Joe Philbin Hands a Free Victory to his Pals in Green Bay

4th and 10.  We had manhandled the Pack for 3 consecutive plays.  On 3rd down, we caused a fumble.  NOTHING was going Green Bay’s way.  Nothing.

You saw Rodgers’s face as he crawled up from the turf after Wake had leveled him.

The Packer receivers were gasping for air as they limped back to the line of scrimmage.  The Florida sun had wilted this team as badly as the Dolphins had.  The game was ours.

Joey Philbin wears his true colors.

But then Joe Philbin allowed them to regroup.

He allowed his Packer friends to rest.

He allowed his boss, Mike McCarthy, to study our defensive personnel and call an adjusted play.

Joe Philbin didn’t like to see the Packers gasping for air and desperately looking up at the scoreboard in mourning.

Philbin did not like that his defense had momentum.  He wanted to kill his own D’s momentum apparently.

Philbin didn’t think it was fair to make his Packer buddies have to hurry up.

So…after assessing all of that, clueless Joey Philbin called a timeout.

The Packers rested. Relaxed. Re-adjusted. And won.

Read Mike McCarthy’s lips after the handshake.  Did he say, “Thanks for the free win, my friend” ??

As we said on Dolphins Truth on Day One, and as was proven today…there is a reason that Mike McCarthy never allowed Joe Philbin to call a single play in Green Bay.   He never let Philbin make a personnel decision.  Philbin was never once allowed to manage the clock.   He was kept away on draft days.

Now we know why.

Mike McCarthy worked with Philbin for many many years, day in day out.  McCarthy assessed him every single day and never thought enough of Philbin to give him any responsibility.

If your own boss knows you’re not good enough to make decisions, why did Stephen Ross think he WAS good enough?  He is not.

This painful painful loss either shows Philbin is stupid, or else his loyalty is still to Green Bay.  There is no other possible excuse.




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  1. Just a CRY BABY who posted this. Blaming on the head coach.

    1. Author

      We don’t whine. We don’t blame. We tell the truth.

      1. The truth is that the Dolphins were lucky that a blatant hold wasn’t called on the RT on your final drive. The announcers were joking on the telecast that it was pretty bad. That call is made the Dolphins are facing 3rd and 18 and chances are they don’t convert. At best the Fins kick a FG in that situation.

    2. Packer fans even cry when they win! Instead of celebrating, they cry about who we blame

      1. Author

        Philbin made Aaron Rodgers look good and gave him a free win. But instead of thanking Philbin, PackerFan is angry.

        1. Aaron Rodgers made Aaron Rodgers look good. Everything was going Miami’s way. We lost both our starting corner backs. On our second to last drive, we were kept out of the endzone, and had to kick a field goal. You had a 4 point lead with 4 minutes left. All you had to do was get a few first downs. We couldn’t stop the clock, as we were out of timeouts. You couldn’t run the clock out. Blame yourselves for that. Then, Rodgers took the Packers 60 yards with only the 2 minute warning stopping the clock. He didn’t even have to spike the ball because your team was asleep. He basically beat you with the old Dan Marino play. Then he hit Quarless with a TD pass with 3 seconds left.

          The Packers weren’t given anything. You guys blew it. You were beaten by a better team.

          1. Lol. “Dumb” commenter above proves that Dolphins Truth is right. The Pack had no DBs left, yet Philbin wouldn’t go for the throat. Philbin called a TO and let the Packers rest before the 4th down. Philbin took over on offense on the 15 yard line and got 0 points. So how did Aaron Rodgers get the credit here when philbin did all he could to blow the game ?

          2. How you like the loss to the Lions? LOL

            1. Lol. We shut up overrated Rodgers. Dolphins came close. Packersuck.

            2. The Pack will rectify that loss when the Lions visit Lambeau later on.

        2. Coach Philbin didnt make Rodgers look good,your defense did that but then again Rodgers is good,very, very good, pro bowl good. was it Philbins fault you lost your other games too? MM has always made the play calls since he became coach and his OC today like Philbin was an OC in name only.the Phins had plenty of chances to win and didnt,thats on the players,the fake clocking fooled every defensive player,all of them,how does that happen to a team who invented that move. dont blame the coach for this loss.

    3. You talk about crying. how about the crying you did when Detroit kicked the crap out of your Butt Packers

  2. Yeah “admin”, Aaron Rodgers needs Philbin to make him look good. Why can’t u just accept that Miami lost? If I were a Miami fan, I’d be grateful Philbin kept Rodgers in check for as long as he did after the opening drive.

  3. I’m not sure if the TO was the right call or not because if they had the wrong D then it makes sense to prepare for it. I’ve seen many coaches see the formation and then call TO to prepare for it. But at the same time I do agree that the coaching isn’t flawless as they’ve made a ton of mistakes that cost games. What really kills me is that they have enough talent to win but I’m not sure if they’re quite there yet….next year will probably give them a better chance as the young guys grow up and they plug a few more holes. I’d hate to see them blow it all up but Philbin will most likely get fired if they don’t make it this year…I’m just not sure if that would hinder the development or expedite it.

    1. If we had the wrong D in the field, then surely Rodgers would have exploited that on first or second or third down. The D we had on that field was excellent. Our coach was not

  4. This article is spot on and confirms what most Dolfans have said all along- Philbin is not head coach material. That’s not a bad thing, as very few coaches are. Joe was only an Offensive Coordinator in title at GB- he never called a single play. He was a glorified O-line coach. Remember how many coaches turned us down before we settled for Philbin?

    Think about it- Joe had to be threatened with his own job otherwise he would have kept Mike Sherman. And guess who our QB coach is? You know, the guru who is supposed to be molding our face of the franchise signal caller?? Yep, Mike Sherman’s 31 year old son-in-law. Seriously, I can’t make this stuff up.

    Apparently Joe didn’t learn his lesson last year when we played Buffalo and were coming off our bye week. We came out flat as hell (spotted them 14 points) and when we did take a 4th qtr lead, Joe and Mike got cute with the play calling and Ryan got strip sacked. DC$ came in and kicked the go ahead field goal.

    Talk about stupidity!! Think about this- if Philbin were fired tonight, who (college or pro) would be lined up at his door to hire him as head coach?? How about as OC?? (crickets……..)

    Philbin now needs to win 7 of his next 11 or we miss the playoffs. Is it terrible to hope he can’t do it? As much as I love the Dolphins, I would take one more losing season if it meant cleaning house and getting rid of these half steppers. Marvin Lewis was the defensive genius in Cincy, not Coyle. Chip Kelly is the guru in Philly, not Bill Lazor (who had never been an OC except while at UVA, and we all know how the Cavs are known for great offense….) How sad is it that we have to beg coordinators and position coaches (and scouts) to take jobs with us??

    On a separate note- has Brandon Fields lost his mojo?? We constantly fair catch punts, but our opponents have at least 15 yards of daylight. Seriously, he has taken a major step back. Low and short just won’t cut it……..

      1. Author

        Every time a Dolphin fan states a fact, the Packer fans call us crybabies. They are worse fans than even Buffalo, and that’s pretty bad.

    1. Author

      Big J, we welcome you to the site and hope you come back.
      Every chance we get, we point out that our QB coach is Sherman’s son-in-law. Even knowledgable Dolphin fans don’t believe us, and they write us hate email until we prove it.
      Out of all the QB coaches in the world, do you think Zac Taylor was hired fairly? Who else was interviewed? Will Philbin swear on his life that Zac was the very best of the best? Why did Ross allow this terrible, nepotistic hire?

    2. Author

      COMMENT OF THE DAY Winner:
      ” if Philbin were fired tonight, who (college or pro) would be lined up at his door to hire him as head coach?? How about as OC?? (crickets……..)”

      As proof of that, what is Mike Sherman doing for a living. No one in the NFL wanted him before Philbin, and no one wanted him after.

  5. I’m not sure what’s best you hire a young up and comer or a fossil that no one wants. Sometimes you have to take a chance to progress so I’m not on Lazor but calling a pass from the pocket on 2nd down instead of rolling it out pisses me off…especially when you know the blitz is coming. I just don’t know who made that call….but I sure would like to! It’s hard to run in that situation but 99% of the time it’s the right call when you’re up by 4.

    1. Author

      Well said Flyer. A pass on second down isn’t bad. BUT…have extra blockers stay in AND have T-hill move away. Every single time he move right or left, something good happens.

  6. Joe Philbin’s situational game management is horrible.

    1. Author

      Why was Wheeler on that guy at the end? Why?
      Coyle might have called that, but Philbin could have vetoed it. He didn’t Why was Wheeler so far away? Did he think Quarless was going to run a 35-yard route or something when they were at the 4?

      1. It was a back shoulder throw, you knob. Wheeler wasn’t that far away, it was just a good throw. I am pretty surprised that Miami was playing man-to-man in that situation, though.

          1. Don’t make me shove my cock in you’re sisters fat gob

            1. That last message from Alonso wins “Grammar and Punctuation of the Year” Award.

  7. If you guys want to say that Coach Philbin colluded with the Packers, I have no problem with that. But my team has one thing the Dolphins will not ever have again. An amazing QB who will be in the HOF when he retires.

    1. Rodgers had 2 or 3 decent drives out of 27 tries. Hall of fame ?

    2. I am 44, maybe 45 I just don’t remember, and you sir may be correct. The QBing has been terrible. Besides 1 great year with Noodle Arm Chad, the QB play really has been bad. I’m thinking I could be dead before we get a QB again. Rodgers is amazing.

  8. I must admit that I am so angry that we didn’t run the ball on 2nd and 3rd down on our final drive and run the clock down as far as possible. That is the most bone headed call … to throw and incomplete in that situation.
    Calling TOs on the Packers final drive was even worst.
    Can Ross be so blind (or lazy) and can’t see that every single fan and most players know our coaching staff are idiots. Philbin you are a bumbling idiot – now which good player are we going to let go next …

    1. Author

      Steve, a second down pass wasn’t a terrible idea, but the execution was. YOu have to ensure that it’s a high-percentage pass, and Philbin did not. If we completed that pass for even one yard….that is 45 more seconds off the clock and we win. But T-hill fading back in the middle of the pocket and looking deep, with a spread formation? Terrible terrible terrible.

      1. Why are you throwing when they have NO timeouts. A Sack would have taken another 45 seconds off the clock! You DON’T throw an incomplete STUPID TannyKILL!

        1. Exactly. That was a heat-of-battle decison that is blamed on coaching, in my opinion. Philbin and Lazor need to be inside Tannehill’s helmet telling him to keep the clock running. Like the other article says, a professional NFL quarterback should not need a reminder, but Tannehill does. Do you think Aaron Rodgers needed help on how to manage the clock on his last drive? uh, no.
          Of course, Philbin gave him help.

    2. Besides those total boneheaded moves (and it’s ok to throw on 2nd and go for it, but then go for it on 3rd. Either run and punt or throw and go. Who cares if there’s 2:30 or 2:00 left, MY GOODNESS THIS COACH IS AN IDIOT)…..anyway to my point. Landry gets first TD, 2 excellent run backs and is electric – but on GB punt when we were up 24-17, Landry signaled fair catch immediately. No one was near him. This was NOT his decision. He signaled it before the ball even reached its highest point. No GB player was near him which tells me coach told him to be safe and call fair catch. Everything on or around Philbum is a complete disaster. I’m starting to think even Tannyhill (whom I cannot stand as a player) is bring stunted by stupidity.

      1. Author

        Jeff, just re-watched the 24-17 punt right now to see if you were right. You were. It looked odd as hell to see a fair catch signal so early.

        1. 3 reason for loss:
          1. Coaches – absurd how idiotic these guys are.
          2. Aaron Rogerds – he is amazing, I have to admit.
          3. Refs – no one talks about it, but GB was NOT losing this game. Couple points – 4th down and they called completion, which was not a completion, but did not matter due to holding on Finnegan that was 40yds away and did NOT even happen!! See reason #1 as to a coach who would insist on answers to such a critical play. But even bigger is how amazing and in control the GB O-Line was. Truly truly amazing how they could not stop our rush. How they totally controlled us and were such good boys without a single hold. NOT A SINGLE HOLD.. I watched again and we were getting mugged. Right in the refs face. Cam was neck-tied on several plays. On that super most incredible greatest TD ever by greatest most amazing QB in the history of all sports (according to Lynch), there were several holds, but there ws no way they were going to let Rodgers get pummeled which he would have if they didn’t hold. BUT NOT A SINGLE ONE CALLED. Those subtle little things that change a game and way it is played.

          1. Author

            The most obvious one I remember was seeing a Packer lineman clothesline Vernon, and THEN keep his arm around the neck. Call the illegal hit penalty. OR Call the hold. OR call unsportsmanlike.
            It’s one thing to clothesline a defender as you’re about to get beat. But to sustain that illegal play and hold onto the neck? Right in front of the Umpire? Horrendous.

            Look, those calls aren’t Philbin’s fault, but he certainly doesn’t intimidate referees, does he? I guarantee you that a hothead like Jim Harbaugh or Bill Belichick gets those calls, simply because the refs respect them.

  9. It’s no secret we wanted to run as much time off the clock, so why do it from a spread formation? The defense is blitzing, so spreading the field only gives you less blockers. What do most successful coaches do in that situation?? They bring in the JUMBO package- extra TE’s and tackles. You only need 3-4 yards a pop to get the first down. Running the spread option when everyone knows there is no “option” and it is going to the RB is a disaster. We tried it on the goal line early in the game, what happened? Go up under center so the RB can have a running start when he gets the ball, or at least use a pistol formation.

    Name one NFL coach that would be afraid of Joe Philbin?? He scares no one. 4th and short from your opponents 43? He punts. 4th and short and GB goes for it and gets the first down. If the teams switched coaches, McCarthy would beat the Packers with the Dolphins.

    1. Author

      Big J,
      Don’t know if you’re a regular reader or not, but we’ve been against the spread formation all year long. There is a time and place for it, but not all the time. In theory, it’s great to have 4 or 5 great WRs out there, but not when you sacrifice blockers.

  10. Everyone had to know the game was over when the dolphins decided to run on third down of their last drive instead of throwing to try to get a first down. What’s the difference between 3 minutes on the clock and 2:20 on the clock for Aaron Rogers? None. So running clock was a boneheaded move. Should’ve went for the first down.

    1. Thats not the only running play they passed on with 3 min. left. The ghost of Mike Sherman!

    2. Author

      Excellent point William. Philbin cost the Packers 40 seconds that they didn’t need anyway.
      I woulda loved to have 40 secs on the clock after GB scored.

  11. As a Packer fan from Green Bay I was amazed Miami wasn’t running the ball every down with 3 minutes left! Maybe Philbin was trying to instill some much needed confidence in his QB by allowing him to make plays.
    Of course Tannehill played like…Tannehill. He doesn’t seem to be able to play a complete game. When its crunch time and he did enough to win all Philbin had to do is run the ball. Run the clock out. Clay Matthews was getting schooled by the run all day, the D-Line was tired, and GB was playing with its 2nd string CBs so they couldn’t totally commit to the run.
    Instead, Rodgers gets his chance and shows whose boss! He was 0-3 lifetime in FL. but he played like a beast. It was an epic victory for Aaron and one I wont forget.
    Sorry Dolphins Fans but it looks like you’ll be in the cards for another QB. Ryan is not that guy. At least you had Marino! A replacement though? Not for a while.
    Go Pack Go!

    1. Author

      Goat, every single thing you said was true. A casual fan like yourself noticed all those things. We noticed it. The Dolphins players noticed. the only one who DIDN’T notice was Joe Philbin

  12. The funniest thing about the stupidity of Dolphin fans is they don’t realize if Little Boy Tanny was put into the same situation as the man Rodgers was, the game would have been over right then! LoL! Even with GBs 2nd string CBs! Lol!
    And that is why your team will never be great because even the fans lack the knowledge of game scheme. You guys don’t even know how to demand a championship caliber team! What a bunch of idiotic posts. Just a bunch of retirees who probably don’t know the difference between a 3-4 and a 4-3. Lol!

    1. That’s ridiculous bro…we know Tanny is far from polished but to say he’s done for at this point shows your football IQ.

      1. Author

        Yeah, we critique Tannehill all the time, but that doesn’t mean he’s done.

      2. Flyer, I can guarantee my footbalI IQ crushes yours. To pin your hopes and dreams on a QB who practically shows the D who hes going to throw it to is pretty desperate. You forget, I’ve been the observer of two of the best QBs over the past 2 decades every game. I think I know a thing or two as to what it takes. Your boy is avg at best. If you don’t see that, its not just your football IQ that worries me.
        Whoo-hoo! The real “A-Rod”! You can only dream my friend.

        1. I assume you mean Bert Farve and Matt Flynn?

    2. Goatlava – first we all know you are an idiot. That’s easy to tell.
      Second – we all know you never ever played a sport in your life and jerking off is not a sport however I’m sure you are very good at it.
      Third – since we know you are a little punk bitch that always got sand kicked in your face we will disregard your post and resume ours.
      Lastly – how does is taste to have a big Miami dick stuck in your mouth.
      Swallow that shit bitch

      1. Author

        We usually edit out naughty language off of our blog, but we’ll allow it here in honor of Goatlava.

        1. My fault – I believe that was the only language he could understand.

          1. fucking wack team, wack fans wack city. Fuck MIAMI

    3. You are a fucking idiot. Fins were great TIL Shula retired. All time best winning percentage of ANY pro team up til Ross took over. As much tradition as the hallowed GB Packers. Dolphin fans are extremely knowledgable, just don’t have the luck, past 15 years, of 2 HOF QBs landing in their lap. And maybe only 2 SBs in 20+ yrs with those WBs? I think 2…. Idiot cheeseheads don’t know how to demand more greatness. Your a ficking stooge.

      1. Author

        Another commenter noted that Philbin is now 0-3 after his bye weeks. By comparison, Shula was 8-0.
        When you gave Shula a few extra days to prepare, he was perfect. Give Philbin a few extra days, and he come up with new ways to be inept.

  13. Author

    Goatlava makes our point for us. Tannehill faced a couple of 4th string defensive backs and he ate them up thrice during the second half. On the final drive, Joe Philbin did not allow Tannehill to do it a 4th time. Philbin made Tannehill hand the ball off instead of exploiting the 4th stringers. And you silly Packer fans give Aaron Rodgers credit for things that Joey Philbin did! You guys are worse than Bills fans !

  14. Tanny is inconsistent but so were Eli and Flacco. Hell Eli and Flacco are still inconsistent. The problem with this team is coaching. Hands down. And to all these Green Bay fans all of a sudden trolling this site. Beat Seattle or San Fran and then talk. Oh my bad, the Packers don’t beat play-off caliber teams. Let’s see what that laugh is like once Detroit wins that division.

    1. Eli and Flacco? Really? If you hope Ryan aspires to join the ranks of those scrubs, you are in trouble!

      1. Author

        Eli has more titles than Rodgers. Flacco has just as many

        1. My fault – I believe that was the only language he could understand and please don’t waste your time on a goat lover.

        2. So Dilfer is better than Marino is what you are saying?

          1. MARINO never a champion. He sucks

  15. I watched the after game press conference and I believe T-Hill took responsibility for the hand off stating it was a read option and he thought miller could get around the edge on 3rd down. I could be wrong as I didn’t hear the full question before his answer. But am pretty sure Im right. Lets not loose hope. It was our game to loose and there is plenty of blame to go around. How can we as fans in good conscience criticize such a close game against the same people who’s performance was just 6 seconds from victory? It sux but it was a team loss and with the pressure on GB at the end, it was their team win. We will emerge better as some of the most painful growing pains are just before a full maturation. Stay the course guys the Phins played outstanding we just don’t have enough experience in extremely close games. GB had the mental edge at the end as they have been in these situations many many times. Believe me Im pissed and not an apologist but we had an excellent showing and are inching closer. Don’t give up now.

    1. Maybe. But it seems more realistic to give up. Philbin is now 0-3 after a bye. two full weeks to prepare the team may work, but he don’t prepare himself.

    2. Author

      The learning curve is there, and there are some definite bright spots on the horizon. Today still hurts, as this as a winnable game. But it makes me even madder that we lost to Buffalo. We are good enough to take GB to the wire, then how we we get destroyed by EJ Manuel?

  16. I feel the same way too Admin. Which freaking team will show up on Sunday? Look I know things could have been different and wish they were. But there is so much to look forward to as the strength of this team grows. Even though we lost we totally outplayed ourselves in all the previous weeks. There is just no way the team that beat NE, and the Raiders , would have been this close. Philbin’s calls are just as much part of the problem as they are the solution (you gotta take the good with the bad for now). And you can count on this as I by myself take the positive side of things! If this team that played today shows up every Sunday and god willing, gets even better. Its lights out for many the teams left on our schedule. Rewatch the games guys. So many times the rhythm of misfortune queued the phins to start their disintegration and collapse but they fought past it this time. Everything looked so familiar in the 1st half as it did in Buffalo and at home vs KC. This time we fought on and came so damn close. Yes Im pissed about a few things that could have given us the win. But damn Aaron Rogers had a shit ton of pressure on him and he did what was needed to win. I so doubt if it weren’t him in the final minute we would have lost. The dude is just too damn crafty and kept cool after getting sacked and pressured multiple times all day. And heres some coaching critique for the Packers! That fake spike was a blown play because it needed to be a touchdown or else. The receiver luckily broke free of the first tackle forcing another defender to push him out of bounds. If he gets tackled in bounds , game over. They almost screwed themselves and got very lucky and they know it. You see guys both sides made bad calls the luck just rolled the Pack’s way this time and it really came down to that in the end.

    1. Author

      PhinsUp is right as usual. I just re-watched the fake spike. The receiver looked like he wanted to go out of bounds at first, then he got greedy and cut in. Cortland Finnegan shoulda let him in, because help was coming.
      Finnegan should have immediately cut him off so he could NOT go out of bounds. 2 other Dolphins had the inside covered. Game over and Dolphins win. It’s hard to criticize Finnegan on that play, because hindsight is always 20-20, especially when we’re watching on TV, but PhinsUp’s point is 100% correct: Rodgers was going for the jugular on that play, and he missed it. The NFL gods were with him today, however.

      1. I don’t know if the WR tried to get out at all. Looked to me like he was trying to score, then realized Shit, I can’t make it. Then he fought like hell to make his way out of bounds. Lucky lucky lucky

        1. Author

          Yes, Philbin helped the Pack for certain. Lady luck helped for sure. The refs most definitely helped. Yet you won’t find a single knowledgable Packer writer–not a single one–who will admit that. All they see is Rodgers.

  17. 4th and 3.
    30 seconds left in half. And we punt???
    I cannot stress how everything that has anything to do with a coching decision ends up being trash. It is always the wrong decision.
    Defense playing solid. Need sonething positive and you punt? Philbin must go. He might be worse than Cameron.

    1. Author

      What bothers me about the punt is Philbin’s lack of consistency. We’re in the same situation every single week, and every single week he tries something different that never works.
      Always around that opponent 40-yard line. He tries a field goal when Sturgis is cold. He punts the ball when Tannehill is hot. He goes for it when T-hill is playing like crap. Pick a strategy and stick to it.

    2. There is a report of an argument that took place on the sideline between Coyle and Philbin over this very decision. Coyle was very upset and said something Philbin, and Joe just brushed him aside. We will probably hear more about this tomorrow…

  18. You mean Goatlava was too stupid to realize that I was comparing Tannehill to Eli and Flacco because early in their careers they were both inconsistent players(like Tanny)who elevated their play long enough to lead their teams on successful championship runs? So much for his supposed high football I.q.

  19. Admin,

    I am new to the site. Long time Dolfan, earned my stripes growing up in Chicago as a Dolfan (talk about a tough place to like an out of town sports team). So I have literally “fought” for the Dolphins.

    Thanks for recognizing my comment about who would hire Philbin as a Head Coach. No one would, and that’s the point. The Dolphins organization is so messed up that we have to take who we can get, with most people flat out ignoring our requests for interviews (the GM debacle rings bells). That falls on the owner, but that’s for an entirely different post…..

    I was at the Buffalo home game last year, and this was eerily similar. We came out flat, turned it up after half time, and then got stupid in the final minutes. I think the strategy with a lead and not much time is to run on first and second down which forces your opponents to burn timeouts, and either stick to the run on 3rd down to burn more time, or be brave try for the first down. What we did made no sense. After getting cute on 2nd down, Phiblin realized he better run some clock on 3rd down.

    You know GB is blitzing (run or pass blitzing) yet Joe/Bill call a long, deep drop which should have been a sack, or a quick hitch to mike wallace, but the tackle doesn’t cut Clay Matthews and it gets batted down. It was a mess all the way around.

    Calling the time out on the Packers 4th down play, especially after we got a sack was unforgivable. The Packers were reeling, and there was no way they were going to rush that play call. We gave them at least 20 seconds with that move, not to mention allowing them to prepare for many other plays, etc.

    And how many times have we seen other teams “formation” us into the match up they want?? How does our worst coverage LB wind up one on one, on an island? Especially after we called a timeout before that play too?? It reminds me of last year’s New Orleans game when they would line up a WR in the backfield and then split him out wide. We would have our LB cover one on one each time. It’s like the baby that knows that no matter how many times he drops his sippy cup, mommy will always pick it up and put it back on the highchair tray.

    My thoughts on Tannehill:

    I guess I have been a Tannehill apologist. He’s not a bad QB. Will he ever be Aaron Rodgers? No. But we knew that when we drafted him. He was an unknown commodity only starting a season and a half in college. He’s smart- he was a legit pre-med major (Biology I think). Rather than compare him to Eli or Flacco, I think he may be more like Alex Smith. People forget how many OC’s Smith had in SF, and how much turmoil there was (Singletary’s pants pull down for instance). Then, he plays for a real coach (Andy Reid) and has a Pro Bowl season. Tannehill can be the same- if you play to his strengths and support him with a running game, he can be pretty good. Jake Delhomme comes to mind….

    RT has been sacked more than any other QB over the last 3 years. Want to know how to ruin a young QB?? Just ask Houston. David Carr was sacked 76, 68, and 49 times in various seasons. I don’t care what anyone says- I saw Carr play in college and absolutely destroy Colorado before the Buffs sucked. Houston f’ing killed him and he was never the same.

    Am I the only one who remembers that Ryan threw for over 400 yards in his second game?? (AZ) Sure, he’s inconsistent, but so is Tony Romo, Jay Cutler, and Matthew Stafford. Our coaches told Ryan to stop running so much. They took away what made Ryan Ryan. Now, it seems like they finally realize that the read option only works if there is a credible threat of the option.

    A message board on a different site was assessing blame to RT and Joe BaldySausage. People were saying we lost because of how badly RT played in the first half and that it didn’t matter how well he played in the second half. I have to disagree. Sure, he played awful in the first half, but so did the entire offense. We only ran the ball 7 times against the worst run defense in the league. RT could have tucked his tail and faded away, but he came back in the second half and lit it up. He had a great run, a tough throw to Jarvis Landry, and another nice throw to D. Williams. This was a team loss.

    Who cares how well the defense plays for 3 1/2 quarters if they can’t get a stop when it matters?? This is a recurring theme. Our defense plays great all game, but can’t stop someone when they need to. How many times have we needed to get the ball back in a game, only to have our defense give up rushing first down after first down? In fact, the only game I can think of that our defense flat out won for us is last year’s Cincy game.

    And how about special teams?? Sure we had a blocked punt and some great returns, but when we needed to switch the field, we choked! Fields kicked a lame 40 yard, low line drive that got returned 15 yards. When we needed a booming punt and good coverage most, we got a 25 net yard effort.

    Aaron Rodgers said it himself- he did the fake spike when he saw Finnegan playing so far back. Seriously, is CF the only guy that hasn’t seen Marino’s play on youtube or sportscenter??

    This was a total team meltdown that starts right at the top with our coaches. Philbin’s clock mgmt, Lazor’s playcalling, and Coyle’s obvious coverage scheme cost us this game.

    Also, I can’t believe people give you grief about calling out Zac Taylor. How can you justify this hiring at all?? Our QB coach’s only claim to fame is that he is boinking the former OC’s daughter. Why don’t we have a George Whitfield or Jeff Tedford or someone else who has legit credentials?

    I know this post has rambled quite a bit, but there is SO much I need to get off my chest after this game (or season, or the last 6 years). Frankly, the best OC we’ve had in a long time was Scott Linehan, and Nick Satan f’ed up by letting him interview for the Rams head coach position (which he got). He’s a good example of a good coordinator that made a lousy HC. The NFL is full of them- Jim Haslett, Leslie Frazier, Jim Schwartz, etc. Phiblin isn’t even a good coordintor. He’s the less polished version of Tony Sparano.

    Anyway, until Philbin is gone, there is really no hopes for a good team. I would rather miss the playoffs (and the inevitable first round defeat) if it meant cleaning house. By the way, I couldn’t have been the only one that knew the ball was going to Joe McKnight in the KC game as soon as I saw the 3 receiver bunch formation to one side, could I? If someone never was (me) sees this in a sports bar on TV (twice in fact- they ran it to both sides) how do our coaches not see it?

    That’s all I have- good night…..

    -Big J

    1. Author

      Big J,
      Just to be clear, people don’t give us grief for criticizing Zac Taylor. What they do is write stuff like “Mike Sherman’s son-in-law is not on the Dolphins staff. You’re making that up! Where do you get that information?” Then we prove it to them. I mean, these are Dolfans who think they know the team inside and out, but they have no idea of the nepotism that occurs. Some fans just don’t get it at times

    2. Not only did we give up 15 yards on that last punt, but it was AFTER another dumbs Timeout. Why oh why a TO before we punt? to let clock run down to 1? They are professionals. Let clock run down to 1 and punt the ball…
      TO 1 – 18 yard return on punt
      TO 2 – 18 yd catch on 4th and 10
      TO 3 – game winning TD
      This is not on players, yes they need to make plays, but these coaches constantly destroy any momentum or whatever the word is….. they just have no sense or feel for anything. when they get out of way and let players make plays, we are pretty darn good

  20. Perfect article!
    Green Bay out of timeouts? — No — Joe Philbin gift wraps two timeouts for the Packers. Aaron Rogers gets sacked, fumbles and Philbin calls timeout on fourth-and-10, allowing the Packers’ offense to regroup with the 40-second clock winding. Philbin said their strategy is called “Kodaking,” where they let the offense line up to see the formation and the play before calling a timeout. It’s actually called how to “Loseagame

    1. If I am not mistaken, they were nowhere close to being set up. Maybe on the goal line, but not back at the 40 after wideouts struggling to get back to line, breathing heavy, trying to get play in, rushing it after a sack a fumble and 2 other stuffed plays. THIS RIVALS SPOREHOLE AND HIS TIMEOUT VS SAINTS WHEN UP 24-3 BEFORE HALFTIME. WHY DO WE CONTINUE TO GET THESE BOZOS OUT THERE? EVERYTHING RELATED TO TEAM – GOOD. EVERYTHING THAT IS CLOSE TO COACHES – VERY VERY BAD

      1. Author

        Oh my God. We at Dolphins Truth thought we were the only ones on earth who remembered that horrible horrible Saints timeout. Jeff V just made us re-think back to that terrible nightmare of a game.
        Aside from that timeout, what I remember most is that we had the ball around midfield and shoulda just ran out the halftime clock. But we got greedy while up 24-3 and Henne threw a pick. Game over.

        1. I don’t get to go to many games, but I was at that Saints game. It was a late start game, and the Saints were running in the FG unit. Channing Crowder looked to the sidelines and Sparano was calling for a TO. Crowder shook his head no, but after Tony insisted, he called the TO.

          I, along with several other fans sitting in that endzone screamed, “NO!!!!!!!!” After the timeout, Brees trotted back out with the offense and called a QB keeper where he jumped up and just stuck the nose of the ball over the goal line. No part of his body was anywhere near the endzone, but the ball broke the plane. It gave the Saints momentum and they piled it on us in the second half.

          Ginn aligator armed a deep pass that led to a pick, and the Saints even ran a Reggie Bush double reverse for a score.

          Quality coaches have stayed away from Miami for one reason- control. Who is going to come here and answer to Dawn Aponte? Who would work for Ross after he went and courted another coach (Harbaugh) while he had Sparano? People don’t forget that.

          Remember when Ryan Clark of the Steelers put Jeff Ireland and the Dolphins organization on blast? He claimed he used us to get a bigger contract in PIT and would NEVER sign with Miami.

          After what happened with the Incognito mess, and self-respecting owner would have fired the coach on the spot. To me, not knowing about it is worse than knowing about it and covering it up.

          Seriously, what can Philbin hang his hat on? His QB development? No- Ryan is stagnant right now. Does he maximize talent? No- our WR are the highest paid in the league. Does he win close games? No. Does he beat the teams he should beat? NO!

          Remember, several coaches and coordinators took themselves out of the running for our HC position. And now former Jet GM Mike Tannenbaum is hainging outside of our lockerroom as a consultant, hired by none other than Dawn Aponte??? Stephen Ross is way too smart to not to realize that he is part of the problem.

          The definition of insanity- To keep doing the same things you’ve always done and expect a different result……

        2. If I am not mistaken, it went down like this. There was like 10 seconds in half. Brees hit wr at 1 yd line. ruled a catch, clock would have run out. Sporehole challenged it, stopping clock and catch was confirmed. If he did not challenge, clock would have simply run out on them. 24-3 halftime lead. Then Saints were going to kick FG and Sporedouche called TO and Saints changed their mind. 24-10 and route was on.
          About that pic 6, Teddy Bear somehow caught up to DB and knocked ball out for a touchback, but Sporano wanted to save his timeouts and didn’t challenge and route continued. I heard a story that Sporano was put in timeout by his parents a bunch, when he was a kid and why he used the TOs so much and in the strangest of circumstances. It has travelled through time and space to Philbin. Man that guy is an idiot!!! At least he keeps candy wrappers off the field.

  21. Big J I must say that I’m thoroughly impressed with your analysis of our Dolphins. Everything you said was spot on.

  22. Thanks DG- I appreciate the compliment. Hope to post on here more often. It’s nice to find some like minded fans.

  23. Here’s what I think about like minded and I’m just as guilty of it. Bashing Philbin cuz he’s an idiot. First forTO on 4th down or the playcalling or for 500 other dumb decisions. I watch other games pretending to be a fan of that team and I see just as idiotic calls and decisions.
    #1 Philbin is a douche, but complaining about him is pointless. He’s actually NOT that important. And he is 100% dumbass.
    BUT a good QB renders him mostly meaningless. He would not have called TO on 4th down. Because he would not have tried to sneak a throw in on 2nd down. He would have run TWice and had a 65% chance of getting 1st on 3rd down if he had any of 20 other QBs in the league. He would not have made the idiotic decision to run clock out in Bills game or went for it on 4th down vs GB cuz he didn’t think we’d have too many chances.
    All Philbums boneheaded moves revolve around 1 thing…..
    And that’s Ryan Hennehill. Give Philbin a good QB and he’s not so dumb….
    Just my humble opinion.
    But I still think he’s an idiotic and secretly wish for a loss to Bears, then loss to Jags.
    No I dont
    Yea I do
    No I don’t
    Yes I do.
    Dammit. Ok I want a WIN!!?! No I dont. Yes i do…..

    1. If Ryan had some quality coaching, instead of drop shots like Mike Sherman, Mike’s clearly unqualified son-in-law, and Joe “Catching Flies” Philbin, Ryan would clearly be further along in his professional development. These d-bags are hamstringing him.

      How successful is Kaepernick when he has to throw 40 times a game, or when he gets 22 yards of rushing support?

      Joe CF Philbin would hamstring Marino. Seriously, does anyone think Marino would have had the same career with JcfP calling the shots? There is absolutely no way.

      So, I must respectfully disagree that complaining about JcfP is pointless. This team is a coaching staff away from being a playoff team. Ditch JcfP and go after a guy like Jack Del Rio (the same way Denver picked up John Fox).

      Del Rio had some pretty bad teams in JAX, and they always were competitive. Fans up there got spoiled, but Brunnell and Fred Taylor got old fast. Same thing with John Fox- clearly he was a good coach- he took CAR to a SB with Jake Delhomme. Again, expectations were unrealistic and both teams thought they could do better.

      I’ve said it before, but if Philbin were fired on Sunday, who would be waiting at his door to hire him on Monday??

      If you agree that the answer is no one, then he’s got to go.

      -For those that don’t get the CF (Catching Flies) reference, never have I seen a man stand around with his mouth open, “catching flies” like Joe Philbin. Anyone who is that oblivious to himself does not inspire a shred of confidence and is clearly unfit to coach an NFL team.

      So sayeth Big J……

    1. hello? I tried to reply to Jeff, not sure what’s happening….

  24. I have to respectfully disagree. We knew RT was raw when we selected him, and clearly at #8 it was a bit of a reach. What were our options?? Matt Moore is a journeyman backup, and Tannehill had as much upside as any QB not named Luck or Griffin in that draft. (yes, the other 31 teams passed on Russell Wilson too, so he really doesn’t count).

    Take a guy like Nick Foles. He was groomed correctly under Andy Reid- who has coached up many a QB (AJ Feeley comes to mind- who we threw a second round pick at). Foles was also selected two rounds after RT.

  25. Author

    @BigJ, I don’t see your replies in our logs. It looks like your last reply finally went through correctly though.

    1. Still didn’t work. not sure if it is too long (can’t be longer than the novel someone left on the newest post)

    2. I think it was because I wrote up my post in MS Word, then tried to copy it over. This time, I just re-wrote everything in the message boxes.

  26. Weird thing is, it keeps saying “duplicate post”

    Here goes nothing…

    I have to respectfully disagree. We knew RT was raw when we selected him, and clearly at #8 it was a bit of a reach. What were our options?? Matt Moore is a journeyman backup, and Tannehill had as much upside as any QB not named Luck or Griffin in that draft. (yes, the other 31 teams passed on Russell Wilson too, so he really doesn’t count).

    Take a guy like Nick Foles. He was groomed correctly under Andy Reid- who has coached up many a QB (AJ Feeley comes to mind- who we threw a second round pick at). Foles was also selected two rounds after RT.

    If Ryan had some quality coaching, instead of drop shots like Mike Sherman, Mike’s clearly unqualified son-in-law, and Joe “Catching Flies” Philbin, Ryan would clearly be further along in his professional development. These d-bags are hamstringing him.

    How successful is Kaepernick when he has to throw 40 times a game, or when he gets 22 yards of rushing support?

    Joe CF Philbin would hamstring Marino. Seriously, does anyone think Marino would have had the same career with JcfP calling the shots? There is absolutely no way.

    So, I must respectfully disagree that complaining about JcfP is pointless. This team is a coaching staff away from being a playoff team. Ditch JcfP and go after a guy like Jack Del Rio (the same way Denver picked up John Fox).

    Del Rio had some pretty bad teams in JAX, and they always were competitive. Fans up there got spoiled, but Brunnell and Fred Taylor got old fast. Same thing with John Fox- clearly he was a good coach- he took CAR to a SB with Jake Delhomme. Again, expectations were unrealistic and both teams thought they could do better.

    I’ve said it before, but if Philbin were fired on Sunday, who would be waiting at his door to hire him on Monday??

    If you agree that the answer is no one, then he’s got to go.

    -For those that don’t get the CF (Catching Flies) reference, never have I seen a man stand around with his mouth open, “catching flies” like Joe Philbin. Anyone who is that oblivious to himself does not inspire a shred of confidence and is clearly unfit to coach an NFL team.

    So sayeth Big J……

  27. Here is my point to Jeff-

    Tannehill hasn’t gotten any help having Mike Sherman, his son-in-law, or Joe “Cathing Flies” Philbin associated with his development. All of the aforementioned are “drop shots” and would have hamstrung Marino.

    Seriously, does anyone think Marino would have had the same career with Joe CF Philbin?? Would Russell Wilson or Kaepernick do well with Mike Sherman as their OC for their first 2 years in the league?

    How about if they had to throw 40 times, or only got 22 yards of rushing? I go back to Alex Smith- his first years in SF were filled with nothing but turmoil. Then he gets stability with Harbaugh and plays well before getting hurt (well enough to get a 2nd round pick out of KC, at the top of the round). Then, he puts up Pro Bowl numbers with Andy Reid.

    With the right coach, he could be Kaepernick. With Philbin, RT is more like David Carr.

  28. Last point to make-

    We need to get a coach along the lines of what Denver did with John Fox. He took CAR to the SB with Jake Delhomme for Pete’s sake. Expectations were way to high, and CAR felt like it had to make a change (can’t fault Fox for the GM drafting Claussen).

    Look no further than Jack Del Rio. JAX had very mediocre talent and they always played hard for him. Brunnell got old fast, and Del Rio did what he could with David Garrard and an aging Freddy Taylor. He’s a “plus” coach- someone that will get you wins. JcfP is a “minus” coach- he costs teams wins.

    For those who don’t get the CF “catching flies” reference- I have never seen a man stand around with his mouth open, catching flies, the way Philbin does. The fact that he can be so oblivious to himself does not inspire any confidence and clearly makes him unfit to be an NFL head coach. Honestly, would you take him seriously if he were your coach?

  29. Final point (I promise)

    The fact that he kept his job after the Incognito debacle is beyond belief. My first Pop Warner coach had more presence than JcfP, and that kind of behavior would have never happened on that man’s team. Not knowing (or claiming not to have known) is worse than knowing about it and not stepping in.

    If I ever got the chance and there were no repercussions or consequences, I would punch him in the face for what he’s done to this team.

    So sayeth Big J……

    1. We have to agree to disagree. I think that Marino or Wilson or Luck or Manning or any number of QBs would do fine with Philbin. I think they would mask the stupidity of Philbin just like they do with dumb things their coaches. The throw on 3rd and goal (possession we did not score) thrown behind to Hartline is a TD with 70% of QBs in league. Now no one is saying what a dunce Philbin is for not taking 3.
      OR if you go back and watch that play, Clay is by himself sprinting out left. My point is (and camera never lies), Hennehill locked on Hartline like he locks on everyone. This is not Philbins doing, although maybe he’s a dunce and doesn’t notice. That play alone changes outcome of game, there is no bonehead timeouts or run vs pass on final drive (or maybe there is) and we are 3-2 and thinking we can be 5-2 after JAx or 6-2 with SD coming in. Instead its 2-3 with Philbin being a dunce. Which I am proud to say he is.
      OR in the KC game, Wallace fumble for example, ball is a yard behind, he catches it, turns, hit, fumbled. For the 1 pass in stride to Landry or TD in traffic to Wallace, there are 5 throws that are just a bit off. Put a real QB there and Fins are 4-1 (no one was winning that Buffalo game with all the pre-game crazy festivities and frenzied crowd) but with Hennehill, there was never a chance.
      Do not get me wrong, I think Philbin cost us 4 or 5 games over the 2+ years, but a real QB makes his decision insignificant. Just like coach Fox bonehead moves and even the almighty Belicheat is saved by Tomboy.
      I want Philbin gone just as much as the next guy, but bring Harbaugh in and keep Hennehill and it is still another 8-8. Find a Carson palmer somehow and watch…..10-6 or 11-5…Even with Philbin there. Bring in a Palmer or a Hoyer or another better that avg QB and a real coach and you got a deep deep run with this team.

  30. And Matt Moore is not the answer, not even close. But at some point ya gotta pull the plug on him. If you go through the season and Hennehill has 25 TDs and 15 INTs, the next may think he can work with him.
    Ya just got to realize, it did not work out and move on. Think about 2qtrs, 4 qtrs, and 2 qtrs of good QB play through 5 games in 3rd year don’t cut it.
    And its going to get Philbin fired too.
    Wow I just realized Hennehill is my best friend, keep playing him so that way Philbum and Hennehill are gone.
    I guy could wish.
    Footnote – I really really want both to work out, I live and die with Fins. It just aint happening

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