What if Tua Pulls an Eli ?

Here’s a piece about how some players may refuse to play for the Dolphins.


This is the ultimate in ungratefulness.  But there is precedent.   Eli and Elway both did this, holding their teams hostage and refusing to play for them. Childish cowards.

The NFL needs to counter that by ruling:  “If you don’t play for who drafts you, good luck with your career at McDonalds.”

It’s a very real possibility that some disgruntled college kid refuses to let the Dolphins draft him.  I just hope the guys we are eyeing have more class than that.

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  1. Certainly could happen, or and I know none of us even want to consider this… but what if we get that top pick (okay, when not if) and he just doesn’t pan out as a franchise-caliber QB. We’ve nuked the team essentially for nothing at that point. I mean hopefully that’s not the case but if you go back and look at the list of #1 overall drafted QB’s in the last 30 years and I would say roughly 30-40% of them became franchise level QB’s. But another 30-40% were complete busts (the rest fall somewhere in the middle….)

    That means for every Peyton Manning there’s a Tim Couch or Jamarcus Russell.

    Now you can argue that those were both reaches or what have you… but nobody thought Jeff George or David Carr was a reach at the time.

    Guess what I’m saying is we took a big gamble… I really hope it pays off and we’re not stuck with the next QB bust and still the laughingstock of the league.

  2. I think that this is really contingent on how Flores does. If he somehow can coach this team to mediocrity, there will be interest. If there is no improvement, then this gamble will fail.

    1. Yeah true. I’m not confident because all 3 of the main decision makers and play callers are rookies.
      Say we get Tua and he is medicocre like David Carr or Jeff George.
      How do we know if TUA is mediocre or is it Chad O’Shea’s offense that sucks?
      Flores picked a guy who never called a play in his life and gave him a coveted OC job in the NFL.
      That like going from janitor to V.P.

      1. I am no talent expert but I’ve watched both Tua and Lawrence and in my opinion Lawrence surpasses Tua easily. Just my two cents. But the whole season must play out.

  3. Rosen to start over Fitzpatrick! About time!

  4. Here comes the issue we discussed during preseason. What if Rosen shows some genuine promise? Do we. Then not draft a q.b?

    1. Too early to tell. Let the college season play out and see what the Qbs look like. Also for Rosen to show promise on this team means he is the real deal. Then you assemble an O-line and D-line, in my opinion

      1. I think either way they draft another QB but if Rosen looks real maybe you don’t do it as early wait until late first or second round and focus on building the lines. Then let the best man win it never hurts to have two guys. Worst case you have a nice asset to trade later. With Fitz signed next year do they even draft a QB this draft or do they wait I guess it comes down to Rosen. I’m crossing my fingers that he’s the guy.

      2. Agree 100 percent! Build the trenches and go for Trevor Lawrence the following year!

        1. Unless Rosen comes on big time!

  5. First of all …I don’t think Tua is the answer ..I think our next qb will be Justin Herbert….at least I hope so …I think he is the better taller qb.

  6. What if the jets do worse than us? The fins may suck but the jets are saddled with gase, and we will play them TWICE. Who’s gonna be cheering for the jets? I foresee some epic football as both teams try to out fail each other . What happens when they pick first and take tua just to spite us. Or maybe we might have the draft capitol to take ALL the quarterbacks! Is it legal to have more than one qb on the field? That might be the answer to New England……

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