Stadium News: You can use a Sunpass Toll Card to pay for parking

The offensive line looked like garbage on Friday night, but Dolphins management addressed that issue by…letting us pay for parking in a new way,

If the Dolphins spent more time worrying about the players on the field and less time worrying  about a stadium that will be mostly empty on Sundays, we might have a chance.

How about this:   no stadium upgrades or parking lot news until we’re on our way to being a winner.

NOT the kind of gridiron that Mr. Ross should be focusing on.

THEN is the time to worry about minutia.  Not before.  We haven’t fielded a winning team in years, and management is concerned about fixing a parking lot?!

“I just paid $200 for my Dolphins ticket, but I can’t afford the parking.  I guess I better stay home.”   Is THAT the type of fan that we’re going after?

As our readers know, time and time again Dolphins management devotes itself to non-Dolphins endeavors, and us fans suffer for it.


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  1. Guess it’s better than Land Shark Beer stadium. All teams sell the name rights nowadays so I can’t blame Ross for making a buck here.

    1. I guess its better than the Charmin Bowl!

  2. They were terrible last night. This remains one awful team. More holes than a chain link fence.
    Pray for new ownership.

  3. Any article about that disaster last night?

  4. It looked like our Offensive line was playing defense for us.

  5. How come both games were on the road and how come the first 3 regular games are on the road,every year we get screwed on the schedule … they hate us that much.

    1. @ Larry

      Cause the stadium is being repaired! Where have you been?

    2. And last years schedule was a cakewalk…….it doesn’t get any easier than that!!

  6. @Larry……I’m relaxed……..just wondering why u didn’t know the stadium was being repaired?

  7. Jay,#1 I thought it was finished, #2 I do work and have a life #3 I’m a Canadian .

  8. Author

    Larry, supposedly the Dolphins asked to open the season on the road yet again to allow more time for stadium construction. That’s also why our pre-season “home” opener will be played in someone else’s stadium. Then in the middle of the year, we get four home games in a row, meaning we play several cold-weather road games in December. We get no breaks from the schedule makers. And the NFL’s “parity” scheduling continues to be a joke. We have an insanely tough schedule this year.

  9. Well, last years schedule was insanely easy and granted this years looks tougher but injuries can sometimes change that (like they did last year).

    Agree that Ross doesn’t do the team any favors.

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