Free Agency Has Unofficially Begun! Ereck Flowers and Shaq Lawson?

Corona delays notwithstanding, the “legal” free agency period is here.  It’s sort of official as of right now, but not officially official until Wednesday.

Anyway, not much to cover yet, but we can begin our comments and discussion now as it looks like Miami will be signing FA guard Ereck Flowers and FA end Shaq Lawson.

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  1. Author

    Yeah, three enormous contracts inked already. Gotta figure at least one will excel, one will be a bust, and one will be hurt. One of them has to stick, right? It’s a big financial investment either way. I have to think that we were forced to spend big money on Jones’s gigantic contract because Xavien Howard beat up his girlfriend. So much uncertainty with that one.

    1. Yeah makes me nervous though… This kind of over spending is what got us in such a crappy position to begin with. I don’t hate any of the signings but I don’t love any of them either.

      1. Author

        Very nervous. Now Kyle Van Noy as well. These are guys leaving playoff-caliber teams to come to Miami. Clearly if they want to win, they would stay put. They come here for the money, not to be a part of a champion, and that is very telling. Just ask Lawrence Timmons, Danelle Elerbee, and others who collected those pay checks and barely even tried to earn them.

        1. Yes Mike Wallace and Suh as well. However, I would like to think that Flores is a no nonsense type of guy who will demand results unlike Philbin and Gase. And whoever we get in the draft, if we draft well, this will make for a very interesting season.

          1. I agree on the comment regarding Flores but this is the same pattern of spending that has got us in trouble in the past that supposedly we weren’t going to do anymore… and here we are. Again, don’t really hate any of the signings… but we spent a lot for “questionable” signings. Even Byron Jones who should still be in his prime….. there are question marks…. can he sustain that kind of success? Can he sustain it on a team that likely won’t be getting the same kind of pressure on the QB that the Cowboys defense was?

  2. Admin…I believe those charges on X was dropped a month ago .

    1. Author

      Charges were definitely dropped. However, the Commissioner will undoubtedly suspend him anyway. “Personal conduct policy”

      1. Yeah I could see a 2-4 game suspension coming down. IF we can find a pass rush though it would be a nice combination with X and Jones on the boundary corner spots.

  3. It’s official : Brady will NOT be back with the pats.

    Their team and fans must be extremely “Deflated”

    The AFC East just got a little more interesting ……..

    1. Agreed. And without a clear heir to the throne at QB it might thrust Buffalo as the clear leader in the division if the season were to start today. But never count out Belicheck and the pats…. they’ve been able to win with backup QB’s before….

      1. Author

        Mike, I am extremely interested in watching Bill B over the next 5-10 years. Is he like Phil Jackson and Bill Walsh, only able to win titles because of the incredible talent his GM handed him?
        Or is he more like Don Shula, who can consistently win year in and year out no matter roster rosters the owners hand him? (33 years and only had a losing season twice…that is mind boggling).

    2. You guys may be right. The Bills might be team to beat this year

  4. Apparently most of these players are character guys so hopefully it doesn’t go sideways. They are also still relatively young so it’s not like they are a bunch of over the hill gang. Can’t see X getting more than 1-2 games as it wasn’t that serious but can he stay healthy is the key?

    Still need a QB, LT, C, RB, NT, and depth on the oline but they have 14 picks and cash left. I don’t think buffalo is that far ahead as their QB is iffy…

    1. Author

      Well, center seems to be covered now.

    1. Author

      I hope you and that article are correct, FFF. The good news that I spot is that the free agents we’re snagging are in their 20s. No more fading stars of yesteryear being brought in for their swan song.

      1. Now they add Howard RB he has mileage but only 25. Good vet IMO but they should still draft one in rd 2.

  5. Now with Brady leaving the patsies, I wonder how aggressive they will be in getting a quarterback in the draft.

    1. I hope they snag dalton or cam.

  6. Admin, it’s hard to keep up with all the latest moves!

    1. You start to wonder if they will trade some of the 2020 picks and turn them into higher 2021 picks. They’ve filled a lot of holes already can only take on so many draft picks this season. I also liked some of the players from this past year that they found many will be good depth.

      1. I think they will back up these signings with the draft. This will provide great depth and a system that allows for constant development of players. If this is what they are doing then we finally have a great team leading this franchise.

        1. Author

          Yes. Normally, I’d be against this many NEW people because it’s a lot of guys trying to learn the Dolphins system. 10 new free agents, plus 14 new draft picks = 24 new Dolphins. More than half of the 53-man roster.
          But…the difference this year is that the offense and the defense will both be new. New guys won’t be at a disadvantage because they have to learn a new system just like the vets.
          I think 2020 will be the year to get settled in and learn the system and iron out the mistakes. That makes 2021 the year in which the Dolphins could be quite formidable.

          1. Having a few old patsies who know Flores and his system will help. I believe Van Noy called plays at some point. Definite asset…

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