Pouncey Injured; Is Jonathan Martin Laughing?

Offseason Update

It looks like Dolphins Center Mike Pouncey could miss the entire first month of the season with a hip injury, according to several sources.

That is bad news by itself.  But the news could get worse if the NFL decides to suspend Pouncey for teasing his friend Jonathan Martin last year.

In other offseason news, the 2014 Dolphin draftees have signed their contracts, and there will be no important holdouts.  This is good news.  Dion Jordan waited far too late to sign last year, and he ended up becoming a third-string benchwarmer.  Did his delay in signing the contract contribute to his poor play?  Probably not.  But it certainly didn’t help him.   It DID help Olivier Vernon, however.  Nobody had Vernon on their radar last year.  But when Dion Jordan played so poorly, Miami was forced to use Vernon.  And he took over in a breakout season.

Be careful when you old out guys.  You never get the money you want PLUS someone better steals your job…

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  1. I think this season will out who will end up laughing last with J-Mart. Im not saying he didnt have legitimate beef (though I smell convenient exaggeration as to his true offense claim) He failed to express them properly and forced ownership from himself onto the entire NFL community. This threatened and ruined many careers along the way. Inappropriate behavior is wrong but the phins organization has ways to deal internally with this and for all we know , they may have done worse to those involved than Ted Wells and the NFL . To hold accountable an entire team for the acts of (by his account) a few is completely selfish and the signature of no true team mentality. I played competitive sports for a decade and can say the team culture and many of its idiosyncrasies are similar from one sport to another when played by and coached by men. Its our nature to haze, is natural for internal conflicts to arise as they always do, and are sorted out effectively, privately, aaaaaand…. internally! Why? Simple! Airing your dirty laundry can potentially give your opponents an exploitable advantage and if not resolved. Then you have dysfunction within the team and again are exposed. People who like to stir up trouble were called “cancer” and would be expelled even if they had credible complaints. They would be termed cancer not because of their complaints but their need to start brush fires, strife, and side picking amongst the group. In other words, dividing a united team. Putting themselves first only because of some minor issues. What else does this mean ? Easy, that victory is less important then their social status on the team period. Really? Really? You get paid millions to live your and thousands of NFL fan’s dreams and cant put up with some hazing even if the language is OFFENSIVE and out of LINE ? (Pun Intended). Where do I sign up for that? You can call me , my mother, and all my family members what ever you want when I have a Lamborghini in the driveway and a 6 bedroom house in South Beach. Its only words and I know they aren’t true. Were talking about history and something dare I say is greater than yourself. Some would disagree but I say that attitude IS what it takes to win. Self sacrifice is a term with infinite definition. Not just endless hours at the gym or viewing tape. And yes I have had to grind my teeth, fake smile, find a polite way to excuse myself, to deal with team mates who I would just assume punch in the face than associate with. But once the game was on, we were all on the same side and that was all that mattered and matters if you truly wish to win. To say that sacrifice is a reward is to define sacrifice itself. Its the constant proving ground of your will verses the challenge and verifies you each and every time you face it! Even if you fail you try again as your dedication and resilience grow. J-Mart would not last long in any organization I was in if he handled things the way he did in Miami. I’m glad hes gone because his defeatist mentality could be contagious to the rookies. Who the hell needs that….. “cancer” ? Mike Pouncey has battled back from health issues before. Hes a ProBowl center for a good reason. He mans up to the challenges on and off the field and while nobody is perfect, his dedication and resiliency are proven. And one last parting thought. I wonder if Mike Pouncy aired some his dirty laundry about internal Dolphins social issues if it would differ any more than J-Marts? I sooo doubt it. And thats the difference folks.
    PhinsUp Out!

  2. Author

    Well said, PhinsUp. Many people still defend Jonathan Martin, but they are generally outsiders looking in. Your best point is when you rightfully said that the Dolphins have internal methods to handle things. Martin chose ex-ternal. That helped win him sympathy, but nothing more.

  3. This is actually a very sore subject for me as a dolphin. I swear that this organization bought itself a lot of bad karma for what they did to Richie. That guy put his health and possibly future on the line each week for this organization and they abandon him like that but keep Pouncey? Makes me furious. Part of me can’t help but giggle about all the bad luck we are having. The sooner Philbin is gone the better off we will be, but it’s gonna take time. Gonna need a new QB next year which is too bad because we took a projected third rounder in the first and could have Bridgewater or Manziel right now. When will they learn the first priority is QB? How hard is that? My daughters know that

    1. Author

      It’s a very sore subject for us as Dolphins bloggers too!

  4. Technically, they kept Pouncey AND Jonathan Martin while tossing Richie to the curb. Not too many Dolfans in Houston, but we agree with Mike’s comment!

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