Week 1 Game Ready to Start…Bucs at Dolphins

DeVante Parker falls down and costs his team 7 points. Then he causes a second pick.  Please cut this bum.   Such a bust


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  1. Wow, this team is in full free fall. I thought Kiko was a good addition last year but the guy can’t cover anything. Not only is he slow but his reads really suck. And has anyone noticed that the DBs are never near the play?

    1. Author

      Kiko did better in second half, but wasn’t doing anything in first

  2. Well Dolfans, the team can’t play the other team and the officials too.

    Sorry Fins, you did your best.

    1. Author

      I hope we hear a lot about the refs this week. Because it’s 2 last-place teams, it will go away quietly. But the phantom PI on Fasano and the missed safety cost us 9 points. We need the NFL to specify why that safety wasn’t called.

      1. Simply poor officiating. And then HQ making the wrong call on the “non” safety.Changed game b/c we get w/I 5 pts AND get the ball back at midfield after kick.

  3. This just in – Jay Ajayi won again today!

    1. He’s not missed by fans,except admin.

      1. I do like the way Williams and Drake have been used in the passing game but I don’t think we have won since we started them have we?

        I’m all for blowing the team up at this point and drafting a QB to groom next year behind Tannehills last season.

        1. I would say the same but I don’t trust this team to draft anyone. They can’t even develop tunsil into a good player and every scout said he had all the tools needed to be great. Do you really think they can develop a franchise QB? I don’t that’s why I think we should go hard after Kirk cousins

          1. Agreed on Cousins. Trade Fannyhill and possibly get a 3rd round for him.

            1. Agreed than use that pick to draft an oline men.

        2. Ajayi doesn’t save this team this season or any season. Like I said yesterday,blow it up. But I also said we have the 2nd worst front office in football.So I agree,can’t trust them to draft.

      2. Author

        Yeah, who would miss an All Pro when we have Senorise Perry instead

  4. This team needs a quaterback plain and simple. God all these years later and jay was right (I kno he’s gone but he bitched about the QB every week). Look what happened to Green Bay without Rodgers, Houston without Watson. Just throw a huge fucking contract at Kirk cousins this offseason. Keep Landry and stills and drake and cut the rest of the dam offense.

    1. You can thank the front office for not demanding Fannyhill have surgery so he was available THIS SEASON. I’m not a fan of his by any stretch but it was a lost season.

      1. Author

        Very True. An ACL doesn’t miraculously heal itself. Tanny might not have been a savior, but he’d be playing now if the team was smarter last year

        1. Playing football with the guys in my late ’30s,I had a complete tear of my ACL-so bad they removed it. I went a year wearing a Donjoy brace until it was replaced a year later. I know how bad it is but he couls have been back. I think he may have had MCL damage too-I can’t remember. But I agree with Brian M. And hopefully we’ll get a 3rd round pick for him before he loses all value.

      2. Absolutely ON POINT!

        He is under contract get the surgery! Again this team capitulates to players wishes over the teams best interest. I am really starting to think they are all clueless!

  5. People can hate on cousins all they want but he’s killing it with jae crowder as his number 1 reciever, I thought that guy was a basketball player for the cavs lol. Imagine what he can do with Landry and stills (and Parker even tho y’all hate him)

    1. Author

      Zach, I only hate Parker. We win today easily if Parker doesn’t hand them free picks.

  6. Surgery last season or not no way Tannehill would have made it back on the field before December. And that’s a best case scenario barring no setbacks.

  7. Bills, Jets, Jaguars, Browns, Bengals, Broncos, & Cardinals. Six teams a healthy Ryan Tannehill could start for tomorrow. Tannehill’s win/loss record: 37-40. Cousin’s win/loss record 23-28. Yeah huge upgrade.

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