Kenny Stills hands a free win to Seattle

Kenny Stills dropped the easiest, sure-thing touchdown pass in NFL history, which cost the Dolphins 7 valuable points and all the momentum in the world as the Dolphins went on to drop a tough one in Seattle, 12-10.

Stills began the day by refusing to stand for the National Anthems.

On his first play he committed a hold.

After Stills refused to stand up for the National Anthem, at least he made up for it by making this easy catch…

Andrew Franks missed a short field goal that didn’t help momentum either.   Technically it was blocked, and the announcers pointed out that Laremy Tunsil was lined up wrong.  I see their point, so it’s hard to figure out who to blame, so I go with Darren Rizzi, the most over-rated coach in the league.

Then there’s offensive genius Adam Gase, who called a timeout on defense while the clock was ticking down on a Seattle play.   That was his Philbinlike move #1.

Gase had no answers each time Seattle adjusted.  We had a good bunch of defensive series in a row, and we were frustrating Russell Wilson, for example.  But then Seattle started to keep extra blockers in, and Gase did nothing.  That was Philbinlike #2.

On the fateful last drive, the Dolphins allowed Doug Baldwin to run from right to left on numerous plays.  He was either wide open each time, or he was covered by Bobby McCain, which is the same as being open.  Wilson had time.

When we had a 4th and inches in the red zone, Gase called for a long handoff that was doomed from the start.   A quick QB sneak keeps the drive alive, but Gase called for Tannehill to turn backwards and hand the ball to Arian Foster and…
the Seahawks had the holes covered faster than I could finish that sentence.   It was a terrible, doomed play call.   Philbinlike #3.  That one hurt.

On Seattle’s first drive, a receiver caught the ball, took a step, and fumbled.  Refs blew it and called an incompletion.  Gase did not challenge.  Philbinlike #4.

On the final kickoff with 30 seconds left, I question the call to have Grant take it out of the endzone.   It gained only 20 yards and cost time.   K.O. returns for touchdowns only happen every couple of years.   The odds were against us.   But if we take the ball at the 25, we only need a one big pass play to be in field goal range.  Difficult, but the odds say that a 30-yard pass play is far more likely than a 105 yard KO return.  Yes?

Damien Williams had a nice screen pass on our lone touchdown drive, but otherwise did nothing to earn a spot on the team.    He took a bad penalty on one of our many many punts.

As for the positives…

I would the defense as a whole played outstanding.   Two takeaways (should have been three if Gase challenged).   Hurries and sacks and pressures.  Several open field tackles.  It was great to see.   The one blemish occurred at the end, and that’s a hard one to swallow.  We had Seattle third and long and then 4th and short several times, but we couldn’t make that elusive 4th play.   I think the guys were exhausted from being out there all day.

Tannehill is such a weapon when he runs the ball, and he proved it again today.  Gase didn’t call enough plays for him to do it though.  Plus, there were several rollouts when Tannehill needs to tuck the ball down and sprint forward.  Instead, he waits and prefers to throw a 3-yard pass when he has an open flat in front of him to run to.

Arian Foster, another National Anthem disrespector, had one nice run after a screen pass, and a few other good runs.  He did nothing incredible today, and the line gave him zilch.   But still, you could see the Seahawks focusing on him, and that was good that they feared him.

As many mistakes as Gase made today, one thing I did like was that he got mad on camera, several times.  I don’t think he’s going to pat a guy’s butt and say “Nice try.”  I think he’s gonna destroy some egos on that plane trip home.







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  1. Yes absolutely on the final kick off why Grant took it out. That is 100% on Rizzi. You down it, save 5 seconds, and get 8 or so extra yards. Im not even close to an NFL coach and know that. That was dare I say OUR game to loose. Yes Jay I used a plural term. Our Defense played for the most part outstanding but you cant expect them to bail us out especially when they spent way more time on the field than did our anemic offense. Seattle didnt so much as win that game as we lost it. Tannehill’s lack of killer instinct I feel hampered us more overall than did Kenny Still’s drop. By no means am I letting Kenny (the suddenly socially conscience) Stills off the hook. Perhaps if he had used the mental energy on improving his game more then trying to decide how he wanted to make a pre game statement would have been the difference between a catch and drop.

    Given Gase’s willingness to be ruthless if need be (Ajayi). Im hopeful he takes the right approach to both criticizing and encouraging a team that should have won this game. To me the brunt of that should be laid on Tannehill. He threw zero picks for a reason.. hes too conservative and a few times missed wide open receivers or threw the ball slower than it should have been. He’s still at this point still thinking too damn much. And his freaking pocket was so damn clean at times it looked like a college team facing pro. Seattle most of the time couldnt do shit for a pass rush. No excuses unless someone proves me wrong! Russell Wilson was by far the better quarterback especially during crunch time. And in my opinion that was the most credible and quantifiable difference. And Im glad the competence our team showed today will highlight the incompetence within the ranks and unmask it for what it is. Stills and Tannehill if they are true competitors will self impose their own punishment and sentence themselves to a stronger commitment and performance to the team mates they let down today. If not, next time stay behind and party the weekend with Ajayi.

    Ive got lots more to say but will leave it there for now.

    1. I’ve been telling you TannePuke stinks for 5 years now. Finally you agree? LOL

      And Philbin > Gase.

    2. Author

      I will NEVER comprehend why the Dolphins ALWAYS overthink a 4th and inches play. Hustle to the line and QB sneak it. if we fail, we fail. But, man! Let’s try it.
      Brady does it all the time with 100 million people knowing he’s going to. And it works. It’s just leaning forward.

  2. I’ve been saying for at least two years what a BUST TanneBUM is. He has zero leadership qualities, zero passion and zero pocket presence. The Dolphins could go 8-8 this season, but the defense will have to play out of its mind for most of the season to achieve that.

  3. @Admin

    Please don’t forget Cam Wakes roughing the passer on 4th down which kept their late scoring drive alive!

    Stupid Stupid Stupid!

    On all other points I agree

    If I owned this team I would be on my way to Stills house to ask him how he could take my money, insult me at our place of work with his personal issues and then blow a pass and catch like that.

    I would be irate that I pay him to do exactly what he didn’t do today!

    1. Author

      Yeah, I’ve been watching all the news and press conferences, but I can’t find anyone who asks Wake about that call. WTF was he thinking???

  4. Admin I agree with most of what you said but keep in mind that Gase can’t catch for the players or kick FG’s….he did set the team up to steal a game against one of the better teams on the road. IMO they were robbed but need to learn how to win these games. They never had the chance under Philbin as he was simply retarded. Gase at least understands that the oline was passblocking well but receivers need to catch the damn ball. Either way this isn’t his team yet it will take time to bring in his players so we’ll look like Philbins team for a bit

    I am upset that they can’t quick snap a 4th and inches Hawks were walking around sneak it!!!! Brady does it all year and he’s old and slow frustrating. Tanny should know this but he’s far from the reason why they lost this game. Missing Parker Ajayi and Pead hurt more as the only option was Williams as Drake looked like a deer in headlights…

    Funny how Hogan couldn’t make Philbins or rexs team but the pats have no trouble signing him. The guy at least catches an easy TD.

    Gase also is willing to sit shit players Philbin kept playing that in itself is an improvement. I think that because it was a close game he called it safe. On the road never bad. We’ll see how it goes next week but pats looking pretty decent will be tougher than expected.

    1. Author

      LOL, I just commented about to a different post and used your words. You’re totally right. A QB sneak is such a routine play.

  5. Thank you to Arizona for losing to some bum QB and letting the Patriots dominate our division again

    1. There’s no more bum QB than TanneBum. He stinks.

  6. I’m just hoping for 8 wins. I’m a realist, and realistically, you don’t win your division with a beta male like TanneBUM. You can’t say the owner didn’t spend money for good pieces because he did. As much as I hate Ross, cheap is one thing we cannot call him. The only good thing from this first week is the fact that the Bills and Jets look to be just as ordinary and mediocre as we do.

  7. They absolutely blew it against one of the best teams in the league. That sucks not to get the win but was way better than I expected. Defense looked great up front. As for the offense the run game wasn’t bad against a great defense, Parker needs to get back ASAP. Tanny isn’t good enough to not get some wide out help. I mean really Kenny stills should be cut

  8. Gase was ok for his first game. I mean most teams don’t win in Seattle and Miami should of won if the players just caught the ball

  9. I know the late game defensive collapse is partially to blame. But given our questionable secondary i was very surprised we didnt get torched through the air for most of the game. Im hopeful joseph is a good DC.

    1. Author

      Joseph looked emotional out there, and I bet the players appreciate that. They held Seattle to 6 points for 59:30 yesterday. It was a bad time to give up a touchdown drive, but the bright side is that they only gave up one all day, and to a pretty good offense.

  10. Cant expect to win an NFL game when you only score one td.
    Thanks TannePuke!

  11. I refuse to pay to watch players disrespect the flag. #boycottNFL

  12. Solution when announcing the national anthem and asking everybody to please stand wait until the players take a kneee and then tell the crowd to please sit for the national anthem. Then the players will have to stand up to you know “stand out”.

    1. Author

      That’s a great idea! They are doing this to make a statement and are too dumb to realize how much people hate them.

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