Super Bowl Predictions?

My heart says Kansas City (and Matt Moore, Damien Williams).   But my gut says the 49ers will win.

For the rest if my life, I will despise Kyle Shanahan and the way he blew a 25-point lead to the hated Patriots in the Super Bowl.   Even this week, Shanahan accepts no blame (“You won’t understand why I called the plays I did.  They were the right calls.)    Really?  How about calling a couple of handoffs and walking away with the title?

Anyway, the Chiefs seems to have no D lately.   Even when they win, they give up a lot of points.  The 49ers D is stout, and can probably hold the Chiefs to around 30.   Can the Niners themselves score 31+ ?

Your predictions??

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  1. I think it’s going to be a good game but I am thinking it’s going to be the Chiefs. Like you said their defense hasn’t been stellar but if they can just slow down the running game and put it in Jimmy G’s hands I think they’ll be fine…. and Mahomes…. well what can you say about the guy…. I feel like it’s his year.

  2. I usually like any AFC team, not the patsies, to win. So I’ll be rooting for Damien Williams, Chad Henne, and Matt Moore to get their victory.

  3. I’m going for the Chiefs, however I think the 49ers have a better defense, so slight advantage to them. I think it should be a good game and will come down to coaching and turnovers. I think Andy Reid will have to use the speed he has with jet sweeps and lots of motions, and rollout Mahomes to keep the 49ers front from over pursuing. But so happy that the Patriots are not in there! And if SF wins that will sting NE and Belicheck for letting Jimmy go! So whatever the outcome I’ll be fine with! And I have always liked John Lynch the Niners GM! Class act in Tampa and Denver!

    1. Author

      I’d love to be wrong and see the chiefs prevail. I’m not sentimental about Andy Reid and wanting him to finally win the big one. I’m more interested in Matt Moore and Chad Henne winning the big one.

  4. Ross got his dream. A full stadium.

  5. D. Williams had a great game good on him especially for an undrafted player.

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