Kodaking: Joe Philbin Bases his Football Strategy on a Bankrupt Film Company

Editor’s Note:   To our younger readers…you may have noticed the word “film” in our headline today.  Film is an ancient form of plastic that was used to capture images when writers like us were little kids.

We’ve had a chance to digest all of Joe Philbin’s excuses now, so it’s time to analyze them.

Joe Philbin's coaching strategy is based on a bankrupt company.  HIS words, not ours.
Joe Philbin’s coaching strategy is based on a bankrupt company. HIS words, not ours.

About the final Dolphins drive, Joe Philbin said that his strategy was NOT to just kill some time.  He wanted to aggressively get a first down or two to ice the game away.  Philbin said, “I told Bill that we were going to do whatever we have to do to get a first down, whatever the call.”

Okay, that’s fine.  If you want to be aggressive, then why begin with a handoff?  And then why call a long-dropback—shotgun-pass from a spread formation (i.e., no extra blockers) when you are 100% certain that Green Bay would blitz?  Those were two wasted downs.

If Tannehill had taken a knee or even been sacked, then later on, Rodgers would have had less time to work with, and we win. We always yell at Tannehill to not take a sack, but in that case, the entire coaching staff needed to be screaming at him, “Do not throw an incompletion.  Do NOT stop the clock.”  He needs to know that himself, even if the coaches don’t tell him so.   Horrendous leadership.

Anyway, so now we had 3rd and 9.  Remember, in Philbin’s own words, he ordered Lazor to be aggressive to get the first down.  But then he ran the same running play they failed on earlier on the 4th-and-goal.  The play failed yet again.

You claim you wanted to get a first down on a 3rd-and-9 play, but then you hand it off on a play that GB had already diagnosed earlier?  Insane.   Green Bay had their 3rd and 4th string DBs in the game, and you chose to RUN it twice.  And you call that AGGRESSIVE?   My goodness!

The terrible punt and coverage then gave the ball to GB at their 40.  It seems like Brandon Fields waited his whole career and got better and better to finally make the Pro Bowl.  And after he did,  he became an average punter at best.  We had the ball at our 35.  GB started at their 40.   Doing the math, the punting team gave us 25 yards.  We would have been better off if Tannehill had thrown a long interception on purpose.  Anyway, Fields’ terrible season is not Philbin’s fault.

Now Green Bay begins at their 40 and gets to our 48 at the 2-minute warning.  They gained one yard over the next two plays. And then came the big third-down play.  Wake and Vernon destroyed Rodgers, and he fumbled and went down hard.  Click here to read about Philbin’s terrible, game-losing timeout.  We won’t get into it here, because we already analyzed the timeout.

So now we get back to Philbin’s excuses.  He called it Kodaking.  They like to see what the offense is showing, and then they match up defensively.  In theory, it’s not bad.  BUT…you don’t do it when the opponent is reeling, gasping for breath, and defeated.

Besides, Kodak is a bankrupt company that went down the drain because they could not adapt to the changing times.  No foresight, and no results.  And Joe Philbin takes his football strategy from them.  Brilliant.

Philbin gave his pals from Green Bay a breather, and they came back to drive the ball for a final play with six seconds left.  Philbin then called timeout again.

The Dolphins got a look at Green Bay’s formation, called a timeout, and then saw it again.  And we still couldn’t stop it.   The worst use of timeouts in a long, long time.

Let’s say Philbin doesn’t call the timeout on 4th and 10.   What’s the worst that could happen?  Even if we had the wrong defenders in the wrong positions and they were all gasping for air…what’s the worst that could happen?

The worst that could happen is that Rodgers throws a hail mary and the Packers score a TD.  But then we get the ball back with a minute left, needing only a FG to tie it.  And the way Jarvis Landry is returning lately, I like those chances.

It’s sad that Philbin handed them a free win by calling those timeouts.  But it’s infuriating to listen to his excuses.

Like Kodak, he cannot and will not adapt.

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  1. Yes, I’m an armchair quarterback/coach, etc. I’m a casual fan who has been turned into a passionate/more knowledgeable fan due to the Dolphins driving me nuts over the period of several years. (Hence my tag – i.e., the mania that I have has been “minted” by the Dolphins). But I digress….
    My point is that I’ve never heard of “Kodaking” by name, or even in theory. Has anyone ever heard of wasting a time out for that specific reason? Seriously – I’m asking that.
    I can see using a time out if your defense is having trouble and you need to adjust before a probable scoring play. But this obviously wasn’t the case.
    So Philbin’s saying the time out was for the purpose of figuring out what formation the Packers were using? Then why didn’t Cortland Finnegan even know they were in the same formation? (source on that last bit: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2014/10/look-there-is-plenty-of-blame-to-go-around-for-the-miami-dolphins-losing-to-the-green-bay-packers-on-sunday-just-read-thisa.html)

  2. Just to throw this out there – we currently have 1 more win than the Jets, who are last in our division.
    So the Jets, who are last in terms of wins (and many other factors) actually have only 1 less win than we do. Yes, I know we’ve had a bye and they haven’t. Still doesn’t change the fact that if the Jets happen to win their next game (Patriots), and we lose ours, than we’ll have the SAME amount of wins as them.
    Yes, we’d still have a better percentage (because of our early bye), but that fact alone should be causing grief to coaches, players, fans, etc. Haven’t heard anyone mention that yet.

  3. Yeah, who uses a made-up word like Kodaking? It was stupid to call a timeout. In hindsight, we shoulda laid down and let them score with 2:04 left.

  4. Coach admitted that he waffled on the 3rd down play and changed the call to run. The whole series was flawed. I’m glad that he admitted the error but that doesn’t save your job at the end of the year when you don’t make the playoffs. Philbin better get his shit together and fast….hopefully he learns from this and becomes a better coach if not bye bye. Very frustrating.

  5. I’ve seen coaches like belicheat use kodaking but its supposed to be used at a time where it’s to your teams advantage not the opponents. This obviously wasn’t the time as the pack were reeling….

  6. I think the assumption is that the timeout at the end caused Green Bay’s victory and I disagree. They already had the clock stopped with the fake spike play going out of bounds. Sure we had them on the ropes but not as much as the heat and passion of the game felt like. The timeouts preceding that did far more damage. Now allow me to say this again and please everybody rewatch the game and see it for yourself. The fake spike play was blown. It needed to be a touch down or else . The receiver was hit to early in his progression and was struggling to get into the endzone. Sadly this forced Finnegan to push him out to save the TD. Tackle him in bounds and its all but game over. This play is what really set up the pass into the endzone not Philbin’s (what woulda happened if he didn’t call it ) timeout. It just felt that way . Trust me Im no apologist for Philbin and even I said WTF when the last timeout was called and yes Im sure it gave GB more time to plan. But the way their no huddle was clicking and with our defenders gassed to the max , Im not sure if any of us armchair coaches wouldn’t have done any different. Now the shit ass coverage is another issue. And here I go again sounding like an apologist, but if your trying to defend against a play that could just as easily and more likely be a run than a pass play ,what do you do? Its hard to defend both with such a short distance between the line of scrimmage and the endzone. It sux that AR made us look so incompetent and maybe the Kodak worked in reverse and GB was smart enough to know it. They showed run, Philbin saw it, so go to plan B and fake run. With a wizard like AR at center he will find the mismatch. It sux but there is no perfection in football and never will there ever be. To have our loss measured in such miniscule way means we were truly that close to winning against a team we were all but favored to loose badly to. Did you all see what they did to the Vikings? Yeah that game could have easily been us with the up and down fashion we are known for playing like. Instead we crush and criticize our best performance to death. And trust me guys Im not saying anything that has been brought up isn’t legitimate. For example what coaches have called a TO Philbin fashion with 6 seconds left? I cant think of any . So either Philbin was being innovative or his emotions got the better of him. Maybe he was trying to stop the momentum in a similar way of icing the kicker. I dunno, but the truth is they may have scored anyways even without the timeout we simply cant count on that as absolute fact. And as such, our condemnation of that call should be tempered just a bit.

    We can woulda , coulda, shoulda, this game to death going all the way back to the 1st quarter and start there. I ask all of you to play fair and count all the things we did right for the first damn time in a long while. Including playing with passion and intensity. And against a team all too good at piling it on when a team is down. Everybody fought with intensity and Ive just never seen our defense play that way ever. They were magnificent. Tannehill gathered his composure and played his ass off including fighting off a sack and getting a 1st down ala Aaron Rogers style. Rarely do we see that. Hard hits by the secondary and the athleticism of Jarvis Landry continues to shine brighter every Sunday. Its coming together because of the same person your rightfully criticizing. Just remember the entire team has its gifts and things it struggles at including the coaches. But yesterday their near perfect performance was sadly masked by their tiny mistakes and for me Im very sad about that. In a long time Ive never cheered so loud or fist pumped more times than I did last Sunday for my favorite team. And for that I’m still grateful and staying hopeful. For now.

    1. No your wrong it was 3rd down and 10 when Aaron Rogers was sack and fumbled the ball which they barley recovered the ball and that made it 4th down and 10 with the clock running including the 30 second clock to get a play off which was down to 6 seconds and GB was facing a 5 yard penalty for delay of game had not been for Philbin calling a time out that saved GB and allowed them to regroup which Rogers completed that pass play for a first down deep in Dolphins territory and then the fake spike which the Dolphin’s defenders just stood there looking silly and poor tackling and had to bump the receiver out of bounds otherwise he would have scored and then Philbin called another time out which didn’t matter anyway because the receiver got out of bounds stopping the clock and the rest is history touch down GB game over.

      1. Author

        On that 4th and 10 play, Green Bay was around the line of scrimmage with around 10 seconds left on the play clock, but they were out of sync. They were not down in their set, and Rodgers was sorta looking around. I am convinced that they were prepared to take a Delay of Game penalty on purpose. A few seconds later, they were still not fully set up and ready, and Philbin called his stupid timeout. It was wrong for two reasons.
        1. If GB was going to take the delay on purpose, then the clock stops and they’re moved back 5 yards. With the clock stopped, GB now can take their time in the huddle for 4th-and-14. Maybe then Philbin can “Kodak” their play and call his timeout. I wouldn’t mind his timeout IF the clock was already stopped.
        2. If GB was not going to take a penalty on purpose…if they really were about to run a play, then they had only 6 seconds away from running a disorganized, rushed, confusing play in which Rodger was forced to use hand signals and not communicate clearly to his team.
        How can us causal fans notice that GB was on the brink of failure, but not Clueless Joe? They were hanging off the cliff by one thumb, and Philbin came by with a lifeline. Surely Mr. Ross can see this.

        1. Many of tears have to fall but its all in the game, man this game is over with however, when the head coach of the Miami Dolphins at that press conference says Green Bay deserved to win the game which they did play well and was a great game but my goodness don’t you think your own team deserved to win you had a lead late in the fourth quarter and time running out on Green Bay but thanks to your good sportsmanship to help the other team win I think you should go back and assist Green Bay because your attitude clearly was not in the best of interest for the Miami Dolphins to win the game what a shame and unsportsmanship to the team that you are the head coach thereof. And if I’m wrong prove it to the Miami Dolphin fans,that you coach to win for the Miami Dolphins and not the other teams they play against including Green Bay Packers which this is my prediction that the Green Bay Packers and the Miami Dolphins will meet up again in the Super Bowl and then will see where your loyalty is.

          1. Author

            Excellent, excellent comment, Jesse. I never thought of it like that, but Philbin basically told the world that his own players deserved to lose.

            1. Your right,that’s basically what he was saying and a shame to the Miami Dolphin players that they deserved to lose after a hard fought game to take the lead and should have won,oh well I still have faith in the Miami Dolphins as a team and their coaching staff unless I’m proved wrong that this season will not be a waste.

      2. @Jesee Im not sure what point your saying I was wrong about. But I think I could have worded my points better. I was referring to the last timeout not the one before it. Yes 2nd to last timeout did breathe life into them as I posted. Most of the football world is in much criticism of the last time out and that’s the one I was trying to clear up. And it seems we both are on the same page there :-). And again Im not at all trying to take to opposite end of this debate. We simply don’t know what the real reason was for those time outs. There maybe some inside things going on that cant be revealed to the media. As much as we rightfully criticize and question Philbin we can all agree hes not mentally retarded and has been in the game of football for decades. Well atleast most of you will agree hes not retarded :-). There must have been a good enough reason for atleast one if not both that we will never know. Our defense was gassed to the max and once again our offense let us down by putting too much pressure on them in the 1st half and then again at the end. The calls sucked but its the execution that also matters and Im going to re watch the press conference but Im still pretty sure T-Hill took responsibility for the run on 3rd down late in the game . So that heavily criticized play was an option to pass or run and T-Hill chose run.

        If this game were another disaster, I would be leading the charge calling for the ouster of Philbin and possibly T-Hill. If its even possible for anybody to do the following try this experiment. Rewatch the game minus the final 2 minutes and only judge it based on that. Tell me your not impressed and I will shake my head. Tell me we haven’t taken steps forward and I will question your opinion in the same way everybody questions Philbin’s coaching. Say there isn’t any potential for the Phins in your rating of 58 minutes of the hardest play I’ve ever seen this team display and I’ll suggest you consider following another team.

        They showed tremendous heart and intensity last Sunday. Lets not forget that. Im game for seeing how they mature from this going into Chicago. But if we get exposed again, I’ll join you guys in an all out Blog Forum Lynching and start calling for heads. For now I just want this team to win.

        1. Author

          The Bills are horrible, yet they managed to beat both us AND the Bears. So the Bears is definitely a winnable game for us.

          1. Ya know something I have been a Miami Dolphin fan since I was a 14,year old kid when I first learned the game of football playing for a youth football organization,The SweetWater Red Raiders 120lb unit and didn’t know anything about the game but some of my friends ask me to sign up and play which I showed up at all our practice and games and it took me several games before I could understand the game of football until the coach finally put me in the game on special teams on kickoff which I got down the field so fast and tackled the player basically right after he caught the ball and could out run every player on my team and in school but I didn’t have a good coach that took any interest in me because I was white and didn’t know white people are not suppose to be that fast as I got older to understand all the racist mentality and when I was 17,or 18, I was clock in the 100 yard dash at 8,seconds and might have been less than 8,seconds had I not step on something running on natural grass and again when your own shows no interest in you then your talent is wasted and if the coaching staff of the Miami Dolphins have little interest in winning then all that talent on that team will be wasted other than a pay check no matter what team they play and suppose to beat.

          2. Last Sunday’s loss could define us as contenders or pretenders. All I can say is that if the same Phins team that showed up last Sunday shows up in Chicago, we will win by 2 touchdowns. No matter the mismatches everybody is talking about.

            1. Author

              I actually agree with that. We can beat the Bears, even in Chicago.

  7. Tannehill had a 40-yard burst yesterday that looked just like the Pitts game last year. Why does he only try that once per season? He should try it every series.

  8. Here is my problem with Philbin- he stands for nothing (or everything). Are we a power rushing team? Are we an aggressive, up-tempo offense? What the F are we??

    If anyone had to describe the Dolphins offense in 5-10 words (without saying sucks, inconsistent, etc) could any of us do it? What are we?

    And when will we learn that zone blocking doesn’t work on the goal line??? Pouncey runs right by the guy in front of him and that guy is 2 yards in the backfield before Ja’wuan James can touch him. I can’t count how many times Daniel Thomas got stacked up on goal to go runs last year because of this.

    Bring in Dallas Thomas, Billy Turner, etc and run it down their undersized throats!

    BTW- why do we keep drafting guys so we can change their positions?? Billy Turner was a bad azz LT, and now we want him to play G? Big difference between blocking a 260lb athletic DE and a 320lb DT slug. Walt Aikens was a very gifted CB, and we want him as a Safety?

    Also, if Will Davis and Jamar Taylor can’t cover better than Jimmy Wilson, then neither one of them deserves to be on the team….

    -Big J

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