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Skip ahead.  Pretend it’s Draft Night 2020.   We gather around the TV and anxiously await the picks.   Will it be more exciting and profitable if the Dolphins can draft an elite player?  Or will it be more exciting to reminisce about the time we beat the Colts in a meaningless 2019 regular-season game?

Don’t get me wrong.  Watching the Dolphins win is always, always a great feeling.   Seeing the excitement that Fitzpatrick brings to the game has been sorely lacking for years in Miami.  The feeling was great, but as the afternoon wore on, reality set in.

Look at the chart below.   All those teams bunched together like that.  We could easily be picking 12th or 13th.  

Denver’s miracle win really helped us out, and things are just as grim as they were yesterday.  No better, no worse.   Meaning, we were sitting fourth Sunday before the game, and we remain fourth afterward.

But it’s a bit frustrating to think that we could have been 2nd…with a strong chance to claim #1 overall still.

We’ll debate this more during the week, but management (and it all starts with Stephen Ross) have not conveyed a strong-enough message yet to Brian Flores.   No, you don’t ask players to drop passes on purpose or to “miss” a tackle on purpose.  But you DO take your coach aside and tell him to STOP IT with the bizarre trick plays, onside kicks, challenges, etc.   Take consolation prizes this year, and save up for next year.

Case in point:  That really cool trick play was a thing of beauty.  But just imagine if we waited to unveil it until NEXT YEAR, when the games count.  Save it for Week 17 next year when we are 7-8 and wanted to end the year on a positive note at 8-8.  Go for a win THAT day for sure.   But not this year.  No, not this year with so much on the line.

The way our Offense played today, we could easily go on a 4-game winning streak (or even 5 games if the Patriots play their scrubs in week 17.)   It’s improbable but very very possible that we end up at 7-9.  We just can’t have that.  We’ll get some decent rookies in the 2020 draft, but we want an elite player like Chase Young, and it’s looking very unlikely now.

Flores has to get it through his thick skull that this whole season is part of a long-term situation.   The first win was important for morale, and that is over and done with.  Each subsequent win hurts us.  Each win takes us FURTHER, not closer, to a better team in 2020 and beyond.

So while these wins feel fun right now, and I’m imploring Flores to think about April.   Think about April as he and other Dolfans around the world tune into the draft to watch all the top stars get picked by other teams.  No Burrow for us.  No Chase Young.  No Tua.  Not even Herbert.

1. Bengals, 1-11 (won Sunday)

2. Giants, 2-10 (lost Sunday)

3. Washington, 3-9 (won Sunday)

4. Dolphins, 3-9 (won Sunday)

5. Falcons, 3-9 (lost Thursday)

6. Lions, 3-8-1 (lost Thursday)

7. Cardinals, 3-8-1 (lost Sunday)

8. Jaguars, 4-8 (lost Sunday)

9. Jets, 4-8 (lost Sunday)

10. Chargers, 4-8 (lost Sunday)

11. Broncos, 4-8 (won Sunday)

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  1. Author

    And, as has been the case lately, the Steeler and Texan opponents aren’t even putting up a fight. We have 14 draft choices coming up, and all 14 are gonna be average at best if nothing changes.
    I root for the Patriots maybe once or twice a decade, and today is one of those days. And of course they’re laying down without a fight

    1. Best bet today was on Houston as the patsies would rather lose home field in their last super bowl attempt to keep Miami’s pick lower. Actually Brady is slowly going downhill he should have cheated more to get a suspension so he only had 10 games or so. 16 he won’t make it….

  2. Picking 4th would be a gift. I think we will be a bit lower. Like 7th

  3. How can Washington be ahead of us when we have the same record as them and they beat us …beings they beat us ..doesn’t that put us ahead of them ?…just saying.

    1. Head to head doesn’t matter when it comes to draft tiebreakers. It’s strength of schedule ratio or some scitentific shit like that.

    2. Author

      Yes, Floridan is right. It’s a pretty complex tiebreaking system, and head-to-head matchups don’t factor into it.

  4. It’s really a catch 22… do you really want a head coach that isn’t going to put it all on the line every week for a win? Trust me I understand it’s for the greater good and it frustrates the hell out of me…. but do I want a head coach that’s going to put out a vanilla game plan in the hopes it won’t be quite enough for a win? I like his aggressive style, and I like the way he gets more out of a roster than the talent alone would indicate he could, I like that we’re seeing him turning around careers from people like DeVante and Gesicki…. but it comes at a high cost.

    At the end of the day, is it a cost we can afford? Impossible to say for sure but despite some of the bonehead play calls born out of inexperience I feel better about our head coach than I have in a long time.

    Burrow is looking more and more out of the question… but could Tua’s injury allow him to slide down to us? Could Herbert’s inconsistency allow us to grab him with a later 1st? Remember how many QB’s were taken ahead of Marino… we just gotta hope we get lucky again I guess.. we’re definitely long overdue…

  5. How bout DeVante Parker. At least with Parker and Preston Miami has 2 legit wideouts.

    1. Assuming they resign him anyway… pretty sure he’s currently slated to be a FA after next season…

      1. Author

        I’m planning a separate column soon on the emergence of Parker. Listen, he could always catch a ball. He has good hands and always did.
        His failures over the previous 3 years were due to lack of effort. Never jumping for a ball. Never fighting off the coverage. Never playing defender at times when the QB throws a bad pass. He simply didn’t try to attack the ball…he waited. Now he is attacking, and the results are obvious.
        Even when he misses a ball, good things happen. Remember in the end zone, he drew a PI penalty after Flores challenged? The old Parker would have let the ball go. The new Parker broke toward the ball, and in doing so, he got the CB to drag his arm around Parker’s neck for the choke and the PI.
        Great effort there by DeVante.

      2. He is under contract for next season.

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