Fans: Do you prefer home games to start at 1:00 or 4:00?

Every year, we hear comments about the starting time of Dolphins home games being at either 1 pm or 4 pm. The Dolphins train in the heat so it’s to our advantage to play in the heat and wither the opponent.

But is it hotter at 1 pm start times, or is it hotter at 4 pm?

I mean, if we want to take advantage of the opponent melting in the heat, what time start is better, 1 or 4?

What do you guys think?

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  1. I think the whole 4 o’clock thing is stupid.

    First, the late games take away a distinct advantage we have over visiting west coast teams. The extra 3 hrs lets their bodies “wake up” a bit.

    Second, the hottest part of the day is usually from 2-3pm. Guys still have to warm up in that before the 4pm kickoff. More importantly, fans are still commuting to the game and getting settled in before kick off. At least the fans miss some of that heat at 1pm games. I’d rather park and walk to my seat at 12pm than at 3pm.

  2. I prefer 1pm but selfishly b/c I don’t see myself actually being able to attend a game living too far from Miami 🙁 . For me its about convenience. But I agree the heat advantage may play a role for earlier games and also serve the stadium’s beverage sales bottom line too. For the locals attending, a game ending around 4-5pm will allow plenty of after game celebration at any of the local establishments. While a game ending later may encourage many to go straight home in preparation for Monday. If playing early serves both our team’s and the local economy’s advantage. I vote for early games vs late games. And since were talking about late vs early. How about an article about Dion Jordan bulking up to 265? Is he a DE now just one season late to the party? D-Truth UP!

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