Draft Night Chat Room

By popular demand, I’ll open up the draft room tonight.    I’ll be in an out myself, but you guys can discuss it and debate.

Dolphins Truth Chat Room

After a lot of back and forth, my own personal choice is QB Daniel Jones.   If not, then a DE.   We were too cheap to pay our existing DEs, so now we have to draft at least 3 new ones, possibly 4.   I can live with drafting a QB as long as we get a stud DE.

Your final thoughts?



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  1. Trade a 2nd rounder for Rosen and be done with the QB issue. He’s the same age as these kids in the draft and has a year of NFL experience,not just 1 year of college experience as a starter.We get to use our 1st round pick on the help we need or trade down and do same to fill so many holes. And that huge draft bust DE Charles Harris will be gone after this season. Yet another bust for Grier who insists he was in charge of the last 3 drafts even though everyone else knows he lies like Trump.

    1. Author

      Can’t argue with any of your scenarios there. I doubt the Cards will dump Rosen though. Is Kyler Murray THAT much better?

      1. I don’t think he is and he was a 1 year starter. His size is an issue and I know everybody says Bress and Wilson are small too but he isn’t in their class of QB. Plus,he played in a no-defense conference that had basketball scores and rarely had to read a defense or call an audible. He’ll have to change all that now and play against players who are faster than him and taller and more polished. On every play!

        1. Cant argue but I think he has elite accuracy and that can take him a long way. Plus every QB in this years draft has similar criticisms.

  2. I also like Daniel Jones …I do not want Rosen apparently neither did Arizona…if no Qb is available then trade down for more picks and maybe more 2020 picks ..im all in for a qb in 2020.

    1. Jones will be available all the way down to the bottom of the round. That’s what teams think of him.

  3. Keep having the draft outside! LOL!

  4. Now that clown is gone to NYG,we may see Lock or Haskins at 13. Will we take 1 of them? He is a reach. Just like the wasted Raiders pick.

  5. Author

    Jets selected a stud DT. Lucky for us, Gase will have him drop back and cover WRs.

  6. ESPN,pick anyone but Trey Dingo to host! What an effing clown who tries to be funny every time he opens his mouth. The sound is muted between picks.

    1. Author

      Yep, I just said in the chat that Tray Wingo keeps saying every pick is “historic” WHY??? A QB going #1 is historic?

  7. Author

    Great Speech. He is happy to be in the fraternity of the NFL, and wants to be an ambassador for the league. Uhhhhh, does the kid want to play football? Does he wanna be a Dolphin? Future bust?

    1. Author

      Seems like a stud, but don’t they all? He hasn’t played yet, and he is already better than Charles Harris

      1. You and I are both better than Harris!

  8. The 1st word Wilkins utters as a pro-he drops the F-BOMB when he walks on stage before he crushes Goodell! Good pick. So we trade for Rosen tomorrow or hope we are bad enough to take Tua. Waiting for Tua is a bad option because so much can happen between now and them.
    On the Ross front,the Redskins owner Snyder is an absolute loon. So Ross is only the 2nd worst owner alive.

    1. Author

      Yes, I heard the FUCK too. First the f-word then he wants to be an ambassador.

      1. The ambassador side will make Ross happy and he just guaranteed himself a job after football for the Ross conglomerate.

  9. Lock maybe a steal at the bottom of the round.

  10. The only downside I see for Wilkins is he played between 2 other 1st round picks,so IS he that great?

    1. Not unless we trade up. I doubt he drops to us in 2nd round. But by then we may have traded for Rosen.

      1. Yes, I have a sneaking suspicion that we will trade for Rosen. Hopefully only for a third round! Even if it’s a second I guess that’s not too bad!

  11. Author

    I thought Lock would go before Haskins. I’m wrong again!

  12. I hope Flores knows how to utilize Wilkins. Let’s see how much he learned under Belichick. Or maybe admin is right and Flores is over his head with no experience

  13. Tomorrow will be interesting Grier may be an option in round two unless they stay true and go oline in the second. Can’t see them moving up for Lock.

  14. Wilkins pick is getting an A+ grade…. I can see going to a 3-4 and Harris moving to OLB. Maybe that gets him going. Who plays NT though or do they draft one?

    1. Harris can’t cover me! He’s a bust as a DE-there is no way he can cover anybody as a LB. He is gone after this season as a verified bust. But the Phillies wore their throwback uniforms tonight with the maroon caps and blue uniforms. I’ll have to dig up my Phillies car with that P on it.

      1. He wouldn’t be asked to cover probably more zone but mainly an edge rusher like Suggs. Hopefully get something out of him I’m not giving up yet but I’m an optimist. Let’s see what happens before we completely run the kid out..

        1. He’s had 2 years and produced nothing.

    2. He can be a 4-3 tackle or a 3-4 nose. That’s why I like the pick.

      1. I like him too but none of the know-it-alls on TV said he played between 2 other amazing players. So he had less pressure than if he was playing between 2 slugs. I think he is a solid pick though. Thankfully we didn’t take Sweat from MSU. The Raiders sure reached for their #4 pick-we’ll see.

  15. And then the Pats got the next Megatron! That guy is a freak! Hopefully Brady won’t be around much longer to throw to him!

  16. Author

    The kid seems to have a fun attitude and was recognized as one of the scholastic smartest players out there, so that’s good.
    But I remember when we drafted Billy Milner, and people raved about how smart he was too…for his one season in Miami. Intelligence does not make you a monster on the field.
    I like the kid’s enthusiasm, but his interviews so far are more like a standup comedian!

  17. Since the Giants and Redskins drafted QBs,the trade value for Rosen has dropped IMO,which is good for us. The Cards getting a 2nd rounder for him will be all they ask for now,which may have been the case before but it puts us in a stronger bargaining position.

  18. I say we have made the trade and it will be announced when we are on the clock tonight. Also,the Cardinals were on the clock for 5 months and still took the full 10 minutes to hand their card in.

    1. Author

      LOL, yes. Every year that first team makes you wait. Except when we drafted Jake long, and Parcels announced it weeks in advance.

    2. If not,I will be very disappointed and will have lost what little faith I had in Grier and whoever else has draft input. Tanking for Tua is not a strategy with far too many variables.

  19. A number 10 1st round QB and a potential late round pick (per bleacher report) for a late 2nd rounder. An absolute steal. Very good news. Need to be able to protect him now.

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