Your Memories of LIVE Dolphin Games?

I forgot to mention a few things in my post-game Bengals report, which I attended live.

First, before the game, I was watching the warmups and all that.   Bengals DC Lou Anarumo (former Dolphins DB coach and eventually interim DC) went over to the Dolphins side and was received warmly by some of the vets.  I think it was Reshad Jones who gave him a nice hug.  Pre-game handshakes are not uncommon, but Lou stuck around for about 10 full minutes.

I also saw Fitz and Andy Dalton having a nice long talk before the game.  I wonder if they were saying, “Hey, we should combine for 73 points in a slugfest today.  What do you say?”

For those who have attended Dolphin games live in the past, what are your favorite memories?  Anything special that happened when you were there live?   Any important or memorable games you attended live?

For me, the most poignant game I went to was Don Shula’s final game.   I didn’t know it at the time, but his playoff loss in Buffalo would be the last game he’d coach.  I was there in the freezing wind and wet snow.   An awful day.   Dolphins lost 37-22, but it wasn’t that close.   I think it was 30-0 in the 4th quarter, and the Bills put in all their subs.


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  1. I was at the Dolphins – Bears game in ‘85 on Monday night. Yes that Game! I was a senior in high school and met a couple of friends from school there too. If my memory serves me right, it was also one of the games with the highest ratings. Games at the old Orange Bowl stadium were always great but that night it was electric. I did make it to school after about 4 hours of sleep but that was a night I will never forget.

    1. Author

      That is so cool. What a game to have been at!

      I thought that was our year. I know we would have beaten the Bears again in the Super Bowl if we got that far.

      But, unfortunately, we played like garbage in the AFC Championship Game and kept giving the ball away. Even sure-handed Tony Nathan fumbled one.
      5 unforced turnovers doomed us.

      1. Yep losing to the patsies no less. And I agree we would have won the Super Bowl that year. I miss the glory days but I believe the team is mostly on the right track.

  2. I got one…I was at Marino’s last win and first (and only) playoff road win. They beat the SheHawks 20-17 on Jan 9, 2000. It was also his 36th comeback win. It was the last game ever in the Kingdome – i remember fans writing their farewells on the concrete structures, and taking home chunks of concrete as souvenirs (back in those days when you could bring in a hammer or chisel)

  3. Anyone watching the wildcard game? Bills just got screwed out of a legit touchdown.

    1. Author

      Yes, that was among the worst overturns I’ve ever seen. The most horrible thing about it was ABC’s Rules Analyst actually saying that using common sense overrules the play on the field. Brady throws an interception? Well, common sense tells me he didn’t mean to. Kenyan Drake fumbles? Well, common sense says he didn’t mean to.
      The Texan caught the ball, took several steps forward and flipped the ball toward the ref. The Bills clearly recovered the ball for a legitimate touchdown. The ref who was 3 feet away saw the whole thing and correctly ruled a touchdown. Some other alternate, off-field refs, 70 yards away, came over to debate with him. Overturn.
      I don’t know what’s worse…that call or the announcers love affair with JJ Watt.

      1. Author

        And now that the game is final and the Dolphins’ first-round draft pick via Houston just got a little worse, that horrible call will haunt us. Just remember the NEW way that the league calls a game. Fumbling the ball doesn’t matter, as long as some 75-year old off-field ref uses his version of common sense to assume that you didn’t mean to do it.

        We’ve seen guys catch a ball in the endzone and kneel down our entire lives. THAT is the one and only way you give yourself up. You don’t start carrying the ball out of the endzone and then get a free pass. Unless some ref bet money on Houston, I am baffled.

  4. Looking at that last drive for Texans in OT ..when it was 3rd and 18 the time clock was down to 0 and they snapped ball 1/12 second later and got the huge 1st down ….delay of game should have been called but it wasn’t …lol ..cant tell me these games aren’t rigged .

  5. I know we lost a few positions but it’s always enjoyable to see the billyqueens choke. Probably end up with a player falling as usual so may be a blessing. Could have been a TJ Watt instead of Charles Harris as an example. Although let’s hope that the guy gets it next year like Parker…

  6. Buh bye patsies… Thanks to the Fins!!!

  7. Bills and Pats both gone. AFC East up for grabs in 2020

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