Does Tannehill Have What it Takes?

You almost get envious after watching other QBs this weekend.

Aaron Rodgers faked out the 49ers, the announcers, and the cameraman with his fake handoffs.  Colin Kaepernik sees no one open and immediately runs for a first down.

Phillip Rivers and Drew Brees did nothing spectacular, but they do it well and consistently and are proven winners.  Andrew Luck and Alex Smith put up 89 points between them.

Compare that to what Ryan Tannehill does, and you see a HUGE difference.

Model Lauren Tannehill and her husband, Miami Dolphin Quarterback Ryan Tannehill
Lauren Tannehill and the guy in question.

One of the most overused cliches this year has been the coming of age of Ryan Tannehill.  The maturing of Ryan Tannehill.  How good he is getting, etc.  Here at Dolphins Truth, we see some semblance of Tannehill getting better, but we see far more room for improvement.  For example, the Tannehill fans point to the huge game-winning touchdown passes he had in a few games this year.

While it’s true that Tannehill had a number of 4th-quarter comebacks and TD passes this year, you have to look at the big picture.  We give Tannehill his due, but we have to examine the full picture.

In the 2nd Patriots game, he underthrew Marcus Thigpen, who had to stop, wait, and adjust to save the day.  Great play by Thigpen on a poor throw by Tannehill.  Do you credit Ryan for maturing and leading a td drive?  Or do you point out it was a mere 5-yard pass that he underthrew?

In the Pittsburgh game, Charles Clay broke two huge tackles on his way to the endzone after a very short, easy pass from Tannehill.  Again, to whom do you give the credit?  In our book, it’s 90% to Clay and the 5% to Tannehill and 5% to the O-line.

In the Atlanta game, Tannehill did indeed make a nice pass to Dion Sims for the win, and we will not take that away from him.  But that was Tannehill’s last good game for about 2 months.  By the time he got good again, the Dolphins were barely alive for the playoffs.

So it’s not really fair or objective to talk about Tannehill’s game-winning passes unless you carefully examine the factors involved.  None of these game-winners were bullet passes through double-coverage with a swarm of blitzers in his face.  Instead, they were all 5-yard passes that required heroics from the receivers.

In the Jets game, Tannehill missed a wide open Mike Wallace.  He missed a wide open Brian Hartline early on a lob pass.  He slid on a crucial third down when we needed one more inch.  He threw it to the wrong team 3 different times, including twice to Dee Milliner.  The worst part is that Tannehill had all day long to throw.  FINALLY, our O-line gave him time, and he blew it each time.

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  1. You can’t forget the bengals drive(1:14) or the what should have benn ravens drive(0:43) but a missed FG(story of the year). Also you must remember the perfect throw he threw on his back foot to rishard Matthews before the thug pen play. No mention of that huh? He’s the one who drove us down the field on those drives. He didn’t have to make a throw between defenders because he’s not a gunslinger, instead he audibled when they were blitzing and dumped off to a receiver who was open thanks to the audible. He’s a game manager, no gunslinger.

    1. Colby has a good point. I don’t think the article intends to put Tannehill down or to diminish him. I think they are just pointing out that he has some work to do. He’s way better than Henne, that’s for sure!

  2. This is completely off for many reasons. 1st off. Watch other QB’s play and the ball is delivered all over the place. Especially when talking about Kaepernick. He is a liability throwing the ball and was a dropped interception away from losing that game last night. You are calling the game winning pass t Thigpen a bad throw? You mean the one that he had to drop over a 6’3 linebacker to a 5’9 running back, after driving them down the field with the game on the line — running towards the sideline? Come off it. And you want to talk JETS game? Let’s talk about the perfect passes to Wallace in the end zone and to Clay in the end zone — Wallace slipping and falling (again — I question his athleticsim not his speed). Tannehill also had PERFECTLY thrown balls throw in tight coverage where the receivers could make the play despite the ball hitting BOTH hands. Marlon Moore dropped TWO — one ended a drive and the other was tipped and intercepted. Clay couldn’t come up with a perfect throw over the middle over linebackers under the safety. He makes that catch and we get AT LEAST 3 points. What about Mathews dropping that HUGE pass that was in his hands and with pleanty of daylight? What about Mathews getting tripped up by Ed Reed’s finger tips with no one between him and the end zone? And why after Hartline went down did we not stick more with an effective Lamar Miller who was getting chunks on the defense. I mean, this is tiring reading this sort of article from people that are looking for drama rather than really looking at why things happen or don’t happen in a football game. Did you wacth how many rollout plays Aaron Rogers and Kaepernick BOTH had called last night? And yet in the Buffalo game after 6 sacks we still did not throw any screens or roll out Tannehill even ONCE. NOT ONCE and your QB is getting killed and the blitzes were coming hard off the edge with very little containment. Uhm…Bootleg just once this year? It was there every game. Do me and everyone a favor WATCH the other teams play who are in the playoffs and watch what teams with creative play calling can do — and watch how despite QB’s not being perfect they have other people on their team making plays or coaches who make adjustments.

    1. Thundar, Matthews’s drop was the back breaker and cost us the game for sure. But still, Tannehill’s THREE interceptions and the long miss to Wallace were his own fault. All in all, Tannehill is a keeper, and this entire website blames Mike Sherman way more than they blame tannehill.

  3. T-hill is struggling with his own limitatios throwing the ball deep. But having Sherman and Philbin doesn’t help him much in his development. To this we must add the OL problems and the almost decorative running game.
    So, it’s difficult to asses his real ptential with this kind of team. A sure positive thing is his endurance. He played all the 16 games despite the hitting he was getting over and over again. He almost pass the 4k yrd mark. But, it seems that there’s still a gap between him and Luck, K-nick, R. Wilson, C. Newton, etc. If he doesn’t fix his problems throwing deep passes next season, he should be benched or traded in 2015. Impossible to build a team without a high caliber QB.

    1. Right. I think he CAN be high caliber. A better OC will help him tremendously, like Marchool mentions below.

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