Jonathan Martin, Bill Lazor, and Dion Jordan News

A few thoughts about the past few weeks of Dolphins training camp…

We got a lot of emails asking about Bill Lazor’s new offense, and unfortuately, we know just as much as you do. We can predict, however, with near certainty, that the offense will be better. How can it be worse?

There has never been a lower bar to overcome than coming in after Mike Sherman. Do you realize that Lazor’s offense can finish 25th next year, and still be an imporvement over Sherman? Lazor doesn’t have to perform miracles; he just has to perform his job better than his terrible predecessor.

  • When we have 3rd-and-inches and 4th-and-inches…if Lazor simply calls for a QB sneak, he is already better than Mike Sherman.
  • If we have a game won just by running out the clock (as we did vs. Buffalo) and Lazor calls a simple run play, he is already better than pass-happy Mike Sherman.
  • If Lazor allows Mike Wallace to move to a different side, he is better than Mike Sherman.
  • If Lazor calls for a pitchout, he is better than Mike Sherman.

That’s how bad Sherman was. Zero innovation. None. He got the job because he was Joe Philbin’s friend, and it showed.

Dion Jordan was recently discussing his weight gain and how he hopes the new weight and strength will help him e next season. It can’t hurt. It’s pretty bad that a #3 overall draft pick ended up as a third string defensive end, and Jordan needs to overcome that.

No Dolphin has said that the absence of Jonathan Martin is hurting their camp. Many people were worried that the Dolphins would miss Martin. Nah, just kidding. Only the media (who made a big drama out of a few friends teasing each other) thought Jonathan Martin would be missed.

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