Here’s Our Take on the Dolphins’ New Defensive and Offensive Coordinators:

When we first heard the joyous words that Stephen Ross had fired Adam Gase, my first instinct was to then plead for Ross to hire Rex Ryan.

Or Mike McCarthy.   A lot of folks disagreed with me, and that’s fine.   But one theme that most of my readers here agreed with was that we needed someone with experience.

Ross had given audition jobs to inexperienced and unqualified first-timers like Clueless Joey Philbin and Arrogant Adam Gase.  Neither man had head coaching experience–anywhere at any level.  Both men had always had others making the big decisions for them   Both men failed in Miami.  Both men lost the locker room.

So this time around, we were united in hoping that Ross hired a head coach with some semblance of experience.  We struck out there, mostly.  Brian Flores does have some experience, but it’s not at a head-coach level.   Yes, he ran a fine Patriots defense, but Steve Sidwell, Romeo Crenell, and Dean Pees, and Matt Patricia did the same thing.   That is Bill Belichick’s defense, make no mistake.    Anyone can have success with it.

So having struck out on an experienced head coach, surely we’d get two experienced coordinators, right?   Uh, nope.    We got a couple of inexperienced no-names calling plays for us now, and I will emphasize their no-name status here by not naming them.

I won’t name them, but I will list their play-calling experience:

Yeah, those are not typos.   It truly shows ALL of the experience of our coordinators.

Once again, Stephen Ross has allowed an inexperienced rookie head coach to hire his inexperienced buddies to be our coordinators.  Will this never end?  Will one of these jokers ever prove me wrong?

Someone pointed out that Jim Caldwell is on our staff, but remember, Jim is merely an assistant adviser with no real influence.   I’d much rather see him as head coach than a symbolic assistant role, but Ross forgot to ask my opinion on that one.


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  1. Whether we hired Coords. with or without experience makes little difference this season-they will have little to work with. 1-2 years down the road will tell us what we need to know about them when the tam is no longer bereft of talent.

    Aside from the discussion,I am buying 1 season ticket. If some one wants to go halves with me,I’m open to that. Or if someone wants to share 2 tickets,I’m open to that also. Both of us attendiang all games or each of us using both tickets to attend 4 games each.(ADMIN,if this portion is inappropriate,please delete it).
    Seat selection is Sunday BTW.

    1. This is true but there should be signs of improvement in both play calling and player development.

  2. Author

    I have no problem with you guys using this forum for ticket exchanges or anything like that.
    I don’t make it to too many live games any more, mostly for distance and work reasons.
    But I’ll definitely be at one game at least.
    I’ll let everyone know, and maybe we can tailgate beforehand!
    That’s how Jus4midabl and I met, and we can try again.

    1. Thanks for the platform ADMIN. Making the 2+ hour drive without traffic makes it a challenge for me but I decided to do it this year before my family takes my license away! LOL

      So I’ll be on 8 fewer gameday chats this season while attending.

      1. Author

        Great, let’s meet up. Maybe one of the December games.

    2. We should be playing here in Denver in two years, so make that the game to come to that year if you can!

  3. Well, it’s unfortunate I would not be able to join- I’m up in NJ and yes, you know that means we get Jets and Giants games and yes, unfortunately that means Adam Gase will be on TV all over the place, but I think for Jets losses, I’ll have to tune in to the Jets post game show where Adam Gas will try and smack down the NY sports media with his snarly replies. That should be interesting!!!
    Admin to your point-I hold Ross responsible for another non-head coach hiring, as the decision ultimately his to make. This won’t get better until he is no longer the owner of these Miami Dolphins. It’s been too long for fans who have been devoted for many, many years to keep hanging on to this hope that just maybe this season we will see a difference, the Dolphin pride that was once alive and well. How nice would that be for us fans to get that back again.

    1. Author

      When Ross finally fired Gase, he said how he will go a different direction this time. i was truly pleased with Ross and wanted to see the new direction. I was excited!
      NEWSFLASH: When you hire an inexperienced coach and then allow him to hire his even-less-experienced buddies, that is NOT going in a new direction. That is doing the same exact thing you already tried.

  4. I truly hope this new staff shows some promise early on.
    Not necessarily based on the number of wins, but with better teaching, better game plans and a full 60 minutes of effort from both sides of the ball. The wins should increase as we get better caliber players on the roster and they become more familiar with the schemes.
    ** If this new coaching staff fails then I too will agree it’s ROSS that’s keeping this team from achieving anything worthwhile.

  5. K Gee, I’m hoping the same thing….maybe it will come together after so many long years….but as what Admin said above, when Ross was basically saying he realized he’s been wrong (which I and many Dolphin fans have been saying) I was shouting some Amens… and thought he finally got it! The old coot finally got it!! Not exactly what I expected was going to happen next!….so another wait and see season ahead. But, in earnest devotion-though at times it’s been hard to keep the flame burning- interest will peak with the new coaching blood…. I can’t help but think the players are feeling better about the direction themselves.

    1. Author

      One of the reasons I called this site Dolphins Truth, is that i try to wait for the facts and then report them truthfully. I don’t like to speculate, and that is one of the criticisms I have of the Miami Herald sportswriters. They kept “reporting” that Gase was safe. They reported that Rex Ryan was assembling his Dolphins staff. They reported, repeatedly over and over, that the Dolphins will be tanking next season. And now they’re eating their words.
      Their analysis of which players will be kept is just guessing. An educated guess says Tannehill will be gone. But those are not facts. Educated guesses are fine, as long as you lable them as guesses, and don’t try to fool the public with “inside information” or the famous “anonymous source who is close to the situation.” Just stop it.

      1. Yea that’s all Armando does, we keep saying writers at the herald but it’s honestly only him. Adam Beasley and others do a much better job of not spreading misinformation. We really shouldn’t be surprised since Armando also likes to constantly add his stupid opinions to his articles and gets mad when Miami doesn’t actually follow said stupid opinions

  6. Branch apparently being released couldn’t have happened sooner his contract was stupid. Didn’t deserve anything close move on….

    1. Sorry that was me not logged in. Gase also said he thought he was fired because he didn’t win enough..haha. How about making intelligent decisions and learn to playcall he still hasn’t learned.

  7. How about James do you resign him if it’s around 5 years 48 M? Probably what he’ll get….

  8. Would you guys trade a third for Rosen? Fix the lines and see what happens?

    1. I’d take him, yes. He could be a stud or he could be John Beck. Either way, a third rounder is a low price.

      1. I’ve been chatting with a zona fan and he’d be upset with a third but that’s what I’ve been hearing. I’d even do a 3rd and a 3rd next year or something like that. Only if the team feels that Rosen could be a decent QB of course.

  9. Branch and Larsen released good moves from my standpoint. They can do a lot better…

    1. Author

      I can’t disagree with your view on Branch, but I do like him more than you. I feel that whole D-line was mismanaged. Perhaps keeping Branch, Wake, and Quinn under a new defense would be wiser. Instead, all 3 are being gutted. How about, God forbid, we put Wake, Quinn, and Branch on the field at the same time, in a hybrid 3-4 alignment? At least try it a few plays per game. But no, under Matt Burke and Arrogant Adam Gase, Branch was a role player and we never ran smart stunts. Why is Wake’s sack production down? Is it because of his age, or because Burke asked him to drop back and cover WRs in coverage? You tell me.
      Now, all 3 are likely gone, leaving Bust Charles Harris as our only pass rusher.

      1. I don’t think that any of those players are horrible but Branch was simply overpaid for the results. I knew it once I heard the number. IMO a player needs to show more before you pay him like he’s semi-elite. We’re still not sure how this will shake out as they may keep Wake and Quinn they obviously need someone here. I’m hearing Flowers coming here. Let’s also give Harris a chance maybe this new staff can get him in the right direction…

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