Well, we only lost by 25 this week…

Some notable improvements, but the same result.

A frustrating point is that if Drake, Williams, and that bum DeVante Parker could hold onto balls in their arms, we woulda put up 30 points.

And if the refs didn’t call a ridiculous offsides penalty on our onside kick…coulda shoulda woulda..

more to come.  What did you guys think?


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  1. I will say I saw improvement. Excited for whats to come with Rosen for sure. We left so many points out on that field we should’ve beaten them cowgirls but hey, one loss closer to a better draft pick! I wish we would’ve challenged that TD pass to williams since it could’ve went either way but at least we looked much better. Not sure what happened after the half but we need to adjust along with our opposing team. And whats good with Robert Quinn!??? Screw that guy, he totally hit Rosen late and about pushed his face in the midst of doing that. Terrible no calls for us. Also the refs need to lay off the crack, that was a total legal on side kick unless I completely missed something.

    1. Author

      The three-man rush consistently all day made it easy for Dallas. Our unknown and inexperienced defensive coordinator (a friend of our inexperienced and unqualified head coach) is in over his head. Just zero pressure all day long, except for one guy (Taco) who had a sack. Guy’s been on the team 2 days and is already better than #1 busts Charles Harris and Christian Wilkins.
      On offense, it was more of the same, although gigantic drops from skill players is not the coaches’ fault.
      But running Ballage 3 straight plays when we only needed a yard? After riding Rosen’s arm up and down the field? Horrendous play calling from Flojob’s buddy, the unknown and unqualified Chad O’Nepotism.

      1. Adjustments need to be made and hopefully we can play a full 4 quarters next game. Taco was awesome so that could be a gem we picked up IF he continues to show upside.
        Offense was better for sure and I think it looks waaay better with Rosen under center, gives me some hope.
        AND Ballage needs to look up before he chooses a spot to bust through. I saw him run into our guys backs because he wasnt looking ahead of him. Should be an easy fix the guy is a monster. One yard shouldnt be that hard to for a guy that size to push.
        Definitely more excited to watch these games but next year is going to more exciting if we hit everything at least half way decent.

  2. I think that Flores is improving this team. Both sides of the ball have improved each week. They have been competitive with two playoff teams in the first half two weeks in a row. With the void of talent, this is what I wanted to see this year. Oh, and has anyone seen the JETS fan blogs? Its a mirror image of this site last year regarding Gase.

    1. Author

      I’m not laughing at the Jets. They have a real chance, like us and Cincy and Washington and even Pitt, to go 0-16. Imagine the Dolphins ending up at like 2-14 and getting the 5Th draft pick! Bye bye Tua and any other studs we crave.

  3. Jessie Davis and Isadora don’t seem to be too bad which is good news. I think that was the major problem in the second half.

    Rosen is light years ahead of fitzmagic…

  4. To me the best part of this team is Rosen’s cannon for an arm.

  5. Everyone thinks Tua will be a successful pro QB. Not I, he will be a total bust. He’s played his entire college career behind a pro O line. He is totally overrated.

    1. Plus in every big game, thus far, he has not shown up. Lawrence has however.

      1. Author

        Lawrence has at least 1 year left and maybe 2. If we’re not sold on Tua, then Herbert from Oregon is intriguing.

        1. Rather see Rosen with a real team around him first.

    1. Author

      Didn’t we cut him 2 or 3 times already? I guess keeping expensive busts like Charles Harris and Christian Wilkins makes us a better team.

  6. Admin, you know how I have utter disdain for the Jets…but like a Cheshire cat, I’ll just keep the grin to myself. If you could listen to WFAN on your computer, these guys literally cannot wait until he’s gone…they say now I know what Miami was dealing with and they aren’t kind to the Dolphins by any means. I’ve wrapped my head around this season being a talent evaluation one…cuz if players aren’t in this to bring back our football cred, they’ve got to go.

    1. Author

      That’s awesome. My cousin is a major Jet fan, and I warned him about Gase on day one.
      He didn’t believe me.
      Gase needs one play in his playbook: “Give the ball to LaVeon on one. Ready, break”

      1. Yes when its 3rd and long that will be his play. However, on 3rd and It wil be the old empty backfiled for a sack.

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