The Longer the Wait, the Worse the News…

The longer Mr. Ross waits to fire someone, the worse it gets for the Dolphins and us fans.    No one wants to see Mr. Ross make a rash decision that will come back to haunt us.  But we don’t want this to linger either.

Miami Dolphins Offensive Coordinator Mike Sherman
Mike Sherman enjoying a nap on the job.

What should be an easy decision is beginning to fester.   And of course, the Miami media isn’t making it any better by reporting rumors and the old “A major decision is coming today” lies that they’ve repeated for 8 days now.

We worry that Jeff Ireland or Joe Philbin is saying just the right things to keep his job.  Mike Sherman is saying just the right things to make Mr. Ross reconsider.

Each day that goes by gives Joe Philbin time to talk Mr. Ross into letting him keep his job.  Letting him keep his best friend Mike Sherman.  Letting him keep Mike Sherman’s son-in-law on the payroll.   We don’t want a soft owner who will ignore common sense.

Joe Philbin and his Bestie, Mike Sherman
“Hey, Mike. Don’t you DARE call a QB sneak or a bootleg all year long. Got it? “

And common sense tells us that a change is needed.  Philbin has had two full years of full freedom to do whatever he wants with this team, and he has failed.  After two years, he has a losing record.  We got one more win than last year.  The Jets got two more wins.  The Jets improved TWICE as much as we did.  Sad but true.

As we said (please see our column on the 10 Questions that Ross Must Demand Answers to), there are ways to assess blame, and Mr. Ross has had a week do do so.  Even more, he has had two full years to assess Joe Philbin and even longer to assess Jeff Ireland.  That’s plenty of time.

Dolfans will not like hearing Mr. Ross say “I am making no changes,” but at least that is better than waiting and lingering and listening to the Miami media make up rumors and repeat lies from supposedly “anonymous sources.”



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