Tony Sparano Scores 28 Points with a Terrible Offense Against a Great Defense, While Joe Philbin Scores only 24 Against a Horrible D

Today’s final is in.  Tony Sparano 28, Joe Philbin 24.

Sparano inspired a terrible group of inept Raiders to torch the Chargers for 28 points.  Meanwhile, Philbin couldn’t take advantage of the awful Packer defense ranked near the bottom against the rush and the pass.

Philbin shows (and wears) his true colors.

I wish we could go back in time and talk to Stephen Ross about his decisions.  I know many of you hate Sparano, but he led us to 11-5, he got us to the playoffs, he allowed his OC to use a thing called the Wildcat, and he won.

Not his fault that Chad Pennington got hurt.

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  1. This would be far more meaningful if the Raiders had actually won their game! But point taken nonetheless.

  2. Pennington’s injury just derailed that team. Then spaghetti arms Henne takes over and we just suuuuucked! Than they realize Henne sucked and finally but too late, put Pennington back in and 1 play later , he’s injured again!!!!! It all fell on Sproano’s back sadly. Then Matt Moore almost saves the day. I will always like Sporano and I hope he gets a fair chance in Oakland. He did right by us but he cant clone a new QB to save our season. Then he got kinda screwed again and took the blame for many of Rex Ryan’s failures. Oh well.

  3. Hang on a second. You can’t blame the fact the Rams starting QB that is better than our QB, or has more completions over 20yds (in 2 fewer games) and passer rating 20+ Points better than our QB , on our coaches or staff. It’s not like he was on our squad as QB a year ago or anything… No no no of course not. Philbin and his cronies could not possibly goof that up too!!! No no way that a practice QB is leaps and bounds better than our #8 pick.. It can’t be true.
    Or is it not only coaches are dumb and Sherminator jr is coaching QBs for us, but that maybe just maybe they are also stunting Tannyhills growth too.
    Say it isn’t so please!!!!?? Please? Pleass?

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