The Eagles Come to Town.

Former Dolphin QB Doug Pederson comes to town as coach of the Eagles.   For you youngsters, Doug was the winning QB the day of of Don Shula’s historic game that made him the winningest coach of all time.

Doug then went on to be a Super Bowl winner as a player with Green Bay and as head coach with Philly.   Back when Stephen Ross was handing out jobs to the likes of Joe Philbin and Adam Gase, the Eagles hired someone who actually played the game and who actually had experience.

The result?  Pederson won a Super Bowl for the Eagles with perennial backup Nick Foles at the helm.  Imagine what he could have done for the Dolphins.

Now as December looms upon us, this becomes a must-lose game for the Dolphins.  Our only hope to land a Top-2 draft pick is to just continue the tank in December.  Losing to the Eagles is an easy first step, but the next 3 games are all winnable.

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    1. Too fucking pardon my French funny… couldn’t have happened to a better team.

      1. Author

        That was great. Before the game, the writer called this game against the Bengals a “bye week” LOL.

        He’s a good writer, and he already admitted how wrong he was. He really lambasted Gase after the game for not calling enough runs against the Bengals’ lowest-ranked rush defense. Welcome to Gaseland, where the consensus is 5 pass plays to every one rush!

        1. I really wasn’t making that shit up over the years you need to be balanced unless you have an elite QB. Look at Tanny now he’s doing well because his coach isn’t an imbecile.

          On another note a big Pitt fan is calling out Miami for having a flawed plan apparently drafting and developing is stupid and they will take ten years to become relevant. Yet somehow they’ve beaten Indy and Philly who are supposed to be good how?

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