Ryan Tannehill to Start on Sunday: Tannehill and Joe Philbin Enjoy Mutual Impunity

There aren’t enough hours in the day to write about all the mistakes Joe Philbin makes.  There really aren’t.  For example, we could write an entire article on his inept and inconsistent clock management.  His play-calling.   So many more.

While that is all sad news for Dolphins fans, what makes it worse is that Philbin can do what he wants with full impunity.   He knows that Stephen Ross is behind him and won’t fire him, so he continues to make ridiculous calls.

Which one of these three men leads the Dolphins?

One such call is that he will stick with Ryan Tannehill, who also enjoys impunity because he knows darn well his coach won’t bench him.

Don’t be fooled by the silly rumors out there.   Philbin is the most stubborn man in the NFL, who constantly defends his wrong choices instead of apologizing.  He is not the type of man to bench an ineffective player.   He will stick with Tannehill.

It’s okay for Philbin to say “I was wrong last week and I will correct it next week”    But if he were to bench Tannehill now, Philbin would be forced to say “I was wrong every single week for the past three years.”  He will not do it, and Tannehill knows it.

So life goes on, with no accountability, no firing, and no benching.

Let’s look at Philbin’s incorrect decision to kick a long field goal in the Chiefs game.  It was a 0-0 score.   2nd Quarter. The teams were trading field position, and the Dolphins were winning that battle.   Remember?  How many times did the Chiefs begin drives inside their own 5 yard line?

We had the ball at the Chiefs 30, facing a 4th and One.  Philbin essentially had 3 choices.

One, was to go for it on 4th down, to trust his offense and his coordinator to gain a yard.  Philbin refused.

Two, was to punt the ball and pin KC back deep again.  A likely scenario is KC makes a fair catch at their 10 yard line.  Alex Smith and the Chiefs had no chance of putting together a 90-yard drive against us.   No chance.

Or three, was to try a field goal.  This is the wrong choice, so of course Philbin chose this route.   Calbe Sturgis just isn’t a reliable enough kicker to try this.   He let us down numerous times last year, and everyone except Philbin remembers.  You know who Joe Philbin is, right?   He’s the guy who got rid of Dan Carpenter and decided that Sturgis was more reliable.  Of course, Sturgis missed the kick, and the Chiefs got the ball back way up by their own 40 yard line.  A short drive later, and the game was essentially over.

But here’s why this is even a bigger mistake.  Let’s say Sturgis made the kick.  Miami would have led 3-0.   Are three points in the second quarter worth that much?   Would our defense be totally psyched to get three points on the board and that would give them momentum?Nope.  The Chiefs went on to score 34 points.  Philbin’s all-important 3 points would not have mattered.  Momentum and field position were key in this game, but Philbin has no feel for a game.   Thus he went for a very risky and uncertain 3 points.

It makes us mad when Philbin makes these wrong decisions.   But it infuriates us when he does it repeatedly.

Remember last year when we led New England by 17 points?  Clueless Joe called for a long field goal in the exact same scenario.   We could have pinned Brady back deep.  But instead, Philbin called upon Caleb Sturgis to miss a field goal.   The Patriots instantly got the momentum back, excellent field position, and the win.  All thanks to Joe Philbin

Another article in and of itself is the mysterious 15-yard penalty that was called on the Dolphins coaching staff for tripping a referee.  We still don’t know who this was on.  But we DO know that it’s the epitome of poor leadership when Philbin has his coaches roaming around everywhere.  It is poor leadership to allow Brian Hartline to talk back to you after Hartline himself was clearly wrong and should have just put his head down in shame.

Now it is Philbin who needs to put his head down in shame as he hands in his resignation.

It’s ridulous that all these Miami journalists give Philbin candy-coated questions about how good did Lamar Miller do against the Chiefs instead of asking him, “Who tripped the ref” or “Why did you let Brian Hartline get away with that stupid penalty AND yelling in your face?”


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  1. First of all it was 4th and a yard and a half. NOT 4th and 5! Do you even know WTF your talking about?

    1. Author

      Finfan is right about the 4th down play. Dolphins Truth regrets the error and has changed the text. We had a third and 4 and gained about 3 yards, setting up the 4th and one. Philbin preferred to have Caleb Sturgis try a long long field goal instead of asking Tannehill to fall forward three feet with the ball. There is a thing called the QB Sneak in this league. 31 teams use it regularly. Philbin forbids it.

  2. And Matt Moore is starting Sunday Dumb Ass!

    1. We HOPE that Matt Moore starts, but Philbin will not do so.

    2. @FinFan I am honestly curious about your confidence that Matt Moore is starting Sunday. Is there a news article or well sourced rumor you can fill us in about. Thanks.

    3. Author

      Why are we a dumb ass to report that Tannehill will be starting? Philbin has every right to keep his starter a secret, and it helps keep the upcoming Raiders guessing. It is the MEDIA who is causing the speculation about Matt Moore. Actually, there is no speculation whatsoever. Philbin is sticking with Tannehill.

  3. Author

    NFL.com has just confirmed what we reported earlier. Joe Philbin is too cowardly to make a tough decision. Ryan Tannehill does indeed get to play again Sunday.

  4. i won’t be watching another game until tannehill is benched

  5. Maybe FinFan meant to say Matt Moore “isn’t” starting on Sunday. But he sure had me looking on the web trying to find anything about the change. 🙂
    There are some rumors that Dan’s job is to evaluate both Joe Philbin and Ryan Tannehill. Rumor has it that Dan was unhappy with the final 2 minutes of the 1st half vs the Bills and is also unhappy that Philbin failed to commit openly about T-Hill’s status. Ive heard in some circles that Dan is kinda an asshole though he will always be a revered hero to me. I think that is a good thing, he wont be trying to buddy up just to relive old stories with Philbin. Heres to hoping Dan can counterbalance if not overrule the influence Philbin has over Ross and affect some meaningful change . Maybe Dan can lead yet another comeback for his only NFL team.

    1. Author

      We need an asshole. I want the players to be terrified of their boss/leader/coach. That is what is lacking. Philbin always has that puzzled look on his face.

  6. This is a decent blog site that would actually be a great blog site if you actually knew half as much about football as you think you do. Tannehill is a franchise caliber qb who is struggling to learn a new offense and has struggled developing overall simply due to inept coaching. Matt Moore won’t solve the problems the Dolphins are having because the Dolphins problems are much deeper than the qb position. Special teams is bad. Why? Because injuries to our linebackers forced key special teams guys like Trusnik into the regular line-up and therefore off special teams. The other reason is because other keys special teams guys like Thigpen and Don Jones were cut in preseason. Who makes the final decision on the opening day roster? The head coach does so once again Philbin has failed. The run defense is even worse than last year. Why? Because two of our starting linebackers are hurt and Philbin insist on carting out Phillip Wheeler every week even though he flats out sucks tackling and fails to consistently get to the qb when he blitzes. When Misi ,Tripp, and Mccain get healthy I expect it to improve but once again Philbin’s stubbornness to bench Wheeler continues to hurt this defense. Tannehill has struggled but the receivers haven’t helped with drops and some of this play-calling offensively and poor scheming defensively has bordered on flat out foolishness. Defensive ends covering runningbacks out of the backfield? Hopefully Coyle gets a friggin’ clue and quick. But even if Matt Moore takes the reigns and plays well he is a nominal talent at best and not good enough to circumvent the fact that this team is consistently outcoached. Joe Philbin equals inadequate in-game adjustments, bad play-calling, lack of situational awareness, and no cajones whatsoever. 4th and 1 1/2 at the 30-yard line in their territory and he didn’t even hesitate to run the field goal unit on the field. Hilarious! You have all your timeouts in a scoreless games at home and you don’t even call one to see if you have a play that can possibly get you a first down or I’ll do you one better that you didn’t think of. Does Joe Philbin know what a friggin’ hard count is? Line-up like you’re going for it and even if you’re not you have all three time out so you don’t even have to snap it. Call a time-out. What could that have hurt but like I said he doesn’t grasp situational football? Who knows maybe a Chiefs player actually jumps offsides. Best case scenario. Worse case scenario you use a time-out. This epitomizes this guys style of coaching to me. A fifth-graders knows this.

  7. Good points @Dolphgang. Coaching is def a big part. Some are stating that THill is overly micromanaged and this is causing his issues. What do you think?

  8. Okay heres another wild conspiracy theory. But in his most recent press conference notice Ryan’s body language, demeanor, and curiously the shirt he’s wearing. Now I don’t know much about protocols but this shirt is appears old, very worn, and hardly a good example of displaying the logo with pride. Further, I cant recall T-Hill wearing a shirt in similar condition. Is he trying to send a message here? If so what is that message? On its face one would assume it means the Phins are in tatters and on the brink of collapse but I doubt it. It looks like a shirt from his rookie season with all the wear and the old logo. Maybe a good luck charm. Comments anybody?


  9. I feel that we have a competent GM now. We need to fire Philbin and let him hire his own coach.

    1. Author

      Absolutley correct. Stephen Ross doesn’t want Dennis Hickey to make decisions about Ross’s real estate businesses, so Ross shouldn’t make decisions about Hickey’s football business. And Business #1 is to hire a good coach.

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