Ten Answers that Mr. Ross Must DEMAND of Joe Philbin and Jeff Ireland

As the Miami Media and “anonymous” AP sources (i.e., cowards who claim to have inside info but won’t reveal their names) keep saying, Mr. Ross is about to make some decisions any day now.

Of course, they’ve been saying this for a week, and nothing happens.

Here at Dolphins Truth, we don’t take sides. We report objectively and look at the big picture. So rather than chanting “Fireland,” we suggest calling for some insight.

There are TEN major answers that Stephen Ross must determine, and once he has those answers, he can then decide who stays and who goes.

1. Who was it that jettisoned Jake Long?
It’s too easy to blame Ireland. Joe Philbin MUST have had some say here. No way did Ireland walk into Philbin’s office and say, “I refuse to sign Jake. Move Jonathan Martin to left tackle.” A front office doesn’t work that way. We had PLENTY of money to sign Jake. Somebody decided not to. Who? Who was it?

2. Who was it that said Daniel Thomas, Lamar Miller, and Mike Gillisle were all better than 1,000-yard rusher Reggie Bush?
Same rationale as above.

3. Why did Mike Sherman not call a single QB sneak all year long when we had so so many 3rd -inches and 4th-inches?
Let’s not blame Sherman…yet. The “no-QB-sneak-allowed” mentality might have come from Philbin himself.

4. Who decided that we do not need a fullback?
Lousaka Polite was a sure-thing in short-yardage situations. A tough fullback is among the most-needed specialists on any team Except for our Dolphins. Why? And who decided this?
(By the way, when we did sign Fullback Tyler Cutts, he came to camp, he helped win the Atlanta game, then he was cut…why?)

5. Who made that atrocious call in the first Bills game?

In the first Bills game, we had the ball and the lead with about 3 minutes left. If we just run out the clock, we win. If we got stuffed, we punt the ball and pin back journeyman taxi-squad 5th stringer Thad Lewis. But instead, we called for a pass. Sack. Fumble Loss. That loss killed our season.

(6a). After the Bills first loss (see #5 above), why did Mike Sherman say, “It was the right call.”? That pass-call lost the game for us, while a run would have won it. Yet Sherman said he was RIGHT?? Are you kidding me? and (6b) Why did Joe Philbin defend Mike Sherman for handing a free win to the Bills?
When Mike Sherman tried to defend himself for handing a free win to the Bills by saying he made the right call, his friend Joe Philbin defended him. Philbin himself said it was the right call. These two bozos should have had their heads down in shame and begged Dolfans for forgiveness, but instead, they defiantly stated how “right” they were. Why?

7. Who decided that Cameron Wake wasn’t good enough, so we had to trade up to #3 overall to get defensive end Dion Jordan, who promptly became a benchwarmer all year?
Someone, probably Ireland or Philbin, thought we needed a reserve DE rather than a starting O-lineman. Or a DB. Or a WR. Who decided?

8. Who decided to cut Dan Carpenter and sign Caleb Sturgis, whose misses cost us several games, while Carpenter had a much-improved year?
Someone has to answer for this decision.


9. At the end of the Steeler game, why were the Steelers determined and racing to the line of scrimmage for one final play, while the Dolphins lagged behind, celebrated prematurely, looked the wrong direction, etc., and then gave up the chase and decided to watch Antonio Brown sprint down the sidelines?

Rashard Jones (20) gets burned and then just stands out of bounds with his hand in his mouth while watching Chris Clemons take bad angles and fall down.
Rashad Jones (20) gets burned and then just stands out of bounds with his hand in his mouth while watching Chris Clemons (30) take bad angles and fall down. Were they punished for being inept?








10. Who suspended Richie Incognito?
The NFL didn’t. It was someone on the Dolphins. Someone decided that Jonathan Judas Martin’s hurt feelings were more important than the love that 51 other Dolphins expressed for Richie. The distraction hurt. But the loss of our best guard hurt far far more. Someone in the Dolphins front office decided to kick our best lineman off the team for no good reason. They must be accountable.

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  1. The staff is a bunch of morons. They cannot even answer a single question let alone those ten. They’re as clueless as the owner.
    Ireland…well, we all know what kind of turd he is. Needless to keep talking about this hedious crackpot GM.
    But Sherman and Philbin proved to be two of the worst coaches in the NFL, whether in game plan, decisions on the field, draft picks, handling discipline situations, pussillanimous, etc etc.
    Bowles was much better. He should’ve stay

    1. Marchool, thanks for your comment, and we will certainly continue the Ireland discussion until something is resolved. It is very worrisome that Mr. Ross is taking so long to decide. His coaches have had 2 full years of coaching freedom to make whatever choices they want…and they STILL have an overall losing record. Bowles is probably going to accept the Cleveland Browns head coaching job, or else we’d fully agree with you.

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