Reshad Jones Comes back to the Dolphins after reading dolphins truth article about him

Reshad Jones pulled a Kam Chancellor.

He tried holding out, realized the team wasn’t gonna budge, tucked tail and came back.   Good for Stephen Ross for not caving in to a man who already gave his word, in writing, that he would play.

Was it because of our blog post the other day and all your comments that guilted him into returning?   Probably not (despite my joking headline above).  Although I did hear one time a few years ago from a fellow blogger in Denver that Wes Welker read one of my posts where I criticized Wes for siding with Nick Saban when Nick left Miami.  (Welker basically said “Who cares that he lied to our faces for an entire year,” and this always rubbed me the wrong way because 52 other Dolphins and millions of fans felt otherwise.  How could you NOT be furious with a lying scum like Saban?)

Anyway, I was pleased to see so many comments from you guys agreeing with my stance.  I hate hold outs, and many of you sided with the Dolphins over Jones.  This is a changing sign of the times.

I remember when Emmitt Smith held out in the 1990s, and almost everyone was on the player’s side. “Oh he deserves more money, and Jerry Jones can afford it.”  Both of those comments are true, and both were heard predominantly in Smith’s holdout.  But also true is that Smith had signed a contract.  If you deserve more money, then ask for it up front.  But don’t willingly agree to play for X dollars and THEN ask for more.   The public in the 90s was clearly on the holdouts’ sides all the time.   Nowadays, I think fans are sick of it and side with the owners.  One of the few instances where average people like us side with the boss over the greedy employee.


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  1. Clearly, the boss Ross is a lot greedier than the player. Just saying

  2. Glad the Fins reached an agreement after not paying for B Grimes, Lamar Miller, and O Vernon!!

  3. Author

    Could be worse, I guess. Reshad could be like Von Miller and be REALLY greedy. I guess Von doesn’t like being a Super Bowl champion and would rather test the waters playing for Cleveland instead. Plus, Denver has Mark Freakin Sanchez as its starting QB, meaning they will be a last place team with or without Miller. The Broncos know this and should not budge. Why pay a solo superstar so much money when you’re gonna be in last place anyway.

    1. Some guys get one and then they just care about the money

  4. I believe that he was worried about getting injured but that’s why he received a signing bonus. Glad he came back but I hope he doesn’t play soft it may be worth a few extra bucks to prevent this kind of a compromise but at the same time when does it stop???

  5. Steve Ross, save the Dolphins! SELL THE TEAM!

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