Philip Rivers Gone From the Chargers…And They May Take Tua

The danger of winning some truly meaningless games in December is unfolding before us.   The San Diego Chargers need a quarterback.   They pick AFTER the Dolphins, but they could easily trade up and move ahead of us.  If they want Tua, the possibility is there.  If the Dolphins value Justin Herbert more, then it’s not a big deal.  Let the Chargers THINK we want Tua in order to force them to trade, and then pick Herbert anyway. Sweet!

It’s really intriguing how this will play out.  The Dolphins had some good drafts lately under Chris Grier, and we need one more.  Christian Wilkins has been solid, with a ton of room for growth.   And the year before, we got All-Pro stud Minkah Fitzpatrick.  Despite how it ending up with Minkah, our first-round picks have both been great with Grier at the helm.

In other news…Xavien Howard’s charges have been dropped.  He’ll probably be suspended anyway, because Roger Goodell has always felt his own feelings are more important than what law enforcement officials tell him.  The law officially state that no crime was committed, but Howard will be punished anyway.  I’m thinking 4 games.  It could be a lot more though.

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  1. My opinion is if someone moves up for Tua …let them have him and if he falls to us at 5 so be it …to me I wouldn’t take a qb this year ,I would get some players to build the trenches and maybe trade down in the first to pick up another 1st for 2021 and then go all in for a qb in 2021 or maybe see what it will take to get Burrow …maybe it will take #5 ,#26 and a 2021 2nd rd pick then I would pull the trigger cause in 2021 we have already 2-1sts and 2-2nds .

    1. I’m a little torn as they may be too good next year to get one of the better QBs. If they have a chance best to just take one now. I’d even keep Rosen to hedge your bet the more QBs the merrier.

      As per admins fear I’d simply go to the team’s below them and say don’t do it as we’ll simply out gun you raising the cost for us all. Sit tight and everyone will get a QB without giving away picks. The blessing in disguise as there will be some doubt about Tua. I personally think he’ll be fine and could end up being the best of the bunch but are you going to give up multiple picks with that risk? I sure wouldn’t but if someone does take Herbert or trade back for more picks.

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