Highs and Lows of the Dolphins Victory over the Chicago Bears


Ryan Tannehill looked really good all around.  I loved his running.  We have been begging him to run more, and it’s starting.  His passing looked good too.   We don’t need long bombs when he stays effective with the ten yarders.  He hit them all day long.

Cameron Wake was quiet for three quarters but had a huge sack/fumble recovery when we needed it.

When Philbin allows Lazor to call plays, good things happen.
When Philbin allows Lazor to call plays, good things happen.

Lamar Miller is really hitting his cuts well.  A lot of those plays look like a sweep, but then he cuts inside with a burst.

Dion Jordan getting suspended has not hurt us one bit.

The offensive line gave up some sacks, but the running plays were there.     The 4th-down QB keeper was the play of the game for me.  Set the momentum and kept a very very important drive moving in a close game.

That also leads to praise for Lazor’s playcalling today.   Drives  were kept alive today with some grit and determination, but also because we mixed it up.

The defense had three turnovers and shut down the Bears’s stars.    Marshall was a nonfactor.  All the hype about Forte proved untrue, as we predicted.

Joe Philbin did not call timeouts to help the opponent.


Caleb Sturgis continues to be a liability.

Brain Hartline only gets his name called for penalties this season.

If the Bears scored toward the end, a very nervous onside kick would have been next.  The game was closer than it seemed, thanks to Sturgis.

Hate to keep picking on Jamar Taylor, but he has a chance every week to shut me up, but he never does.


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  1. You have a good point about the long pass. Who needs them? We look so good on the shorter plays, so no need to change the world, ya know?

  2. Very short low list this week. We definitely left some points on the field and Im not sure if that’s a credit to Chicago’s defense or criticism to our offense. But we did more than enough and I just cant say it enough about this game, we never played down to their level and sustained possession when Chicago desperately needed the ball back. In the past we would on queue find a way to give away our advantage. NOT THIS TIME! And speaking of time, for the most part we did well with clock management ! Jacksonville is going to get roasted by our excellent and now seemingly confident team. No excuses !This is must and no excuses win next Sunday.

  3. I think this game shows that Ryan is a very accurate passer, and when we support him with the run, and don’t get all predictable, he can be a very effective QB.

    Hopefully this will silence all the half-steppers that want to blame Ryan Tannehill for our problems.

    Face it Philbin lovers- the minute Joe leaves, we are a 10 win team….

    1. Author

      Something felt different today. Something better. I think Philbin might slowly be stepping away and letting his players play and his coaches coach, as it should be.

  4. Philbin’s ideal role would be as project manager- they don’t really do anything, but they keep everything organized and on schedule.

    1. Author

      Yes, and a project manager does best when he takes a step back and lets the hard workers do what they’re paid to do. And I mean LITERALLY take a step back. Remember, Philbin already got called for a penalty this year for stepping onto the field and tripping a ref. We cannot allow him to forget that one.

      1. I’m surprised he hasn’t been called for that penalty sooner! I went to 3 games last season, and 2 in 2012, and during each game he (and several of his staff) were always hanging around on the field; potentially in the way of game play. This was exacerbated last year when another team’s coach (I forget which – the Jets?) got penalized for bumping into a running back during a play. When I saw Philbin do it, it was literally the next week! Everyone in the stands was yelling at him to move back – crazy.

  5. Here’s some nice info about a myriad of stats from the Dolphins so far this year. Mostly, it’s just the numbers compiled by Omar Kelly from the Sun Sentinel.

    Although here’s something that stands out, “Tannehill is ranked 30th among his peers when it comes to fourth quarter performance. When good quarterbacks win games Tannehill is completing 52.2 percent of his passes. He’s thrown one touchdown, and one interception in the fourth, and has a 68.3 passer rating in the final quarter of games.”


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