Miko Grimes, Stephen Ross, and the Dolphins Offensive line

I got a lot of hate mail yesterday for blaming our COACHES for the loss.  Most of our readers felt compelled to blame Tannehill or our terrible offensive line.  Those blamers are not wrong.

The offensive line is horrible and Ryan Tannehill didn’t do anything to earn praise (just ask Miko Grimes, who lambasted T-hill on public media), but it’s the way those players are utilized that makes the Dolphins lose week after week.

This will sound like a broken record to many of our readers, but when we employ extra protection packages, we have success.  Period.   Case closed.  On the pass when DeVante Parker caught that long pass, you will note that we only sent out TWO receivers.   Only Parker and Landry ran routes.  So two men went out for a pass, and Tannehill was the QB.  That means three players were involved in the pass itself, leaving eight men in to block.

EIGHT blockers.  And it worked like a charm.  If you have a shitty offensive line, you help it.   You give them extra blockers.  And you succeed.  It is not rocket science.  It is a basic, fundamental strategy.

Joe Gibbs used to work it to perfection.  Blitz the 1990s Redskins with as many men as you want…they will have more men ready and blocking.

Landry and Parker are good enough to get open if you give them a little time…and eight blockers pretty much guarantees that you WILL get that time.  There is no need to go down to 7 blockers and add a third man into the patterns.  And NEVER a need to send out five men and leave only 5 blockers.   Never.

When we’re going to run the ball, is it better to have the tight end right next to the tackle for an extra blocker?   Or is it better to have the tight end lined up wide, 25 yards away, to the side of the defensive linemen?  Again, NOT complicated.

Yes, Jamil Douglas cost us the game by forgetting the snap count.  He’s an idiot, and that play was not the coaches’ fault.  Douglas himself must take that one upon himself.   By the way, why do they sometimes call that a false start on the center?   It’s like 50-50 how they call that.  The same exact play occurred in another game yesterday, and the refs flagged the center for a false start, since he was the only one who began the play.

But it still continues to baffle us when we go away from our successful plays and instead “trick the other team” by changing the successful formations.  Ridiculous.

We’ve also noticed a lot of griping about Ross and how we all wish he’d sell the team.  Yeah, and we wish Brady and Belichick would retire, but that ain’t gonna happen.  Ross is making plenty of money from the Dolphins, and he’s not going anywhere.  We are stuck with him and stuck with the people he believes in.

The ONLY cool thing about the next month is that we’ll almost certainly be in the market for a new coach AND an entire new staff.   Maybe even a new QB.   It will be exciting.

Last year at this time, there was NO HOPE for change.  Ross had already locked in Clueless Joe, and we could only look on with envy as Rex Ryan and Todd Bowles were signed by division rivals.



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  1. Miko Grimes for HC. She recognizes and tells it like it is.

    1. Should have figured you’d like Miko since she shares your T-hill hatred. She’s a loud mouth fool though. So there’s that.

      1. I don’t hate Tannepuke I just know he stinks as many know. And yes, Miko is loud mouthed much like Donald Trump is…..

  2. On Sunday night, Miko Grimes bashed Tannehill, who she’s been railing against all season.

    “How many people have to get fired before you realize Tannehill is the problem?” ….Miko Grimes

    “I knew this QB stunk the minute we signed him”…….Miko Grimes

    “I should’ve known we were gonna lose this week the minute I heard Tannehill didn’t complete one pass in the 2 minute drills against practice squad players.”

    Campbell said he would keep any discussion he had with Brent Grimes in-house, but that he doesn’t worry about anything that’s said by outsiders.

    “I’m not concerned with those things,” Campbell said. “I’m concerned about the way our guys in our locker room just handle their own business with each other. I’m not worried about outside noise.

    “This is not the first time to be honest with you as a player or coach that these things have happened. I know it’s quite a story but to me it’s about how our guys feel in the locker room. You can’t listen to all that stuff out there anyway. If you do, it’ll just bog you down.”

    Campbell said he doesn’t believe there’s any issue between Grimes and Tannehill even though Miko criticized Tannehill’s practice performance — information she likely would have gotten from her husband.

    “I’ve never sensed there’s been animosity or any type of disconnect between those two guys,” Campbell said. “That’s never been an issue. I still don’t believe it’s an issue.”

    Campbell said players and wives don’t always agree with each other.

  3. Author

    Armando had an interesting piece today about how it was JOE PHILBIN who wanted to draft Dion Jordan. I don’t know how Armando knows it. Apparently, there was a private discussion at Stephen Ross’s house, and I just do not believe that the folks at that dinner would pick up the phone to tell Armando how it all went down. But I have been telling my readers for several years that Philbin, and not Jeff Ireland, had way more influence on personnel than you think.

    1. Philbin knew nothing about the draft and didn’t have the time to scout players. He did want Matt Flynn and Vonta Leach neither of which he got.

      1. Thankfully he/we didn’t get Flynn.

        1. Flynn would’ve turned out a lot better than Tannehill. Plus he knew Philbins plays from the start and there would’ve been no learning curve.

      1. Author

        Thanks, Sean. That’s it. It seems logical to me that it could have happened that way. However, I am still leery about how Armando found out the details of a very private discussion from a dinner that took place nearly 3 years ago…and why he’s only disclosing it now.

        1. Yeah the whole “dinner for schmucks” thing might be a piece of fiction, but, the rest seems spot on.

  4. This season was a horrible missed opportunity. The Fins schedule turned out to be the easiest schedule I have ever seen by far for any team. Teams like the Ravens, Colts, Dallas, and Giants were garbage compared to what we thought going in and 3 without their franchise QB’s. Add in the Titans and Jaquars and it should’ve been a cakewalk for any competitive team.

    What a shame to be 5-10 against such crappy competition.

    1. Author

      No arguments form me, Mike. All those teams you mentioned seemed very scary at the beginning of the year and ended up being garbage. Even when Andrew Luck was playing, the Colts were a losing team. Same with Flacco and the Ravens. No one thought the Giants and Cowboys would be so atrocious, but they were. And we still couldn’t beat them.

  5. The Dolphins will host the following teams next year: the Bills, Jets, Patriots, Steelers, Browns, Cardinals, 49ers and Titans.
    And they will play the following teams on the road: Bills, Jets, Patriots, Ravens, Bengals, Rams, Seahawks and Chargers.
    I see ~3 wins at home. Hey,a guy can hope. And 1 win on the road. So like I said before the teams were announced,3-4 wins.

    1. Author

      John, I assume you count eh 49ers, Browns and Titans as the home wins? That is still pushing it. One of those 3 teams will pull an upset, so that leaves us with 2 home wins. 🙁

      1. If my recent recollection is correct we NEVER beat the Browns. Look it up.

        1. Author

          A few years back, when we started 3-0, we opened the season by beating Cleveland, Indy, and Atlanta. Things looked so good…..

          1. You are right we beat them in 2013 after losing 4 in a row to them!

      2. Titans will be tougher because they have a REAL QB who will be improved in his 2nd season. Unlike ours in his 4th season.

  6. Next season might be even worse than this one

    1. Zach, why so negative you troll? lol

  7. John, How do you know who we are going to play next year before this year is over.

    1. We will finish last in the division. It was posted earlier today. I just reposted it here.

      1. Arent they always in the cellar? lol

  8. Miko is awful lol no reason to hold on to grimes he is getting worse by the game and his wife is creating the biggest headlines for the team and there not good ones, miko is worse than jay and mike !

  9. Just gonna defend tannehill one last time, I just watched a few games from last year again and he actually played pretty dam well. Even in some losses this team was solid last year. The worst thing ever was getting rid of Wallace and clay. Cameron hasn’t been half the player clay was and stills has been awful compared to mike Wallace. Say whatever you want about Wallace but he had 10 touchdowns last year. As good as Landry was he was never the best receiver on the field last year, this year he is by far the teams best receiver. It’s simple when you change a young QBs receivers like that he’s gonna struggle. Couple that with a bad oline and inconsistent coaching and bang you get what happened to tannehill this year

    1. @Zach

      More excuses for Tannehill?? TOO F’N FUNNY!!!!

    1. Doubt we can get anything for him. Maybe a ham sandwhich?

  10. Who would want a beat up accuracy challenged QB with no pocket presence and no leadership qualities?
    Arena league?

  11. I think The Cal QB is best of them all. Is it Goff? Or Geoff?

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