Tua Enters the Draft

Thanks to Reader Mike.   I thought the announcement was later, but he decided already.

I don’t think Tua will last until the 5th spot. Let’s assume the Bengals take Burrow #1. That leaves the Skins, Lions, and Giants.

The consensus is that none of those three teams need a QB, let alone Tua.


The Cardinals last year proved that you can have a new QB with some upside (Josh Rosen) and simply give up on him if you feel a newcomer is better.   Tua and Burrow seem a lot better than Kyler Murray, so this same thing could happen again.

I guarantee you that Tua is better than Daniel Jones (Giants), Dwayne Haskins (Skins), or an oft-injured and older Matt Stafford. (He has the tools, but how long does Detroit stick with this guy?)

Giants could trade Jones and select Tua, coaxing Eli to stick around as Tua’s backup/trainer/mentor for a few seasons. Same for the Lions and Stafford. The Skins have no one in the Eli/Stafford role.

Also, don’t underestimate a wounded Bill Belichick. He could trade into a Top 5 spot and get ahead of us.

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  1. I’m not too concerned about the Giants, as long as they don’t fire their GM before then, he seems enamored with Jones and Chase Young is simply too promising to pass up if you feel like you already got your guy at QB. I agree with you on the Lions and Redskins. The Lions especially make a lot of sense if you think Tua is going to need a year to fully recover. They have Stafford but have to realize he’s on the backside of his career so grooming a guy like Tua would be a smart move.

    The injury is the one wildcard. Speculation on the long term impact will be speculative and may scare away some teams. Would Patricia for example be willing to play the long game in a season where his job might be on the line? I’m praying that he falls to us but I agree that it’s FAR from a guarantee.

    1. Lol I was a little redundant in my wording there but you get the idea… 😁

  2. Forget Tua… the Dolphins should get Georgia’s Jake Fromm if they can.

    1. I think Fromm is staying in school for his senior year. Nothing official yet, but leans that way

  3. I know subpar tanking has been a topic but another thing to think about is free agency. If they stunk worse and Flores looked bad who would come here in phase two of the rebuild? No one worth signing that’s for sure so the Fins should benefit from this. Hopefully be able to sign a few good players to get this turned around. Just a point I thought I’d raise as FA will be a big part of this. I’m hearing some big names like Scherf which would help the oline big time and he’s not that old yet.

  4. Just throwing this out there but didn’t we have the most sacks of any team or one of the most? And if that’s the case, shouldn’t we just build our o-line first and then grab a quarterback in ‘21? I know it wouldn’t make for an exciting draft but we can’t have qb’s running for their lives.

    1. They have enough to build the oline through the draft and FA this year. They don’t have to take a QB but what if someone they want falls to them? You have to take it as you may not get another chance. I do agree that I don’t want them reaching or giving up picks to get one unless they are sold on someone good. They obviously won’t fix everything in one year but I expect improvement…

      1. I saw Barry Jackson say that we will not draft a WR because our current WRs are excellent and deep. In theory, yes. But don’t forget, this is the Dolphins. I saw the Admin say we may take WR Jerry Juedy at #5, simply because we’re the Dolphins and we always make the wrong, unnecessary move. I would throw something at my TV if we select a WR at # 5

  5. I don’t want Tua as he will be out for the whole year. We need to draft a healthy QB. I’m no GM, but I would draft a QB with the first 3 picks we have. One of them will work out and can always trade the other 2. I know everyone will say my idea is stupid.

    1. Your idea is pretty intriguing, but I don’t know if I trust our staff to pick the right one to keep and the ones to trade. We have a horrendous track record getting rid of players who end up becoming All Pro. Talent evaluation is iffy with all teams, but particularly shitty with our Phins.

    2. I understand your sentiment but think of all the positions we need to improve on. We have room to move right now. We can keep Rosen and Fitz and wait till next year for Fields or Lawrence (or who ever else develops), we can also wait for Fromm or Herbert later in the draft. There is no need to hurry here. Build this teams front on both sides of the ball is the best bet this year.

      1. Agreed we can’t forget about Rosen he’s still a possibility for all we know he becomes a player in time. Take a QB this year and see what you have. Worst case another next year but don’t reach too badly if you do. I’m seeing a lot of Tua, DE and OT in first round mock drafts.

  6. I just feel that if we pick Tua, he will become the next Culpepper. In my personal opinion Pennington is the best QB we’ve had in the past 20 years and that’s not saying much.

  7. Good article explains the QB situation. Hard from our side to be 100% confident as we don’t know where Tua is or Rosen for that matter. I believe if it’s Tua then they’d want Fitz but if it’s another drafted QB that could compete next year with Rosen they may pass on Fitz and move forward. I don’t see another FA QB coming in they’d probably stay with Fitz as he’s cheap and knows the system.


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