Philbin laughs about losing to Jaguars and proves how out of touch he is

“First off, this loss is squarely on one man’s shoulders. It’s on my shoulders.  Hell yeah, I’m taking it personal.”

Did Joe Philbin say that after being embarrassed by one the NFL’s worst teams?  Uh, no.  Rex Ryan said that.

Wanna know what Joe Philbin said?

”I haven’t heard the fans screaming for me.  I hope they’re not screaming for my head or anything.”

This quote shows two things about Joe Philbin, the clueless dolt of a head coach we’re stuck with.

Number One, he doesn’t realize that everyone IS yelling at him and screaming for his head to be fired.  And we don’t just want him fired because he lost to Jacksonville.  We want him fired because of a three-year-plus track record of mediocrity and poor decisions.   “Clueless” truly is an accurate word to describe this guy.   The man is absolutlely clueless and simply does not realize that we DO want him gone.

Number Two, he won’t stop with the stupid one-liners and dumb jokes after these heart-wrenching losses.   He apparently thinks it funny that he doesn’t care what fans think.  He thinks it’s cute to describe himself as queasy.  He wears a top hat to a team event in the off-season to show the guys how fun he can be, but then he doesn’t improve the team on game days,


Did you see how angry Rex Ryan was after his tough loss?  His face and mannerisms?   I guarantee you that he will pass that aggression onto his Buffalo Bills and have them ready to kill in their next game, whoever that might be against.

Compare that to the Dolphin players, who watch Joe Philbin go up to the podium after his tough loss and say Gee, I haven’t heard anyone being mad.

We are mad, Clueless Joe.  We are.




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  1. Painful to read – although the existence of Philbin has been painful to contemplate since his first game; a loss to the Jets with Sparano on their sidelines. It’s been downhill from there.

    As far as has been obvious, Philbin seems to be responsible for nearly every failure of the team, and perhaps is only partially responsible for any success they’ve had.

    The man knew so few (or any) quality personnel that he hired his former boss Mike Sherman as our offensive coordinator; who himself was fired from Green Bay for being horrible.

    I wish I could say this loss to Jacksonville was the nail in the coffin for me, but I already hit that point last year. I actually don’t even remember which bit of obnoxious nonsense it was that sealed the deal for me. A lost game because of Philbin’s pointless time-outs? Odrick? Wallace? Green Bay? Denver? The Jets? The Bills? Press conferences? May as well spin the wheel to find out!

  2. Philbin has no sense of urgency because his mediocrity has been tolerated for years. After laying two straight eggs to start the season, any self respecting head coach would be fired up. Do you think Mike Tomlin would joke around on the podium?

    Not to rub salt, but Wayne Huizenga actually chose Cam Camoron over him. Seriously, I can’t make this up….

    The Dolphins coaches do the same thing week after week, yet expect different results. That my friends is the definition of insanity.

    I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again- if Philbin were fired tonight, who would be waiting at his door to hire him as a head coach?? (crickets) How about as an Offensive Coordinator?? (crickets?) He’s Tony Sparano with less spaghetti sauce on his shirt.

    Why else would Philbin and Suh be talking on the sidelines with palms raised up?? It’s obvious Suh sees his coaches are fools, same way Wheeler and Odrick saw it last year.

    As terrible as it sounds, I would almost rather see us implode and finally clean house, then have a sliver of success that sees us get bounced in the first round of the playoffs every year (ala Cincy).

    Also, I think it painfully obvious that Cincy had a good defense despite Coyle, not because of him. Coyle was never more than a DB coach. Mike Zimmer was the brains behind their success.

    As long as Ross is the owner; however, any Dolphins job will be nothing more than a stepping stone for some position coach looking to add “coordinator” next to his name, or any position for that matter looking to add the next rung to their resume, albeit on borrowed time (Coyle, Lazor, Philbin, Hickey, etc….)

    Old dogs don’t learn new tricks and Philbin isn’t about to change any time soon. Might as well hit rewind on the last three years…..

  3. Like your comment big j, as soon as Suh was signed, I commented that it wouldn’t take very long for him to realize what morons his new coaches all are.

    I still believe that queasy Joe is greatly handcuffing OC Lazor’s game planning every week, and of course, would love to see either Ross, or GM tannenbaum, have the nads to fire their HC – in season, and promote Lazor to HC, if only to finally see how different Lazor’s offense, and team would look.

    Things will be going south very quickly here, but I don’t think we will see any badly needed coaching change take place until the end of this season, unfortunately.

  4. I’m sorry for how bad this will sound as a lifer Dolphins fan, but if a losing season will be the only way to get a new coach–not some journeyman, but a head coach who will get the respect and the team to play their guts for him, then I’m all in for a new beginning. Why, why didn’t this organization consider Todd Bowles? We had him here. We are stuck with a moron owner who has no football sense whatsoever. That is a huge problem that losing seasons won’t and can’t change, he can’t get fired by anyone. He f’ed up trying to get Harbaugh, then back peddled and said Sparano was his guy. Hickey was his guy too. Yeah sure. It’s getting very hard to watch a team be so mediocre for so long and know there is no way things will change. I put blame on owner, head coach and organization. I have been sour on Philbin after his first year- gave him a year to see how he handled the head coach position and it’s obvious to most he doesn’t have it. It’s as if the team has taken on his drab personality. The Bills have morphed into a toughness; Jets have gotten a new attitude. Where does that swagger come from? I feel that if we had Todd Bowles as head coach, Mike Tomlin, or Rex Ryan, we would turn this thing around. It won’t get better until there is a new coach. He’s a joke; team knows it and they play like it.

  5. People forget that we didn’t choose Philbin so much as we ended up with him. After the Harbaugh debacle, most self respecting coaching candidates steered well clear of the Fins. Bill Cowher was mildly interested in returning, but soured after the stunt Ross and Ireland tried to pull.

    Any meaningful candidate gave us the cold shoulder. Same with coordinators- they blew us off, or came to an obligatory interview, only to leverage that into a raise with their current team. Look at what Jeff Fisher did in STL- he never had any intention of coming here, just used us to get $7M from those suckers.

    Remember how many GM’s blew us off and wouldn’t even interview?? That’s a telling sign that our organization is f’ed up!

    Hickey was never a scout, and didn’t even get interviewed by Tampa Bay for their open GM spot. Coyle was a DB coach, Sherman was a sh*t canned college coach, and Lazor was a QB coach who was made to look good by great years from Foles and McCoy (success that neither player has come close to since).

    As I think about it, the problem is the owner. He can’t be trusted, and created some ridiculous power triangle (coach, GM, Aponte Monster). Then somehow, Tannebaum comes along and trumps them all. Maybe the whole jewish thing gave him an inside track or something.

    Until Ross hires a legit, respectable GM and allows a natural football hierarchy that doesn’t include some backstabbing, meddling accountant, no decent candidates will ever step foot into our bldg.

    At least Wayne realized he made a mistake by hiring Saban and Camoron, and brought Parcell$ in. Too bad he didn’t realize Parcell$ was only interested in helping out his cronies and cashing in on a final pay day at the expense of some desperate sucker.

    We should do the same thing Denver did- bring in Marino as the GM and let him run the program. He learned from the best in Shula, and I am sure Shula would act in a consulting role. It certainly can’t be any worse than this pathetic excuse of a franchise…..

    1. No one good wants to work for clueless Ross and his celebrity circus. The GM was the 8th choice and no experienced HC wanted the Fins job.

      1. Couldn’t agree more. No decent head coach wants to work for Ross after what he did to Sparano by courting Harbaugh in a very not so secret way.

        Now look at what happened to Hickey- He’s supposedly the “GM”, yet is on level footing with the coach and some accountant. Then, a new VP of Football Operations comes in and is above him. What GM candidate worth his salt would ever willingly walk into a situation like that?

        It’s funny because stadiums like the Swamp or the old Orange Bowl never needed couches or tarps to bring in fans. How pathetic is it that we don’t play our first 1pm home game until week 7 of the season????

        1. Exactly. The only front office and coaches we can hire are those that cant get a job elsewhere. Pathetic. And now Tannebaum way overpaid Suh and Tannebum. Its laughable how incompetent the Ross ownership is.

          1. Author

            I don’t think a potential head coach would say no to a Dolphins job. The Raiders are the most dysfunctional team on earth, with 3 or 4 interim coaches per year, and yet they still manage to fill the position each time there’s an opening. You guys might think I’m crazy, but I feel Stephen Ross has created an atmosphere here that coaches WOULD like to come here over coaching elsewhere. If a head coach comes to Miami, he knows he can be 7-9 or 8-8 and still get re-extended. Winning is not important. Making the playoffs is meaningless You just need to show up. You get rewarded whether you make progress or not. Who wouldn’t want that job?
            Ross got destroyed by the media a few years ago during the Harbaugh debacle, and now he is gun-shy. He cares too much about what people think about him. So to make up for the Harbaugh debacle, he now wants to be seen as the nice guy who won’t fire anyone. He is the anti-George Steinbrenner. The anti-Al Davis.
            And as far as missing out on the likes of Jeff Fisher and Bill Cowher? Who wants them!? They each coached for about 75 years and never won a single championship (unless you count the gift Super Bowl that the NFL and the refs handed to the Rooney family on a silver platter).

  6. new hashtag…. #phirethephilbin

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