Heard Any Good Robert Kraft Jokes?

The man who condones cheating got a little retribution.

I will never forget when Tom Brady got caught deflating footballs, Kraft said the Patriots will own up to it and accept any fate that the NFL hands them.

So Roger Goodell suspended Tom Brady 4 games, and Kraft immediately changed his tune.  He whined all the way into the court system.   Still lost, but fighting a suspension is the direct opposite of “We’ll accept whatever punishment is handed to us.”

I’d find more humor in this if he just got caught in with a standard, willing, adult hooker.   But there is no laughing at the sex trafficking part of this.  Those women are the true victims, and I hope whoever forced them into this life pays for it as much as Kraft has to pay for enabling them.

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  1. A strip mall in Jupiter! Classic! 2 visits on tape too,priceless for the multi-billionaire. Or not in his case. Maybe we can call this INFLATEGATE!
    Jesus,man,call room service for that stuff. Didn’t you learn ANYTHING from your buddy Trump?????

  2. First it was Spygate, then DeflateGate, now we’ll have to listen to JizzGate news for the next 6 months…

    1. Author

      LOL. “Jizzgate”

      That wins DolphinsTruth “Comment of the year” so far in 2019!!

  3. Since the NFL holds owners and coaches to a higher standard,or so they would like us to believe,this may end up being a 500k handjob. 3x what Cheeto paid for 3 minutes of sex w/Stormy.

  4. Author

    His lawyers deny everything. If there truly is video evidence, his case will be open and shut. Again, it’s more than just a strip mall handi. If it’s part of an international slavery ring, whether he knew about it or not, that becomes a major issue.

    1. The detective said on camera that they had video evidence of every name on the list that was provided.He was answering a specific question from a reporter during the press gaggle.

    2. Picture is a worth a thousand words, and a video is worth a million. But who wants to watch that particular video?

  5. WOW, just WOW.
    So many different angles to this.

    1) Another Patriots scandal to pile on top of recording opponents practice sessions, and deflating footballs to make Tommy happy.
    2) A “BILLONAIRE” repeat Billionaire getting his kicks in a low budget strip mall massage parlor.
    3) If after further investigation it’s reveled this ties into “Human Trafficking” then there’s going to be a lot more to deal with than a simple misdemeanor charge.
    It would be comical if it weren’t so sad.

    The “Patriot” way, just do your job.

    1. Author

      Kraft got someone to do her job.

      New info states that he got the handy on the morning of the AFC title game. LOL

    2. It is disgusting how some patsies are so much into the koolaid they are comparing human trafficking to speeding or littering… sick fucks.

      1. And their fans are high-fiving the owner like he’s some ind of stud

        1. Yes like creepy old men like kraft nailing locked up ladies is cool or something. Sick…my worst enemy doesn’t deserve that.

          1. Author

            Have you seen the timeline that the cops released? Apparently Kraft was busted on Saturday the 19th in Jupiter. He was leaving the sex den and the cops stopped to ask for his ID. He showed ID, and the cops just noted his name and left him alone. It was basically a warning/scare tactic. Any reasonable person would realize that something is going on here. I just left a sex massage, and the cops are outside waiting for me? WARNING LIGHTS!!!
            But no! He doubled down on his stupidity and went back again the very next day on the 20th.

            This time, the officers had enough. They didn’t just ask for ID. They arrested him.

  6. OMG- a billionaire goes to a massage place in a dump strip mall that looks like its running numbers, hand and mouth jobs, and thinks that this business isn’t on any law enforcement radar??? Really??? So I guess you don’t need to be smart to own a NFL team, just show them your money and you’re an owner! so stupid.

    1. Author

      Right? And how about my timeline above? Maybe AT FIRST he didn’t think he was on the radar. But then he gets a warning on the 19th? At that point he KNOWS he is on the radar.
      And the dummy tried again anyways!!!

  7. I’m still trying to wrap my head around why he couldn’t have had someone in the “know”, call a very pleasant, attractive private masseuse (it’s not that they aren’t available!) to his house or condo rather than going to a sleaze strip mall! You are Robert Kraft, owner of the NE Patriots! I’ll bet those players must have been laughing their butts off when this came over the news!!!

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