Encouraging and discouraging signs heading into the Bills game…

On the positive side, the Dolphins have played two crappy games in a row, and we’re due  for a good one.

Although Joe Philbin won’t ever admit publicly that the Jaguars are a terrible team, the Dolphin players have alluded to it during this week.  More than one player has mentioned how embarrassed and angry they are for losing to such an afterthought team like Jacksonville.  Such anger could rile them up and raise their intensity.

The injuries that kept some starters out of the second half might be mended enough,  We’re looking to see Brandon Albert and Cameron Wake back and playing the full game.

Last year, we began 1-1 as well and then 1-2, before we turned it around briefly in a game in London.   Same exact scenario is possible this year.

We have home field, for once.  Let’s hope for a vocal sellout.

Now for the negatives, and the discouraging and troublesome notes:

Richie Incognito.

Charles Clay.

Dan Carpenter.

Marcus Thigpen.

Think these fellows will be motivated to show Joe Philbin how wrong he was to get rid of them?

Rex Ryan can motivate with the best of them, and it shows.  That Bills offense is somehow putting up big numbers with some pretty average players.  We credit Ryan’s inspiration for at least part of that.  His Bills WANT to do well for him.

The Dolphins faithful fans tend to be quiet and polite compared to the animals that show up to watch their teams in other stadiums.   I can’t imagine the Miami crowd being as loud as the nutjobs in Buffalo last weekend, setting world records for stadium noise.  A home team can feed on that, but in the Dolphins’ case, a home team is fed upon by the empty seats and pindrops you hear at Pro Player.

Joe Philbin has a terrible history of calling games against unknown, journeymen, and rookie QBs.  Up this week is career backup Tyrod Taylor.  Bad news for Miami, given Philbin’s track record.



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  1. Ive stated I would stop supporting Philbin if things didnt improve this season. I think Im ready to start now after these two embarrassing games.

    1. Hi PhinsUp! Unfortunately this season thus far looks like his past seasons. Struggling to win (when we do win), and losing games we should have won. Philbin’s detachment and non-energetic style seemed to have permeated into team play, and even with a win here or there, it’s frustrating to watch it play out.

  2. Author

    By the way, to anyone who tries to join our LIVE CHAT on Sunday…. We will begin approx 4:15.
    Chat room doesn’t seem to work yet on i-devices or on Internet Explorer, so maybe try Chrome or Firefox or a new browser or a laptop if you’re having mobile trouble. Just click the CHAT ROOM button on the far right of any DolphinsTruth page

    Last Sunday, we had a great time with about 6 participants and one Jaguar troll, who ended up having the last laugh sadly.

    We’d love you to join us Sunday.

    1. I’ll be checking in with the chat like I did last Sunday. Looking forward to it!

  3. Hey all – check out this discussion with Omar Kelly from the SunSentinel. Once again, Omar speaks the truth about the Dolphins. In the middle of the discussion, he also weighs in on his views about Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin. The accompanying article is written by someone else; it’s not a transcript of the video.

    1. I always found Omar Kelley pretty clueless so I stopped reading him years ago. I do like Armando at the Herald he’s very objective and often right on. He even predicted a bunch of our draft choices correctly which is remarkable.

      1. You’re kidding, right? Even if you don’t agree with Omar Kelly, you really think Armando’s objective?

        To my knowledge, writers like Armando are part of the reason this blog exists in the first place.

        1. Not kidding, Armando’s take is usually right on and he has great connections within the organization.

          1. Author

            Armando can be insightful, but he is handcuffed by the fact that he has to see the players and coaches all the time, so he has to be careful what he says about them. Philbin won’t talk to him anymore if Armando is too critical of him, ya know? But there are also times when Armando is far to optimistic and doesn’t see the big picture. All during the pre-season, the media was gushing about how awesome our first-team offense was looking, inclusing Armando. I was the only one pointing out that we oly had touchdown drives in those games becasue the defensive opponent committed penalties. Otherwise, it was business as usual and a ho-tum offense.

  4. I have something really interesting I did want to share with everyone. throughout all the forms that I read daily occasionally I’ll come across some bills fans posting about what they think of this game and to be honest every one of them is actually worried that they’re going to lose this game. is that telling are they more aware of what their teams capable and not capable of then we as Dolphins fans are? Maybe they know Tyrod Taylor is not as good as described or maybe that their team is hole is a bit overrated I don’t know what I did find that interesting that they’re really not beating their chests calling this an easy victory. Conversely here we all are as realistic Dolphins fans and we’re almost sure we’re going to lose kind of funny though.

    1. Doubtful we lose this game at home. Buffalo will wilt in the heat and Vegas has us favored. Buffalo isn’t very good.

      1. I’d say they’d wilt in the heat if this was a 1pm game, like it’s supposed to be. But the game doesn’t start until 4:30, so we basically lose that advantage.

        1. Its still very humid at 5:00 unless it rains.

    2. Author

      We try to be positive for the Dolphins, but we also try to be realistic and objective here at Dolphins Truth. Like last week, it would have been great to be confident going into the Jags game, but we weren’t. We had to be realistic, not because we are negative, but because of Joey Philbin’s track record against bad teams. Recent Dolphins history under Joe Philbin has taught us that there are no easy games. Even games that we should win by 30 points become nail-biters. Because of that, there is always worry in the back of our minds, and fans of other teams don’t have that. When the Patriots play Jacksonville, they will not lose, they know they will not lose, and their fans know they will not lose. We simply don’t have that luxury as Dolfans. Ever. As for Bills fans, I grew up near a lot of them. I have never known Bills fans to be objective and fair. Their rallying cry is to mention that they are the only team to ever go to 4 Super Bowls in a row. “Yeah, but you lost them all,” I say. Then they change the subject to “Squish the Fish.” So the fact that some normally-confident Bills fans are worried, as PhinsUp mentions, could be that they see something we don’t.

  5. I’m going to apogize now for what I am about to say. Most of us fans agree that Philbin is not what we envisioned as coach. He has to go- otherwise this isn’t going to miraculously become a 12 win team. We can go back and forth all day, but the fact remains Philbin does not inspire this team in any way. I’m sorry for myself that I tell everyone I picked Buffalo in my pool…….just as my other Dolphina fans did. We can’t deny what we believe.

  6. Joe Philbin cant make chicken salad out of chicken chit. We need a better QB, better RB, better OL, better WR’s and TE. I’m not a Philbin fan but we have bigger holes than just HC.

    1. Author

      I disagree about the need for better WRs, but cannot argue about Shula’s other points. To go into the draft a few months ago and say we need to waste the 14th OVERALL pick on a WR when we had so many other pressing needs was absolutely ludicrous. Tannehill has no offensive line to protect him, and the coaches’ play-calling has no maximum coverage blocking schemes to help him. Jason Fox got schooled all during the 4th quarter, and Lazor/Philbin NEVER ONCE moved a tight end over to his side or a second tackle to help block. That isn’t Tannehill’s nor even Jason Fox’s fault. That is a coach who watches his left tackle get beat play after play after play and just says, “Well, maybe he will do better next time. No need to help him.” We all saw this. I bet you a nickel that Rex Ryan saw it too. Gonna be a long day Sunday

    2. Philbin’s basically learning on the job that’s the real problem.

      As per QB Tanny is good enough to win us a bowl, RB could be better, OL is the real problem no doubt about it I would have used our 2nd rd on it, WR isn’t bad but it was hard to pass up on Parker as you need that stud WR and TE is fine Cameron was a nice pick up and Sims is adequate getting better too bad he was hurt.

      You could make an argument that they should or could have drafted on D but they’ve only given up 16.5 pts/game so far. I think if a stud CB dropped instead of Parker they probably would have went that way. Too bad Davis wasn’t an alcoholic here or we’d have a very good 1 2 punch….

  7. Forgot to mention that I’d be drafting BPA in 1st rd next year then OL and CB as the main targets unless rookies improve.

    1. After 2games we’re talking about next year’s draft already. Sad…

      1. Just an early assessment but if they blow the game today I’ll be concerned. Hopefully they come out and play solid and cruise to a win. If the D line can hammer their QB into mistakes all game they’ll win! Pretty simple…they need to show up.

        1. Author

          I can’t see how you’re not concerned NOW, but I do see your point. At 7:30 today when the dust is settled, we’ll have a better idea of where this team stands. I had this particular game marked months ago as the game that will tell us all we need to know about our Dolphins.

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