Some Notable plays for the Dolphins to Study on Film…

I have a few pictures to share with you all to demonstrate some items that should be pointed out.   Let’s start off with the officiating.

With just under 2 minutes to go in regulation, the Dolphins recovered a fumble just inside Bears’ territory.   Things looked promising.  On first down, we ran a routine screen to Kenyan Drake.   Due to a rare, excellent design by Adam Gase, this play could have been the game winner.  But the refs blew it.  Badly.

Look at the guy tackling the ball carrier, Kenyan Drake. Oh, wait. Osweiler has the ball, not Drake.

Drake got mugged badly on that play.   In the shot above, you can see the man literally tackling Drake.


Here’s an even more obvious shot of it.

In the shot above especially, look how much open space was in front of Drake.   You can literally see the endzone.  If Drake caught it, he was gone.

As much as I want to gripe about this horrible non-call, I think it’s not so hard to swallow because no ref saw it.   I mean, if all the refs saw this tackle and didn’t call it, I’d be screaming all week long.   But obviously, they can’t call what they can’t see.  This play was spread all over the field, and there were no refs nearby to see it.  Lucky for Chicago.



And speaking of luck, how about ours?

Yes, it was lucky that former Dolphin Cody Parkey missed the field goal.  But we got even MORE LUCKY because the refs missed what happened next.   Vincent Taylor taunted Parkey badly.   In all likelihood, he should have been flagged.   That would have been 15 extra yards, and we end up tied.

Taylor needs to get out of his face.   The poor kid looks sad enough, and we don’t need 15 tacked on.   It gets worse !


Here comes an F-Bomb.  You can see his lips forming it!   Can’t have that.   So lucky the refs didn’t see.  Props to Parkey for ignoring it.


And finally…

Poor Parkey.  He looks terrified.  These photos show that Taylor sustained his taunt as Parkey walked off the field.    Darrin Rizzi needs to get his men more disciplined.  Yes, Parkey missed a kick.   But Taylor and his D gave up 28 second-half points, and he shouldn’t be mouthing off to anyone.   Coulda been a crushing 15-yard unsportsmanlike penalty if it was seen.



I heard the Fox announcers mention Khalil Mack about 584 times on Sunday, yet every time I looked up, here is where I saw Mack.  Outstanding job by the O-line to double team him effectively AND not let the other D linemen hurt us.  Mack had an assist and one tackle.  ONE.



By all accounts, Minkah Fitzpatrick has played great.   But he can’t whiff like this on an easy fumble recovery.  How did he miss this ball?

Luckily, Xavien Howard was there for the recovery.



This is the Bears’ final touchdown.  The one where the WR was so so so open it hurt to watch.  The play was a disaster for many reasons.  The Dolphins blitzed, but the Bears did an outstanding job picking it up.  A blitz is one thing, but we blitzed our 3 most valuable secondary men:  Alonso, Minkah, and Rasheed Jones.  All three are circled, and all three got accounted for.   The Bears knew this was coming and had extra blockers in.   There were 7 blockers, and each one blocked his man.    Meanwhile, look in the lower left, as you-know-who sneaks behind McMillan (52) for the easiest touchdown of his life.

We cannot have our three best defenders blitzing at once.   Why not blitz Raekwon here instead and keep Jones home where he normally plays?

And just how easy was this touchdown?




Speaking of Ouch, let’s move on to the Drake goal line fumble.   This one could have and should gave been devastating.   The thing that gets me is look at all that space to the left.

As Drake felt the ball slipping away, all he had to do is lunge to his right (our left).    No one is there except a friendly QB and miles of green pasture.   I think he just panicked.    That hole on the left side is enormous.  How did he not find daylight?



Now in overtime on our final drive.   A handoff to Drake again.

Look where Osweiler is.   He is following the ball carrier in case he drops it again, and his hands are in position to grab the ball if it pops out.   I LOVE that effort.

And finally, who is the most excited player in this winning photo?

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  1. How about when Gore got hit with a helmet to helmet and nothing was called. He had to go to the sideline he was so out of it. I saw it once from Ft. Myers but every ref missed it. And I’m elderly!

    1. Yep that was bad Karma it definitely shook Gore up it’s what they are trying to take out of the game. Never happen in NE.

      We kept forgetting about that horrible call by Burke on the wide open TD. For the most part Burke’s been ok of late but that was ridiculous. Perhaps McMillan wasn’t deep enough or MacDonald was supposed to be over there but either way no need for an all out blitz there.

      The Drake trip was the worst though no excuse at all. Had to be a ref in that area the QB was rolling right behind Drake. Complete BS.

      Patsie fans said that they had one flag against KC but it was offsetting….whoa boy why should we even wonder??? I remember some how the refs through one on KC late the announcers had no idea where it happened they just couldn’t bear to see the patsies lose in a tight game. On another play the punt return blocker pulled a chief into the returner and all the way to ground. BB was yelling a the refs for an interference meanwhile his player should have been called for holding! Just sick that they can play that way and not deal with what other teams have to…

      1. They’re a good team and still need extra help to beat good teams. It’s not like it’s once in a while,but never fails.
        I wonder if we’ll beat the Packers up there with our backup QB like SF is doing do far in the 3rd qtr.

  2. Also the second PI call on Minkah should have been a false start to begin with.Their RG (77?) clearly begins to back peddle before the snap..

    1. No doubt I don’t expect the refs to see everything they are human but if it’s right in front of them and not 45 yards away they need to make the right decision. The Fins get screwed when its 5 yards and screwed the other way when its 45 meanwhile the patsies get the benefit on phantom calls…burns my arse!

  3. As much as we can complain about the refs Miami loses this game without them. Before T.Js interception the bears scored a touchdown which was called back for a sometimes called sometimes not called pick penalty. The pats scored against Miami on a pick play and it wasn’t called. The refs for the first time in as long as I remember kept Miami in the game with a huge somewhat questionable call. The bears fans I know think the refs stole this game from them. I don’t agree with that cause Miami had some real questionable penalties but there’s no denying that was a huge call.

    1. Author

      Lucky refs’ call on that pick was nothing compared to the lucky bounce we got the long Kenny Stills catch in overtime. That was Osweiler’s worst throw of the game. Amendola wasn’t looking. The ball was destined to hit him in the ass, but then a Bear (who also wasn’t looking) somehow raised his arm at JUST the right time to hit the ball into Stills’ arms.

      1. Lots of luck went Miami’s way but there was some unlucky things to. Wilson dropping a TD on the first drive, drake fumbling, craziest game I’ve seen in awhile.

  4. Tannehill out again Sunday. Good news !

    1. Not really because if Os goes down or sucks then you go to the 3rd string. I’d rather have Tanny in there and go to Os if he’s not getting it done. Let’s just hope that Os plays ok then…

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