Jarvis Landry traded: But the trade itself is the secondary story

It appears that Jarvis Landry is on his way to Cleveland for a couple of mid-round draft picks.  That’s not the important part of this.

The important part, as I feared and wrote about, is that Adam Gase just last week lied to us.  His lie is now proven.  He lied and said that they gave Landry the franchise tag because they wanted to keep him.  We now know that’s a lie.  Dolphin fans are spat on once again by team management.

The other important part is that Stephen Ross remains one of the NFL’s most ineffective and misguided owners.  With one word, he could have told his football geniuses that he wants Landry back.  Fans wanted it.  Landry wanted it.  Dolphin players wanted it.  Yeah, Jarvis desired more money, but Ross has the power to say “Okay, give him what he wants because he is a loyal Dolphin.”   Instead, do you know what Ross said?  He said stuff about kneeling, and then backtracked on his own words.    He can’t even make a social justice statement right without having to correct himself soon after.

He is far too considered with his concept of social justice and not concerned enough with the Miami Dolphins.

Honestly, I don’t think this is a monumental loss.  We also traded Davonne Bess to Cleveland, and we didn’t really suffer.   Slot receivers aren’t that rare, and Landry is replaceable.    I can think of a couple of huge landry mistakes that cost us wins, but I cannot recall a single huge play he made to win us a game.   He was good at catching passes, lots of them.  But the accolades have to stop there.    I wish we would have held out for more in trade, however.   Giving away Landry and Ajayi for a couple of 4th round picks is unwise.

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  1. Ajayi turned into Quinn which really isn’t that bad of a switch. It’s kind of crazy to me that Landry didn’t accept the 13 million dollar offer the team gave him. He really thinks he is worth more than he is and players like that don’t have a great history. It’s crazy the team couldn’t get more than a 3rd round pick for him. I would of wanted to wait for at least a second round pick.

    1. Author

      Agreed. Listen,. I understand that 13 million and 16 million is 3 million dollar difference you have to throw away. We can’t expect everyone to say “Well, I’m still a multi-millionaire, so who cares about an extra 3 million.” But at the same time, he doesn’t get the concept of Ohio’s state income tax that will cost him plenty, nor the million bucks he has to spend on snowplows, galloshes, and antifreeze to get out of his driveway.

      1. Plus I mean now he plays for Cleveland. I know we are bad but we aren’t the Browns bad

      2. Good teams find ways to get solid starters for 3 million a year so it’s definatly a bigger number than most people think. I just don’t see how tyrod Taylor was worth a third round pick but Landry was only worth a 4th and 7th

        1. Tyrod got traded for a 3rd rounder?

  2. He will be missed,badly. He is not a game-breaker. He is a chain-mover.
    Out of those 400 receptions, 220 of them were for first downs.
    Last season, Landry caught 112 passes (60 first downs), and nine of those also were touchdowns.
    Imagine our shit offense without him. Maybe Miss Parker will step up. Kidding of course. So we traded our best RB and best receiver and got what in return-SHIT!

  3. I was hoping for a 3rd but you have to also look at saving 16 M that will pay for a lot of necessary positions. Fins have a few guys who will most likely step up and they won’t lose much for production. May even end up with bigger plays as they won’t focus on one guy so much.

  4. Suprisingly the Dolphins played this well. As much as I like Landry his isn’t worth fifteen mil a year. And by franchise tagging him they got something. Without the franchise tag he leaves in free agency and the Dolphins get nothing in return. Plus it’s hard to get adequate compensation in a trade when the other side knows you don’t want that player because you don’t have the cap space to pay him.

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