Draft Day is Here! Let’s Talk

Okay, I’d love to chat with our group here during the draft, and I’ll open up the chat room before the draft commences at 8 Eastern.

Also, reader Justin and some friends are having a Zoom video draft party, and I’m working with him to provide the invite links here.  Zoom is pretty fun an easy, and you just have to click the link.   If you have Zoom, you’re in.  If not, it will ask you to download it, which is quick and easy.

I’m going to TRY to do our chat room while I’m in Justin’s Zoom party, so we’ll see how that goes.

The chatroom is:   http://dolphinstruth.com/chat/

To join Justin’s draft party:



Meeting ID: 942 5861 0465

Password: 1SzjQH

(Warning: Bronco fans may be there!   But at least they aren’t Jets fans!  Thank you to Justin for sharing this invite with us).

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  1. Most interesting possibilities and scenarios, Good luck Phins. Do it right!

    1. I don’t even know what to think but I honestly can’t be mad at the Fins as this is nuts. Take Tua he heals up and becomes a star or he busts a hip on the first tackle or take Herbert and he’s not good enough to win a bowl or maybe he is or wait and take Love who’s a wildcard as well or just build a solid team around Rosen and grab a QB for competition later in the draft/next year or…..my heads going to explode!!!! Everyone has a different opinion I just hope that they get it right seems to never be easy. Will be a fun ride!

  2. Hey guys! Its me again. Im so happy to see this sight still going!

    I’m dipping my toes in the water but not fully ready to embrace the NFL. Im sure you all know why.

    I recommended a good friend to this site recently and this person may join in.

    So J-Mans …..Hope you like it here!

  3. Ah damn… missed the zoom party…. but I had to vent… I’m good with Tua…. I mean it’s risky with his injury history but if you factor that out of the equation he’s nearly as good as Burrow so you take a shot at greatness…. no risk, no reward….

    Austin Jackson was a bit of a reach but I get it… we couldn’t make a move up to get one of the premier tackles so you take the guy with the most upside and again… cross your fingers a little….

    BUT WHAT IN THE LITERAL FUCK. Nothing against the kid but why are we taking a corner in the first? We have two of the highest paid corners in the league already… plus McCain and a promising guy in Needham…. you wanna go safety with Winfield or McKinney I would have been semi-okay with that…. but with Swift and Dobbins there too? Or maybe edge rusher with Epenesa or Gross-Matos? I mean any of those 6 players… okay cool…. I can get behind it…. but a CB? UGH. We gave up Laremy Tunsil for that? (and another first next year sure but still)….

    I’m going to try and focus on Tua and his potential if he can stay healthy but I’m just flat out angry right now.

    1. Don’t be pissed remember X may be suspended and has an injury history. CB is also a money position lots of man to man so I get it. They are obviously ok with McCain at FS or plan to take one tomorrow although pass rusher, oline and RB are probably on the agenda. Maybe a fat DT but that can be later. Wait until tomorrow see what happens. I’m ok with what they did.

      1. Yes, I agree, I think the Noah pick is a good hedge against Xavien Howard injury and off-field stuff. Also, i got the impression Noah is a good character fit for Flores culture. So I am ok with 1st round picks except that I can’t believe we have another ex-receiver project! 🙂

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