Let’s Start Discussing the Schedule Here

First things first…

Here’s a whopper from the Miami Herald, and it proves what I’ve been saying about Stephen Ross all along…

“Ending the year on the road is no big surprise; the Dolphins prefer it because it helps preserve Hard Rock Stadium‘s field for the Orange Bowl.”

Good ol’ Stephen Ross!  Always placing the interests of college football ahead of his own team.   What an unfortunate owner we have.   He should be pounding on Goodell’s door demanding we finish at home, instead of “preferring” we play on the road.

At least he’s not sending us to Europe this year!

Seems like weeks 14, 15, and 17 will be on the road.    3 of our 4 December games spent in the frigid North.   Thanks, Ross.


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  1. What a DICK! As I’ve said since early on,the Dolphins are a hobby for him. Nothing more! He gives lip service and occasional input from his massive football expertise regarding the draft. Is there a worse owner in the league? Why do we finish the season in NE and Buffalo so often? Teams can request schedule preferences every year-that’s been common knowledge for a long time-do the Dolphns even bother? And if so,can we have NE and Buffalo here in Sepember to compensate for our Decemebr games up there. And not have 3 consecutive road games. Or 2 Thursdays. Or an away game after a Monday night game-which we won’t have this season for 1 reason-we will suck!

  2. Author

    The Herald didn’t list a source, (as in, who told the Herald that the Dolphins’ official position is to request a road game in Week 17). But even without a source, I doubt the Herald made it up. Seems like typical Ross

    1. I guess 1 positive for getting screwed by the schedule this season is that it will be more difficult to win more than 3 games. But it has to stop after this season.

  3. Author

    We are AT Cleveland on the Sunday before Thanksgiving. If we do play AT Dallas on Thanksgiving, that’s two road trips in a row during a SHORT WEEK. Fly home late Sunday night, leave for Dallas early Wednesday morning.

    1. That would be off the rails! No reason for that but the plus is,2 losses and closer to #1 pick in 2020. But like I said yesterday,we need to get/take a QB this season and not rely on fate. Trade for Rosen or do whatever it takes for Haskins.

      1. Author

        The Duke kid QB caught my interest recently. Something Jones.

    2. Admin, they could go straight from Cleveland to Dallas and avoid the extra traveling…it’s a thought that may stick. But Ross is THE issue with this team/organization. There is NO WORSE owner, Karmatourer! We got him! The cold weather games for Dolphins are never easy…it used to be that other teams came to Miami and by mid-3rd quarter, they were done! Towels on heads, need oxygen, misting machines full blast….that was our “12th Man”! Heat and humidity!….teams were scorching in the Orange Bow! Not in Hard Rock…

  4. OT-great UEFA Champions League on now-Man City and Totts.

    1. Author

      Karma and Ross have a love of soccer in common. 🙂

      1. Yes but I doubt he’s been to 4 World Cups. Maybe he has but I doubt it because Michigan doesn’t play!

  5. 3 of our final 4 games are on the F’n road. The casual sports fan will say “Your team owner has nothing to do with that”
    But those of us who know Ross know better.

    1. Author

      Agreed. If Ross were useless, that would be an improvement. He is a negative, not a positive and not even a neutral.
      As I’ve said on Schedule Day since I began this blog, Ross cannot wave a magic wand and get whatever schedule he wants. I’m not saying that he can fix everything by just asking for it. HOWEVER, he can request things. He can point out inequities and unfairness. He can be involved. He can request HOME GAMES in December instead of requested AWAY games in December (which is exactly what the Herald confirmed).

      1. It’s a guaranteed money-earning hobby for him-nothing more! And we get our BYE week the 1st week of October? WTF? Damn,why not just have a bye the 1st week instead? Playing in October at home is a big plus for us but Ross doesn’t care. 1st 4 games against playoff teams. So we start 0-4,good start for top pick in 2020.

  6. Author

    No Thanksgiving game. So our mandatory TNF game still up in air.

  7. Author

    Karma, See you Dec 22 vs. the Bengals?

    1. I’ll be there for sure. My plan is to arrive the day before to avoid having to leave very early from here. I’ll be staying at various hotels to use my points. And we have a Monday night game-that is a surprise.

      1. Author

        Cool, if nothing else, we’ll meet before the game and shake hands. Just4Midable, are you in? Anyone’s welcome!

        1. Unfortunately not this year buddy! Have to many trips already. But next year we should be playing here in Denver I think! So you should definitely come here!

  8. Back to back games at GetALife Stadium.

  9. Author

    No TNF game at all. Interesting. The league has finally wisened up and not required this.

    1. That was due to a request from Ross. 🙄

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