One Good Thing About the Dolphins Getting Rid of Everyone…

At least we have no primadonna crybabies left.  No one on the Dolphins is good enough to hold out!

I’m sure many of you will disagree, but I found it disgusting that Jerry Jones caved in and spoon-fed Zeke Elliott all those millions.  It sets a really poor, dangerous precedent when a man can sign a legally binding contract and then say, “Nah, just kidding.  I want more money.”

LaVeon Bell destroyed the 2018 Steelers with that kind of nonsense.  Melvin Gordon is about to destroy the Chargers.  I can respect Jerry Jones for not wanting that to happen to his beloved Cowboys, but his actions send the wrong messages to other NFL players.   Soon, average Joes will be holding our for more money, and not just star players.

The league needs a way to handle these ungrateful whiners.  Maybe suspend them 3 games for every week they don’t honor their contract.  That makes their value come way down.  An owner will not pay them a full salary, let alone give them a raise, if they can only play in a handful of games.

If they hold out all year, make it illegal for any other team to sign them.    There has to be SOME ramifications when you refuse to honor the agreement that you already signed.


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  1. I agree. When you sign a contract, you are expected to fulfill that contract. Although the younger generation seems to carry a larger “attitude of entitlement.” But yes the NFL needs to establish some form of punishment to ensure this doesn’t get out of control. Just my $0.02.

    1. That article was a lot of stats that indicated Eliot is a dick and won’t help the cowboys

        1. Great article and shows how important it is to have a decent oline. Something they haven’t had in years and when they did have a decent line it eventually broke down with injuries with no depth. Needs to be resolved or no QB will look good here.

          1. If we’re fortunate enough to get Tua or Herbert w/o having to move up,we could also draft a top OL in both rounds. I agree a good OL is the foundation.

  2. Football finally starts tomorrow night!

    1. Can’t wait should be a good game…

  3. I will be at Sunday’s game. My brother is doing a big tailgate at Hard Rockif anyone is interested, let me know.

    1. Author

      Sean, I can’t make this one. But a few of us are going to the Bengal game in December.
      Any chance you and your brother will be at that one?

      1. Admin, I won’t know until closer to the date. I will try to go though.

  4. Remeber that the dolphins are going to have a ton of cap space the next few years, they can draft a qb and buy an o-line of proven veterans

    1. I think that they’ll do a little bit of both but they definitely need to find out who their QB is. I’m hoping that Rosen puts up a fight so they have more than one option. Great problem to have!

  5. Author

    My buddy is a diehard Cowboy fan, but it just proves how different people are and how we all have our own views. For months, he’s been calling Jerry Jones cheap for not paying Zeke. But, I said, what about Zeke being a man of his word?
    “Yeah, well he’s good and deserves a raise.”
    Yes, he’s a stud. Yes he deserves a raise. But he has to ask for that raise AFTER the contract he signed.
    “Yeah, but Gurley makes more money. It’s not fair.”
    Is it fair for him to sign a binding contract and just decide to NOT honor it?
    “Cowboys can easily afford to pay him.”
    etc etc
    Some folks are swayed by the “poor little me vs. the corporate giant evil billionaire” logic.
    My buddy’s a good guy, a knowledgable fan, etc. But I just don’t take his point of view.

  6. Admin, agree with you on this point. Could any of us not honor an employee contract by not showing up to the workplace and saying, eh, I’m not coming in because I want more money? We would be sitting on the street. Don’t these guys EVER think about where they came from and be so darn thankful they made it to where they are? JJ just put his hands on Zeke’s crotch and petted him like a kitty! What will this eventually do to ticket prices in the long term? Make it impossible to go to a game bec. the fan has to work a month to buy a ticket? Ridiculous.

    1. To put the ticket prices you mentioned in perspective,I paid $30 for my 1st season ticket in 1966-for 6 games and it was a good seat! Now,I believe PARKING is $25-$30 per game. Every time they raise the salary cap,guess who pays-you and me and guess who is guaranteed even more profit every time the NFL signs a new broadcasting contract-not you and me!

      1. Saw Ross in the news today talking politics. I know it’s his right to do so, but man…how about talking some Dolphins

  7. Holy cow, Diva Ante is not on the injury report!

  8. What’s even more disgusting is the Antonio Brown situation… rumor has it he hired a social media consultant to help him force a release… and then he signed awful fast with New England didn’t he? Not saying there was collusion there… but wouldn’t be shocked if it ever came out there was either…

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