NFL, Stupid Announcers Show No respect for the Dolphins

Last Sunday, Jeff Heath of the Cowboys illegally hit defenseless WR Allen Hurns in the head.

It was a blatant, helmet-to-helmet shot, while Hurns wasn’t looking. Both of those situations are illegal.

Remarkable the refs didn’t throw the flag.

To make matters worse, Fox’s D-list of announcers said it was legal.

Fox’s officiating “expert,” Dean Blandino (a rules expert who’s never officiated a game in his life) went even further and said no head contact was made.

Allen Hurns now has a concussion, and yet somehow he wasn’t hit in the head.

These are not the best screen shots, but you CLEARLY see the headshot.

In this shot, if you look carefully as I did in slow mo, you see the VERY FIRST contact is facemask to facemask.   Their chests haven’t hit yet.   The DB drilled his helmet into Hurns and got away with in clean.

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  1. This still boggled my mind on how this was not called. I hate seeing blatant calls missed for us its just such a momentum killer 🙁 Either way lets hope for a W this week and some more hopes arise. I’ve been seeing more and more positives each week and I hope we just continue to gel and improve. What are your guys’ thoughts about this team so far?!

    1. Author

      My only goal this season is not not go 0-16. I think we have at least a few wins coming. Welcome to the Jets soon and Cincy in December!!

  2. We also have to stomp on the ugly bills!! And any games we win this season better be because we actually deserved it. Fingers crossed to continue to trust the process!

  3. Xavien got fined for his ejection and the douche that hit Hurns got nada. I wonder if Brady took the hit that Rosen did would that be penalized?

    1. Author

      No doubt about it. And Belichick would have let the refs and the NFL know about it.
      Coach Flo has zero clout, but he should at least TRY to call out the refs.

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