Highs and Lows of Joe Philbin’s Loss to His Pals from Green Bay

Look what Philbin had on under his Dolphins gear today. His true loyalty came out today when he handed a free win to his old pal Mike McCarthy.

First, the HIGHS:

Jarvis Landry continues to impress.  We questioned it when we drafted him, but we’re happy to be wrong.  The only blight on him is a couple of fumbles.  Also, he has to stop getting tackled by kickers.  At least 3 times this season already he had one 98-lb-weakling kicker to beat, and he got tackled.  Otherwise, this kid is exciting.

Mike Wallace had a drop, but he continues to produce.  Bill Lazor knows how to use him, while Mike Sherman was lost.


Ryan Tannehill in the second half.  You know what’s coming later when I get to the Lows, but we can’t ignore the leadership he showed on 3 TD drives in a row.

Caleb Sturgis.  They put up his stat about lack of touchbacks, but he had a bunch of them today.

Lamar Miller.   Loved the way he got some tough yards and a tough TD in the second half.  He’s taking care of the ball too.

Cameron Wake.  It’s an honor to watch this guy play his guts out every Sunday.  We came up a couple of plays short today, but he kept us in the game in the first half.


As usual, we start with Joe Philbin.  On our last drive, he went conservative.  I don’t think that is a terrible decision, I really don’t.  But you can run some conservative pass plays too.  Or at least TRY for the first down.   We ran it to take time off the clock.   But as DolphinsTruth reader William points out, what’s the difference if we punt to Rodgers with 3:00 left or with 2:20?

The timeout on 4th and 10 was an even worse decision.  Our defense had eaten up the Pack on 3 straight downs.  Everything was in our favor.  Until Philbin stuck his nose into the players’ business.   This loss hurts.  Philbin will say “I made the right decision.”   He always does.

Ryan Tannehill in the first half.   Those two picks were brutally bad.  His decisions were off too.  Whenever he runs, good things happen.  Everyone realizes that except him it seems.  Run Ryan Run!

Brandon Fields.   A terrible punt at the end of the game cost us dearly.  He hasn’t been the same since he got back from the Pro Bowl.  He is adequate these days, but he has not been a field position weapon.

Bill Lazor.  His first half play calls were not good.  Period.   Green Bay’s defense is among the league’s worst.  And he couldn’t capitalize.

CBS’s announce team.  These guys deserve a “Low” for not noticing Mike Pouncey was playing, let alone having moved to guard.  They finally mentioned it after discussing Green Bay’s awning 3 different times.  They also would not shut up about praising Aaron Rodgers.   It got really old really fast.   John Lynch doesn’t add much to any broadcast he does.  Sam Rosen is usually good, but he was too busy fawning over Rodgers to call the rest of the game today.

The refs.   Still waiting for a replay of the alleged holding on Cortland Finnegan when GB had a 4th and one.  You get the feeling that if GB cane up short on their final 4th and 10, the refs would have helped them out here as well.



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  1. Jimmy Wilson looked putrid on the first drive, then he came back and ha a great effort afterwards

  2. What about the blocked punt. Give the special teams a High?

    1. Author

      Yeah, two blocked punts in 5 games is pretty damn good. Darren Rizzi is doing something right in that department

  3. Hey gang – I was at the game today. I spoke with a LOT of people after the game. The general consensus was that we lost this game due to coaching issues. Yes, we had the picks in the first half; plus other on-field issues. But the play calling/clock management in the end of the 4th quarter as abysmal and downright confusing. Most fans walking out of the stadium were talking about the wacky time out at the end. They were also saying how we should have had more points in the 1st half; which could have helped us in the end.
    But again, to emphasize, the general feeling of those attending the game was that we lost bc of coaching issues; not playing issues.

    1. Author

      What’s your take on specific coaches? Was the live crowd on Philbin’s decisons? Or were they made at lazor’s playcalling?

      1. Interestingly, everyone seemed to lump all coaching responsibilities onto Philbin. Not sure if I agree with that, but I didn’t hear Lazor’s name mentioned once; Philbin’s was mentioned about a million times. I talked to people walking out of the stadium, tailgating after the game, walking to the bus stop (public bus), waiting at the stop, and on the bus (most of those were all different people). So yeah – lots of peeps.
        A noticeable subset complained about Philbin being “too conservative” in “his” playcalling.
        Another noticeable subset said we need a more “dynamic” quarterback to “balance out” the “conservativeness” of Philbin. Not sure what that means.

  4. I don’t think the holding call was on CF on that 4th and one. While the ref said #24, I think he meant Grimes, who clearly was holding onto Cobb’s jersey the entire time…..

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