fitzpatrick, and that Rosen has already been told to learn and study for a year or two.   Just curious what you guys think?

Who should it be?

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  1. A year or 2,no way.Just the opposite. And if Fitzy starts Game 1,I’ll be shocked. Rosen isn’t a rookie. He was sacked 3.5x per games last year. He can and will learn from Fitzy but they didn’t invest a #2 for him to sit on the bench. It’s a 1 year trial for him and he’s well aware. If he has a poor preseason,that’s different.

    1. Author

      I remember Tannehill started his rookie season as 3rd string, behind David Garrard and Matt Moore. Clueless Joe named Gerard the starter rught before Game 1, and he promptly went out and broke his knee. For some reason, Joey then leapfrogged Tanny over Moore, and the rest is a 7-year forgettable history.

      1. 7 years of suffering for fans from all over.

  2. Imagine if the Dolphins made some move last year and moved up to take Rosen. Most of us would have been thrilled! (Of course we would have still been stuck with idiot Gase) but we would have been thrilled. No way in year two we would have sat him on the bench. Heres the thing after going back and watching a ton of tape on Rosen from college and than his first year in Arizona there is evidence of bad coaching. In college Rosen was on time with almost all of his throws hitting receivers in stride over and over again and nailing timing routes perfectly. In Arizona his biggest flaw was being late on almost every single throw! Go look at some of his games and you will see that over and over and over even when he completes the passes he throws them way late. Flores did something in preparation for Rosen or whoever the new young QB would be. He hired – Jim Caldwell. I forget what paper had the artical but Cadwell worked with and is recommended by Manning, Flacco and Stadford and is credited for steeping up each of there games. No doubt those guys would have been great without Caldwell but it was pointed out in the artical i read that their stats significantly jumped once they were paired with Caldwell. It dosn’t feel to me like they would have all of this in place plus give up a second rounder to sit Rosen on the bench. Oh ya, also looking at his UCLA tape this kid can throw the ball 60 yards and hit his receiver in stride over and over and over and over…… If he can get the game to slow down in his head a little we might have a good QB on our hands.

  3. Word! Also the fact he’s had multiple OCs and QB coaches recently. That doesn’t help development. I believe you may have seen the reference to Caldwell on ESPN on the daily NFL program-that’s where I saw it.

  4. Author

    I’m not buying, WHATSOEVER, that QB coaches matter that much. You know who makes a QB become elite? The QB himself.
    Peyton Manning endorsed Jim Caldwell. Great. You know who else Peyton endorsed and gushed about? Adam Gase.
    You know who Aaron Rodgers endorsed and gushed about? Joey Philbin.
    I’m all for Rosen starting and seeing what he can do. But his success will be based on his skill set. And from everything we’re discovering, that skill set is definitely there.
    And to make Karma happy, I’ll mention how cool it will be to finally have a true QB running our offense, instead of a WR who decided to convert to QB a few years into college.

    1. Admin, I pretty much align with you on this board and the Dolphins, and I agree totally that Rosen’s success will be on his skill set. We (every Dolphin fan, coaches etc.) have to see what he’s got and if he’s got it….that will come out just like it did with Tannehill…he can learn a lot from Fitzy for sure and that’s a good mentor to have-there is no way this team will allow another 7 yr. QB experiment. Either you have it or you’re gone. Training camp will be very interesting this year to say the least!!! I trust all our local fans will post comments for those of us who aren’t…the Herald will post it’s slant for this one or that one…but we’ve got something to be excited about again!

  5. I think you have to go with Rosen. You want as much time to determine if he is the franchise QB you traded for and still have enough time to plan for a 2020 or 2021 QB draft if Rosen fails. We cant wait 7 years to determine that he is not the one. There are too many apparent quality QBs coming out in the next 2 years to screw this up.

    1. Author

      “We cant wait 7 years to determine that he is not the one. ”
      Excellent point. Tannehill bears some blame for his own shortcomings, But so do the numerous executives, QB gurus, experts, coaches, and ummmm Owner, who all refused to pull the trigger for too long.
      Some draft analyst had a great point the other day. There’s nothing wrong with drafting and trying a new QB every two years or so until one hits it out of the ball park and becomes a keeper. It might sound crazy, but it’s a strong philosophy.

      1. Yes,I believe Horse Teeth in Denver has drafted 6 QBs and traded for many others. Or some numbers to your point.
        To your other point,like many others,I said Tranny was a mistake on draft day,but what do we know? We’re just unpaid fans,not highly paid executives making decisions,who when fired for ineptness,land the same job elsewhere.

  6. Author

    Karma, are you definitely going Dec 22 vs. Cincy?

    I’m eyeing a couple of good seats, but they will only sell a pair, not a single. Interested? Email me at admin@dolphinstruth.com

    1. Yep,I’ll be there. I’ve had hotel reservations for 4 games so far. I’ll contact you.

    2. Can you find three in a row I’d go if you can

      1. My seat is in 116 on the 25 yard line. It may be difficult to sell 1 seat,considering its the Bengals and a few days before Christmas,anywhere near what I paid for it. I’m sending admin an e-mail to talk about it.

        1. Author

          Yeah, both you guys please write to me. If we can’t all grab seats together, we can at least meet before the game to shake hands and a beer.

          1. I sent 2 e-mails about meeting. Even if we don’t end up sitting together,we can meet prior to game for a beer or a bite and drive there in 1 car or 3 cars. Or just at the stadium. I have parking already paid for but my car only seats 2 if we go in 1 car,it will be yours or Brian’s.

      2. Author

        Let’s try it, Brian. Send me an email about what you’re willing to spend, and I’ll do the research. Sounds like Karma has his ticket already, but I don’t yet.

        1. I have a season ticket with parking included. I think single game parking is either $25 or $30 this season,so it may be a good idea to meet prior and go in 1 car if you guys are close to each other or my hotel is close by. Saves enough to buy refreshments for the game.

  7. “But let’s be real: Allocating any regular-season snaps to Ryan Fitzpatrick will run counter to what should be Miami’s No. 1 priority this season: Determining whether Rosen is its quarterback of the future.
    That’s why NFL Network lead host Rich Eisen and lead draft analyst Daniel Jeremiah were skeptical of Flores’ “competition” comments in an interesting conversation on The Rich Eisen Show this week.
    “Come on, come on!” Jeremiah said of Flores claiming there would be a competition. “One aspect we didn’t get a chance to jump too far into [during their NFL Network draft coverage together] is it’s an evaluation year of Josh Rosen. He has to start week one. Even [general manager] Chris Grier came out and said it the other day, that there’s nothing in that [Rosen trade] that would stop them from taking one next year if they deemed that the right thing to do.”

    Read more here: https://www.miamiherald.com/sports/spt-columns-blogs/barry-jackson/article229902209.html?#storylink=cpy

  8. “On top of that, [offensive coordinator] Mike McCoy was fired [seven] weeks into the season. Byron Leftwich takes over and he hadn’t called plays before. …You couldn’t have drawn up a worse scenario to put a rookie into and ask him to win games. Last year you can throw out a little bit. He showed a lot of toughness, a lot of ability on a team without a lot of tools around him. I’ve got a lot of optimism about what he could be for the Dolphins.

    Read more here: https://www.miamiherald.com/sports/spt-columns-blogs/barry-jackson/article229902209.html?#storylink=cpy

  9. Author

    Yep. When they say “there will be a competition,” it is clearly to make it sound good. Everyone knows who will be starting. I think it should be Rosen, but Miami has been known to screw up many things, so you never know…

  10. Guy at worked mentioned that the Falcons had Brett Favre for a hear and decided he wasn’t good.
    Gave him away to the Pack.
    Let’s hope the Cardinals are the new Falcons!

  11. The talking heads said that if Rosen was in this years draft,he’d be the best QB on the board. So if that happens,we have a steal.

  12. I’m more excited about Rosen than I ever was about Tanny! That said I hope Gier takes a QB high every year until we get one!

    1. Me too and I hope he is the answer and if he is, we can keep our #1 or high pick next season and trade down for more picks and fill all our needs. That would be the ideal scenario.

      1. Smartest comment on here totally agree and crossing everything to make that happen!!!

        1. Author

          And even if Rosen has a lousy year, I have to trust our coaches and GM (I hate trusted them, but I guess we have to) to determine if the lousy season is Rosen’s fault. He had poor numbers in Phoenix, but everyone knows it was a bad line. They were behind virtually every game and HAD to pass, so the defense could gear up fir the pass. He had to learn different schemes under different coordinators. It just wasn’t a fair evaluation. So I’m happy to take the Cards’ “damaged goods.”

          1. Exactly worth the picks. You can argue that the second round picks wash so they really didn’t give up much.

            I believe that the zona line was all injured and had some guys off the street… reminds me of Miami’s luck of late.

  13. I think the Rosen/Fitz starter can be tricky. Obviously Miami wants to evaluate Rosen and they don’t care about Fitz at all I mean he was like the 3-4 QB we tried to sign this off-season versus we actually went after Rosen and ignored all the other QBs in the draft for him. And Miami wants to know if they need another QB next year so they should start him early. But on the other hand Rosen will have the 3 person in his career call plays for him and whole new offense and that takes time to adjust plus the entire coaching staff is new so with that it’s makes sense to maybe wait 4-5 games before starting him. But in my opinion barring Fitz going insane and throwing for 600 yards per game again Rosen needs to start early.

    1. If they start or even give Fitz significant playing time, I will consider this coaching staff and Front office as inept and be looking forward to another change. 7-9 wins means nothing to me, and that is what Fitz can bring you. I want a ligament QB that gives us 8-10 years of playoff football and a shot at a championship. This will only come if they get the QB position corrected. Rosen gives us that shot. But time is short as there are good potential QBs coming out within the next 3 years.

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