This Just In: The Miami Dolphins App still forwards to promo events for Soccer and Hard Rock Cafe Souvenirs

Ross has let this team become such an embarrassment.

There’s simply no identity to the Miami Dolphins.   32 teams in the league, and 31 team apps enthusiastically describe the team and promote fandom.   One team app enthusiastically asks you to buy Hard Rock Cafe shot glasses.

To make up for Ross allowing this nonsense to usurp our app, he went out and hired an experienced head coach and….ooops, never mind.

By the way, Matt Moore is now working on our scouting department.   One of the very few Dolphins front office men who played in the NFL.  Have ANY of our coaches or coordinators ever put on an NFL helmet?

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  1. This is your 2nd thread regarding the app in a few weeks. I don’t agree with it either but I’m more concerned about the direction of the team,who we’ll draft and if we will give a 2nd round pick for Josh Rosen so we can draft to fill our needs,which are many and waste a pick on whatever is available at 13. Imagine these isiots taking a QB in the 1st round this season AND next! Are they that crazy whe we have so many needs? Tom Flores Jr. wasn’t my 1st choice either but its done,so deal with it.

    1. Author

      It’s April, with nothing else going on. Allow me to complain about our owner whoring out our beloved Dolphins.
      Soon enough we’ll be complaining about our usual stuff, as we’re about to screw up another draft and will be screwed over by the schedule makers. But until then…

      1. Yep, a 3 week lull with 1 absurd mock draft after another. and the same articles,rehashed daily. Will we see the schedule before the draft or after? And will you open a chat the night of the draft?

        1. Author

          The schedule always comes out one week before the draft.
          I have a feeling of such bad news for the schedule. I fear we’re gonna get hit with 2 different Thursday games, (possibly BOTH on the road), plus the potential for beginning the season in China.

          1. I hope 1 isn’t on Thanksgiving,since it probably means a trip to Dallas. China is out of the question.

  2. What’s QB’s would you guys take if there at 13 if any? I’d prefer the lines or CB but what would it take to stray off that?

    1. Author

      It depends on if they trade for Josh Rosen. The plan good be for Rosen to sit (like he should have in 2018) and learn from Fitzpatrick.
      But if the stories about Rosen coming to the Dolphins are just rumor and speculation (and Karma is correct…the same old gossip is repeated daily), then I’d pass on Murray. Too short.

      1. Let’s assume Rosen is out of the picture are there any QB’s that you guys would be ok with at 13? They could also trade back take a QB and receive picks but not sure that would happen.

        1. None at 13. We need help at so many positions and there are plenty of DL and a few OL available at 13 or if we trade down in the 1st round. Why draft a QB this season AND next season-simply crazy!

  3. As far as the Cardinals are concerned, they have a flurry of problems to correct beyond their QB, Josh Rosen. They also have a new head coach and offensive coordinator. In draft picks one thru six, the Cardinals have the first pick. They have a chance to greatly improve their running game which ranks at the bottom in the NFL, by picking a running back in the first round. They’re also in a very good position to greatly improve their receiving core by picking a wide receiver with the first pick in the second round. With their position in this year’s draft, the Arizona Cardinals outlook is very promising and they should be at the top of their division or least number two in the next three years.

    1. I’m not sure they will get a 1st round pick for Rosen but a 2nd for sure + another for sure. I’d make that trade.

      1. Trust me, the Cardinals are not interested in trading for Rosen, they just drafted him last year. Look for them to probably go after a receiver to finally replace Fitzgerald when he finally decides to hang up his cleats, or a running back with their first pick in the draft. This team was at the bottom in the NFL in so many categories to where I think the quarterback position is the least of their worries coming into this year’s draft.

        1. If they take Murray,it would be crazy to keep Rosen when they could recoup picks to fill all those needs. I know they moved up to take him last year but keeping 2 high QB picks makes no sense.

          1. Yes they’d definitely trade Rosen if they pick Murray. Either the Fins are posturing for a better trade or they aren’t interested in him. Possibly zona doesn’t even want Murray.

            So you guys wouldn’t take any of the top QB’s if they fell to 13 but would trade a 2nd or more for Rosen…interesting. I think I’d be ok trading back in the 1st acquiring more picks and maybe grabbing a QB in the 2nd round if there was a good developmental QB there. Who knows maybe you hit this year taking the pressure off next year where you could focus on filling the remaining holes. Give the kid a year to learn behind Fitz. I could live with that plan or trading for Rosen if you like him.

            1. If its not Murray or Haskins,no. Fill 1 of many needs and trade for Rosen. Now if they didn’t like Rosen last year,they may not like him this year either but we have a different GM this time around who may not have had much input in the decision last year.

              1. Forget Rosen, get him out of your mind completely. I really think it’s highly unlikely that the Cardinals are willing to depart with their first pick in last year’s draft. Now, as for the Dolphins, if Murray or Haskins are not future QB’s that’s available, there are others that could be hidden gems that Miami would be in position to scoop up in the first, second and possibly the 3rd round or fourth round of the 2019 NFL draft – Drew Lock, MO, Ryan Finley, NC State, Will Grier, WV, Clayton Thorson, Northwestern, Jarrett Stidham, Auburn, Jake Browning, WA, Daniel Jones, Duke, Shea Patterson, MI, and Brett Rypien, Boise State, ID.

                It’s going to be very interesting to see what the Dolphins do in this year’s draft.

                1. Not forgetting Rosen. No teams keep 2 high 1st round QB picks in consecutive years. Its wasted draft value when they have nearly as many holes to fill as us. He will be traded. And wasting a pick on a QB for us in the 2nd & 3rd rounds is a waste too b/c we have needs to fill. Why draft a QB this year when we will take or be in a position to take a solid franchise QB next year?

                  1. Just like the other thirty one teams in the NFL draft this year, no matter who gets drafted in the first, second, or third round, how they do on the the football field is still a crap shoot. Dan Marino was the last quarterback of eligible quarterbacks to be drafted in the first round. Tom Brady was drafted by the New England Patriots in the 6 round. No quarterback drafted is a guaranteed “solid pick.” The Cardinals have the first pick in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6 round of the 2019 NFL draft. They are in the position to play around in this year’s draft anyway they want. If I were making draft choices for the Dolphins, I would draft a quarterback this year and let Ryan Fitzpatrick groom him while there’s still the opportunity.

  4. I don’t think the Fins want Rosen for the simple fact that the plan is go for one next year….maybe get a qb in 3rd or fourth …why would they give a 1st or 2nd for a qb that’s ???and draft a qb high in draft next year …then they will have the same problem Arizona has now so hopefully they don’t draft Rosen from Az.

    1. I don’t think they draft one high next year if they grab Rosen this year….or if they like a guy this year that may be it. I don’t mind them drafting another guy later though as that could be your backup never hurts having two QB’s around. Plus it’s never a sure thing.

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