On to Atlanta With Jay Cutler

Adam Gase continues to be the only man on the face of the earth who watches Jay Cutler throw grounders and air balls and then blames someone else.  Gase being wrong all the time is very frustrating.   But when he tells you that YOU’RE wrong, it’s infuriating.  No, Mr. Gase, we’re not wrong.

When your team has scored just a few touchdowns after a quarter of the season is gone, YOU are wrong.

When you haven’t reached 20 points in any of your games, YOU are wrong.

When you keep blaming your offensive line and don’t realize that their coach is a whore-renting cokehead that YOU hired, YOU are wrong.

When a quarter of the season is gone and you haven’t even scored 42 points, YOU are wrong.

When you watch the opponent scramble to get a final play in, but then you help them out by calling a time out, YOU are wrong.

Once, JUST ONCE, I’d respect Gase if he put his head down and said, “Yeah, I considered putting Matt Moore in there just for a change.”  But we know that will not happen.   Gase is simply too stubborn and too inexperienced to see what the whole world sees.   Cutler makes Ryan Tannehill look emotional. And that’s pretty sad.

The good news is that the offense cannot get any worse.  I’m predicting a major upset here, as the Dolphins will beat Atlanta.   The offense will finally score a bit more, and the defense has been playing great.   With 3 quality linebackers in the game, it makes a world of difference.

DeVante Parker might not play, and that is good news.   Each week, I get more and more sick of hearing the hype of this over-rated kid.  On our first series last Sunday, he needed to lunge forward for a yard to move the chains.  Instead, he ran sideways for 20 yards and cost us the first down.  He’s a lunkhead who never makes the extra effort.  You MUST know the down and distance and the situation.  When you need a yard and there is a man two yards in front of you, then dive right at him.  First down.  Instead, Parker tried to run around hgim to gain an additional 3 yards that we didn’t need.   Where is his coaching?  Oh, I forgot?  His coach is too busy, adamantly telling us that Jay Cutler is a winner.

The three Dolphins who refuse to honor their country also refuse to honor the fans.   Michael Thomas and  Julius Thomas have done absolutely nothing to earn a paycheck this year, while Kenny Stills caught a single touchdown pass forever ago in Los Angeles.

And the funny thing is…somehow…remarkably…we are tied in the loss column with everyone else in the AFC East.   But don’t tell Adam Gase that.   He’ll say it’s due to Jay Cutler’s awesomeness.



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  1. I agree with everything written here, Except for that one paragraph about Atlanta getting upset by the Fins.

    This is a very easy win for the Falcons at home.

    I really feel like I am watching a high school team, when we are on offense. It looks like a struggle just to get the play off before the play clock expires – EVERY TIME. Good luck with that in very noisy Atlanta.

    Gase’s play calling is the real “Garbage” on this team.

    How many times does the bubble screen to the WR have to fail before Gase finally gets it ? Going back to last year also, that favorite play of his must have been run over dozens of times, and has not worked once.

    In the preseason, WR Hakeem Grant showed many times over what a true deep threat he was, remember his TD’s and great speed going deep ? – and yet how many times has that even been tried ? Not Once – Thanks Gase. Just attempting the occasional bomb will loosen up any defense, more than you think, and will often draw a defensive penalty to boot.

    Now that the easier part of the schedule is now over, I find it very hard to see more than 6 wins, if even that, the rest of the way ……..

    1. Author

      I know beating Atlanta is a stretch. However, I just get this feeling that the offense is going to come alive. Maybe, perhaps, Gase will finally try some new plays. At the same time, the defense has been outstanding. I realize that Matt Ryan is a bigger test than Matt Cassell or Josh McCown, but I just think they’ll be up for it.
      Atlanta barely got past the lowly Bears and they got beat by Buffalo (whose offense is barely better than our own). Combine that with the stigma of that Super Bowl loss still fresh in their heads, and I just don’t think Atlanta is an elite team this year. Certainly not mentally tough.

    2. Author

      Also, every week in the live gameday chat room, I am so mad about that bubble screen. It’s ineffective, but Gase keeps calling it. He is spiting his team.
      I wouldn’t mind if he mixed it up now and then, but he never does. For example, if he has Landry in isolation on the right side (with Stills and Parker on the left), then try it that way. Landry makes the catch and has one defender to beat.
      But instead, Gase puts all 3 WRs on the right. So now when Landry catches it, he has to maneuver through a sea of the man guarding him, plus his own 2 players, plus the 2 defenders covering them, plus the safety who will invariably cheat to that side once he sees 3 WRs lined up there. That makes 2 Dolphin “blockers” vs. 4 defenders.
      And Gase wonders why the play never works?

    3. I became a Fin fan in 1985. Don Shula had taken the Dolphins to 5 Super bowls in 15 seasons. The Falcons were a laughingstock. The Falcons have now been to two more recent Super Bowls. The Falcons have drafted 2 superstar QBs in Vick and Ryan, who the Fins could have drafted.The Former oline Coach video makes the Dolphins a laughingstock in 2017. When is Steve Ross going to sell the team on the open market?

      1. Author

        Fin Fan 85, UNFORTUNATELY…it’s not that simple. There is no open market. That’s because there is already a contract between Ross and his business partner. If/when Ross sells the team, by law, he MUST sell it to this partner of his. The partner, Bruce Beal, is another NY City Jets fan like Mr. Ross. Another guy, like Ross, who doesn’t even live or work in Miami. Another guy, like Ross, who gives away home games and prefers that we lose in front of London soccer hooligans instead of winning here in front of Miami Dolphins fans. We’re doomed for years to come.

  2. Years ago the Dolphins were NFL royalty with Don Shula and Dan Marino and the Falcons were a laughingstock. Now the Falcons have been to two Superbowls and had not one but 2 MVP type QBs in Vick and Matt Ryan who the Fins could have drafted . The conducted of the former Oline Coach undermines THE ENTIRE ORGANIZATION

    1. “The conducted of the former Oline Coach undermines THE ENTIRE ORGANIZATION”

      Are you kidding me? These idiots in the Dolphins organization not only went and signed Cutler who no other franchise in their right mind thought of doing, they threw money at his ass as if he was the second coming of Brett Farve!

      These bumbling idiots don’t need the help of an Oline Coach to undermine anything, they wrote the book themselves on how to do that.

  3. @Admin – You’re predicting the Dolphins beat Atlanta?! Based on…? Have you been hanging out with Chris Foerster?

    1. Author

      Ha, If I hung out with Foerster, I wouldn’t be dumb enough to admit it, let alone make a video of myself committing a felony with him. What a stupid fool. Nice hire, Gase!
      Last year, the Steelers came to town and we turned it around to beat them. I am sensing a similar situation this week. Just a hunch. I think the offense will wake up.

  4. I’m not saying Cutler is top gun of QB’s but can’t blame him for $hit play calling and non-creative plays! There’s no genius among the staff to come up with anything new! Watching other teams, the Dolphins do zero creatively, or surprising…Maybe a pass down the middle once in a while, post pattern, something?? For the Jets to be better than we are, that’s a disgrace.

    1. Author

      It’s the shitty plays AND Cutler. Gase knows this. There was a series in the Titans game where we finally were getting on track. I think it was 10-10 still. Ajayi rushed for like 7. Then another rush for 5 and a first down. The running game was FINALLY FINALLY working! So you know what cam next. 3 straight passes. And poor passes. Bad play calls. Bad passes. It’s a losing situation for sure.

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