Jason Cole Does it Again!

This week, the Dolphins faced some media scrutiny again, as former Dolphins writer Jason Cole wrote that Laremy Tunsil had a a bad ankle.

The Dolphins denied it, of course.

All you need to know about Jason Cole can be summed up here:   In 2011, Cole reported, AS FACT, that Jim Harbaugh had been hired as Dolphins’ coach.

He didn’t report a speculation or a rumor or use any iffy language.

He said it as fact, and he stated it was a done deal.  Wrote and published the entire article.

To make things, interesting, Cole doubled-down on his lies in 2014 and speculated Harbaugh-to-Miami AGAIN!   At lease this time, he labeled his lie as speculation and didn’t report it as fact.  The state of journalism is at an all-time low, folks, thanks in part to the likes of Cole.

Amazing how the man still finds work.

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  1. Laremy Tunsil’s social media debacle contributed significantly to his draft-day slide, yet according to MULTIPLE sources around the league, he also has a pre-arthritic ankle condition that scared teams off from selecting him.

    1. Author

      Jay, who are these multiple sources? It’s the same ONE sources being copied and spread like wildfire.

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