NFL Pays Off Colin Kaepernick. What are Your Thoughts?

The league paid off Colin Kaepernick an undisclosed amount, and the Miami Herald’s P.C. Patrolman Greg Cote was quick to come to Colin’s aid.  He actually called Kaepernick a victim!  LOL.

Social protest is legal,  and it’s important to stand up for your beliefs.   My only issue with all of this is that the guys did it at their place of work.

If Colin was so mad at the police, then why didn’t he go and kneel in front of a police station?

No, he used his employer’s forum to stage his protest, and he did so during a time when it’s typically accepted to stand up for a minute, i.e., during the National Anthem.  Kenny Stills continues to do this weekly.

If Colin takes the NFL’s money and gives it all away to the families of innocent police violence, then I’ll know the kid had a good heart after all.  Otherwise, this the publicity, honors, and now huge amounts of cash he earned from his exploits will show he’s pretty savvy.  is plan worked out far better than Jonathan Martin’s, that’s for sure.  Kaepernick is a genius.

He’s set for life.   I wish I could be that kind of “victim.”

What do you guys think?


For old time’s sake, here is a picture of the last time we played the 49ers.   We made a goal line stand at the end to save the WIN.   Luckily, the refs did not see Suh drag down Mr. Social Protest by his facemask.

If penalty review were part of the challenge system 3 years ago, the Dolphins lose that game and miss the 2016 playoffs.

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  1. Um, ADMIN, the NFL and colin kaepernik settled a dispute that would’ve lead to a hearing to resolve the issue of whether these NFL teams colluded to deny Kaepernik gainful employment in the and if they did, it’s in violation of the anti-collusion clause of the collective bargaining agreement (CBA).

    Kaepernick’s motive was to get these NFL teams to admit that they were excluding him from playing in the NFL because even though it didn’t matter that what he was doing is constitutional protected free speech, these NFL teams felt that they didn’t want the spotlight cast on their team, so it’s better to just stay away from him, and that’s Kaepernick’s grievance.

  2. We should sign him to a 1 year contract. Added bonus,think how good Ross would feel.

    1. Yeah… especially if the Dolphins get to the Superbowl. Not only would Ross feel good but the rest of us Dolfans will feel real good to!

      1. I was referring to the PC aspect of it for Ross. And agreed. He’s better than anything we’ve had for a while. Getting to the SB and playing in the SB are 2 different things. I got to a SB in 1969!

        1. NO, he’s actually not better than anything we’ve had recently (except maybe Cutler). He is below average in every single QB category except running yards. His winning percentage dropped in every year he played (so this guys just a winner argument is mute). Did the NFL collude, yes, no argument from me. Do I support his right to protest, yes. But to conclude that he is some HOF QB that just got railroaded out of the league is false.

  3. “PC aspect?” What would be a “PC aspect” mean for Ross if the Dolphins signed kaepernick? And if a team doesn’t get to the Superbowl, how can they play in one?

  4. I was referring to ADMIN’s ongoing thing with Ross being PC. C’mon Phil,keep up. I only care about winning. I wish Ross did too.

    1. Funny, ADMIN didn’t mention Ross in this piece. I do remember ADMIN referencing you KARMATOUER as the person he agreed with for referring to Ross’s hiring of Gier and Flores as doing it just to be PC. Did ADMIN take your words out of context or was that just my misunderstanding?

      1. I stated several times us becoming the Americas version of the All Blacks,jokingly. Some rugby knowledge is required for the reference. He did mention it once or twice-Ross being PC.

        1. “I stated several times us becoming the Americas version of the All Blacks,jokingly.”

          “Jokingly?’ I didn’t know that you are this site’s appointed comedian.

          1. OK Phil,it’s getting old being this site’s appointed jerk.

            1. Glad you decided to look at yourself in the mirror KARMATOURER.

      2. Author

        From all accounts, Ross hired Brian Flores because Chris Grier had faith in Flores. Neither Greir nor Ross mentioned race being a factor. That is good. The Miami media played it up big time, the only black GM and head coach combo in sports history. But to their credit, neither Ross or Grier seemed to care about that. They only discussed winning. Very nice!

  5. And as if on cue in this discussion of race, the Dolphins just hired Reggie McKenzie per ESPN

      1. Author

        Yeah, I saw Reggie McKenzie got hired, and it looks like he drafted some good guys for the Raiders. Who know what his role is for the Dolphins. We already have Grier and now McKenzie acting as our main scouts, plus our head coach was a scout himself. Nothing brings unity to a team better than 3 different men telling an owner who to draft!

        1. Most teams argue out the list well before the draft and go from there. To be honest with all of the newbies I’m happy that they brought a few vets in. Hopefully they get it right now…

          The question is do they draft a QB this year or fix the lines first? Personally unless one falls to 13 I fix the lines and go with either Tanny for another year, Foles if available or someone like Bridgewater. What do you guys think? And no Kap wouldn’t be any good this year his ship has sailed in my opinion he was already losing it in San Francisco…

          1. Only go with Tanny if he accepts less money. I think a young QB is the way to go. I like Murray if he falls to us, but still worried about him leaving for baseball. Knowing our luck, we will draft him and he will leave. Foles will cost alot and Bridgwater is now older and probably wont be our future.

            1. I agree that I’d only keep Tanny at a reduced rate use him as a bridge to a young QB. Should have drafted a young QB to groom years ago not sure why this wasn’t done. I just don’t want them to reach for a guy this year and lose out on other needs. If they think that Tanny would be a distraction I can understand this but either way they should keep a vet around.

              1. Author

                Me and Flyerfinfan have agreed for several years that Tannehill is no All Star, but he’s tough and serviceable and better than a lot of others. Unfortunately, I have to now change my tune. Tannehill’s biggest strength was knowing Gase’s playbook inside and out. And now that strength is meaningless. You can’t pay a veteran $20 million to learn a new system. You can’t even ask him to take a pay cut to $10 million (not that he’d accept that cut anyway). In a situation like this, you need to throw someone to the wolves for a year for a really cheap salary. If they really want Kyler Murray, then pay him a big rookie deal and let him learn behind Fales or someone for a year, so we can lose games and get someone great in 2020. I just don’t see a scenario where we keep Tannehill, and I’m one of the few guys who always tried to be objective about Tanny.

  6. Keeping Tanny for ANOTHER year???? How much more do Dolphin fans need to endure? New coach and new players but keep the same ol’, same ol’ problem QB? Makes no sense to me. I have had no faith in him since his first season….I saw all I need to see. Foles will cost some cash for sure, but if Ross wants to change the way things have been going like he said he did, keeping Tannehill for another year is going totally against what he said in the press conference. I’ll lose my $hit if Tannehill is back.

    1. NO one is suggesting to keep him long term. All of us stated we are looking forward to seeing another QB develop. But yes, keeping T-hill for the right price would not be bad (not withstanding his acceptance of taking less money). And I agree with Admin regarding T-hill usefulness was only in Gase’s system but that’s up to the new staff to decide. As far as your ability to see that T-hill was not QB material since his first year, very dumb statement. He progressed every year despite beyond horrible coaching, no defense, and no O-line. His problem is that he never developed past average. But there was hope after his first season.

      1. Yes have to agree with this but why bring in Tyrod Taylor or Case Keenum for example when Tanny’s already here under contract. They would only serve the same purpose…unless of course the money is less but you will have dead money cutting Tanny anyway. You never know if they make the right moves it could work out well sooner than later.

  7. West Coast, we will agree to disagree on Tanny. I called him average from the beginning and he “never developed past average”…with plenty of time to do so under a QB whisperer! This team isn’t likely going to turn it around with Gase gone and Tanny in there-our own AFC East is killing us and that’s a big problem.

    1. Its not about disagreeing, that your opinion and its not without merit. I just pointed out that I want a young new QB but what are the options for next year and what are the target QBs. In the mean time, I would keep T-hill for the right price until the new QB is ready to go AND the O-line is ready to protect him.

      1. Please, let Tanny go now, get what you can get for him in a trade, we’ve seen enough of him. If the Dolphins are truly trying to resolve their same ole mediocrity that’s been plaguing them for over two decades, then they have to be serious in their future endeavors.

  8. Please, 7 years is more than enough, let Tannehill go.
    We’ve got 3 QB’s on the roster, let them fight it out during training camp, winner can be the starter for this season.
    Draft linemen, LB’s & DB’s this year. Set ourselves up for being in great draft position for 2020 for a franchise QB.

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