Next up…the Chargers

The Herald had an interesting (and incorrect) article today about how the Chargers have been built successfully.

If zero championships and an early exit every single year is successful, then the Herald is correct and I am wrong.   But I’m not wrong.  The Chargers are not successful.  They are exactly like the Dolphins:  every year they are mediocre (a few games better than the Dolphins every year, but never 5 or 6 games better).

The Chargers have been befuddled by ingrates, and their plight is even worse than the Dolphins.   Eli Manning refused to play for the Chargers when they drafted him.  Melvin Gordon refuses abide by the contract he willingly signed.  Ownership spit in the face of San Diego and decided to foist the NFL into Los Angeles, where his attendance will be miniscule.

No thanks.  We have a horrible owner, but at least he doesn’t move the team.  All things considered, the Chargers are no better off in the Phil Rivers era than the Dolphins are currently in.

Not that we are in a good situation.   But we’re no worse than some other teams.

Speaking of other teams…I’ll say this again, and you can doubt me if you need to, but we will win a few games this year. You have to remember, we played 3 solid playoff teams so far this season, The shitty teams are on the horizon.  The mediocre Chargers at home.  Then 3 of our next 4 games are against WINLESS teams.    In between, we get the Bills twice, and they are tremendously overrated and beatable (watch the cocky 3-0 Bills get decimated by Brady this weekend…back to earth).   Don’t forget the winless Bengals in December.

I bring this up for two reasons:  1 is just remind us that we can win a few games this year, because I honestly feel there are other, worse teams out there. And 2, it’s not a lock that the Dolphins will get their choice of who to draft.   We may end up picking 5th or 6th in the draft.   We just have to hope that the teams ahead of us don’t need a QB.

Cincy will draft one.   Jets won’t.   Steelers will (if Ben’s current backup continues to lose games).  Redskins won’t.  0-3 Denver won’t.   Indy will.

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  1. Remember we have the Steelers pick so they are screwed. I’m just not sure that they will go QB this year unless they’ve fallen in love with one. I wouldn’t mind seeing another year of Rosen with improved talent around him. Who knows maybe he’s the guy but either way I’d still be ok taking another just maybe with a later pick in round one or two just to be safe or simply wait until 2021.

    The goal should always be a bowl win I don’t care about anything else you are correct chargers are no better haven’t won crap.

  2. Author

    Well, I jinxed it. Melvin Greedy Gordon is back with the Chargers.

  3. Chargers can be referred to as Miami Dolphins West. Totally agree Admin. They are floating around with River since forever it seems and they don’t go any further. If Ross ever let the words move out of his lips, chaos would ensue! Our team can be pretty difficult to watch lately, but move them out of SoFlo would put fire to the fan base. I can see Rosen having a good enough game to bet the Chargers in our home. Then we have a bye week which gives the team time to work together on “working together” with Rosen. I want to see him to well-he has to get his feet wet and muddy so playing the Chargers may be good timing. I’m not one to put all my picks into one basket….who the heck knows what the draft will bring-it’s who’s there when you pick and hopefully we will be fortunate to get a good QB-if that’s what they will be going for. Speaking for myself, I am not a fan of tanking for a potential, draft pick that may or may not work out…we need the best available and it may be TLawrence or not. We aren’t lucky enough to have a whiz at GM OR owner.

    1. Author

      Let’s say Rosen excels, and the powers that be decide to not draft a QB with our 3 first-round picks.
      That means we draft for our biggest needs, which are OT, S, and probably a stud DE.
      But those are exactly the positions we just got rid of. Is some rookie next season going to be an upgrade from Tunsil, Minkah, or Wake/Quinn ?
      Not right away for sure.

      1. Rosen has looked better than Fitzpatrick for sure. He’s been able to scramble better than Fitzpatrick and has been accurate on pass especially deep balls except for the drops. He could be the answer, but it will take time. If he improves through the season then definitely I think we draft the LT, DE, and safety or linebacker. Even interior O lineman or bad ass physical CB. We’ve been patching together the o line. I think we just got another lineman of waivers. If they start gelling I think Rosen can show some stuff. But if Rosen shows steady improvement and situational awareness, ride him through next season. Build the trenches and in two years then we can use the salary cap space to fill necessary positions. Maybe be in a spot to get Trevor, if not there will be free agent QBs to go after as well.

        1. Author

          Even if Rosen plays great this year, we’re almost forced to take a QB in 2020.
          Imagine if we pass on Tua and Herbert and instead draft unglamorous interior linemen.
          Tua and Herbert go on to be stars, and our linemen (no matter how great) burn out in 2 years like Jake Long.
          It’s always a crap shoot.
          It would be great if Rosen turns into a Pat Mahomes. But I’d be pleased if he just turned into a reliable QB like Matt Ryan or Andy Dalton.

          1. I disagree, You are not forced into taking a QB in the next draft. If Rosen improves this year, he is the guy for at least another year. Then you rebuild both lines and LB.

      2. Ugh that’s what I have been saying all along… just because we’re getting high draft picks doesn’t mean we’re going to get a player that can slide right in with the same promise of Tunsil and Fitzpatrick. How many 1st round LT’s are taken every year, and how many of them truly become All-Pro’s? Hell, how many even become long term starters? I know people can pull up whatever trade value chart they want and say we got a good deal… I say we took unnecessary gambles that may or may not pan out…

        1. But you got 2 1st rounders for Tunsil and Fitz wanted out. No Choice in both cases.

  4. BTW… I was going to argue with you on this one… I mean it “feels” like the Chargers have a much better team over the last 10 years… they have perennial pro bowl caliber players on both sides of the ball and at some of the most important positions especially QB…. yeah they haven’t won much in the post season but still….

    Then I dug up their record over the last 10 years… 72-72…. kind of the definition of mediocrity… compared to Miami at 65-79… considering the talent disparity that’s a pretty small difference.

    If I were a Charger fan I would be livid that this is the best we can seem to do with the amount of talent that they have had including a borderline hall of fame worthy QB over that span. (probably doesn’t deserve to be in there but he does at least deserve some consideration)

    Granted this year that record disparity is going to grow in SD’s favor (I am not as optimistic about our chances of winning more than a game or two at best)… but still not sure how you can make the argument that SD has built their team successfully.

    1. Author

      Yes, thanks for sharing those stats and thanks for not arguing the point, LOL 🙂
      I didn’t know San Diego’s record was 72-72. But, going from memory and guy feeling, I knew they were hovering around there.
      Makes me scratch my head to read that Herald article about how “successful” the Chargers have been.
      Oh, well. One of the reasons I started this site is for knowledgable Dolphin fans to discuss the team ourselves, instead of only relying on what the local sportswriters think we should know.

      1. Yes Admin we all love you for creating this fins site! Now if we could get a little more traffic here that would unequivocally make this one of the better blogs to speak upon. I like these thoughtful comments as apposed to one line comments on other websites. Some comments are just diarrhea on the keyboard lol

        1. Author

          Thanks, always trying to spread the word about our little group here, to add additional Dolphans. Even if they disagree with me, it’s great to see points of view from others.
          Even if they come and just click the ads, google pays me pennies so I can recoup some costs, LOL

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