Should the Draft be Postponed a Few Weeks or Months?

I see a lot of debate about if the draft should still be held in 3 weeks or postponed because of all the corona situations.  Some NFL executives say they need more time, since in-person meetings and physicals can’t take place right now.   It’s true that no in-person interviews can take place, but it’s ridiculous to think these scouts need more time.

I think the draft should proceed as normal.

One of the more convincing parts of this comes from an article I read about “What if we delay the draft and give GMs more time to evaluate players?”   Will their info-gathering be any better?  These GMs and scouts have been studying players for months, if not years.  Do they REALLY need two more weeks?   Will that make any difference?   I say no.

I don’t know who the Dolphins will draft, but I guarantee you that Chris Grier and Brian Flores know.  Delays and extra time will not matter.

The Dolphins wasted draft picks on bums like Dion Jordan and Charles Harris, Pat White and John Beck.  Do you believe that if we gave our GMs a few extra weeks during those drafts, that they would have suddenly realized those 4 guys suck?  Would an extra week have let the Bears know that Patrick Mahomes is a little bit better than Mitchell Turbisky?  No, none of that is so.

Good draft selections occur each year, as do busts.  Giving extra time is just a useless waste, so we should keep things planned as is.

On a side note, I am very glad that the live fans and all the pomp will be gone this year.  Sorry, but I want to see the draft move faster and just get to the teams’ picks.  I don’t need parades, fan-fests, old men and little kid/contest winners coming out to introduce their team’s picks, audience interviews, etc.   And I’d start off by giving the Bengals 30 seconds on the clock, not 15 minutes.   They know who they are taking.  Just announce it already.

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  1. Last I heard, the draft is still a go as scheduled. I agree that there’s too much hoopla involved with having the fans there – only to boo Goodell, which I’m ok with. 😀 I hope we actually get it right this year. Tired of the Dion Jordan’s and Charles Harris’. Minkah Fitzpatrick types who want to leave and so forth. I think we’ve done well with free agency so hopefully we can nail the draft right as well.

  2. Yep get’er done. I’m hearing a lot of Herbert at 5 now although could be smokescreen. Trade up from 18 with a 3rd round pick to get one of the top four OT’s. Then grab either a C/OG or S at 26. RB in 2nd as well as dline or BPA. I could live with this.

  3. Today I’ve been reading that we’re looking to trade up to #1 for Burrow. Is this a smoke screen I wonder or real? The more I’ve seen Justin Herbert the more I like him. Has the size, speed and arm strength. And cared enough about his education to stay for his senior year and has a 4.08 GPA! If we don’t trade up to 1 I’m leaning toward Herbert over Tua mainly because of the durability concern! What are your thoughts?

    1. I’m scared about the cost for Burrow as there are a lot of holes to fill. Unless he can carry a team I’d rather Herbert or Tua plus all of their picks. I’m leaning towards Herbert he could be similar to Rothlisberger which would be fine by me except for the r*pe of course. Seems like a lot of people are scared of Tua feels like 50% don’t want the risk. I have no idea…

  4. Whenever this draft happens, the Dolphins NEED AND MUST get it right!!! This team, organization and fan base cannot continue year after year without getting a good QB…I’m tired of waiting, wanting to get back the Dolphins glory of old. I think we have the coach, the players love playing for him. Let’s hope the ones shopping for players can bring in what’s needed.

  5. Shannon Sharpe made a good point today saying that any player at anytime can get hurt. Don’t draft based on fear as some players have had zero injuries in college and couldn’t stay healthy in the pros. He said Tua would have went number one so if he’s there at five you must take him. Personally I’m ok with this as well as Herbert I’m sure it would be a tough call if both fall to the Fins. Roll the dice this year and next year if you must but find your guy. I’d laugh if Rosen wins out in the end although you can’t have enough good QBs.

  6. Just saw that we’re not interested in trading up for Burrow. I’m thankful for that! Too much to give! I say stay put at 5. I think Tua or Herbert will fall to us. And then two more first rounders too build this thing! And if one of them doesn’t fall, we take the best LT available and maybe go for Love later. We’ll see…at least we have the most draft picks for this draft during this crazy time! Only sports event for months! Should be exciting!

    1. I was happy to hear that too. The Fins need all of their top picks. They can afford to use some later ones to move up but not 3-4 first round picks that’s insanity. Burrow may not even turn out or he could get hurt you never know.

      Some fans are saying that the difference in OT’s aren’t as much as the media is making it out to be but I wouldn’t be mad it they took one at 5. Heck take one at 5 and in the 2nd or 3rd. Load up if the class is that good. Davis could kick back to OG and the oline would be solid. Lot’s of ways this could go but I’d be surprised if they don’t swing at a QB at 5.

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