What to look for in the Dolphins-Cowboys game…

I don’t see the Dolphins winning this game, and that’s no surprise.

But if we can’t win, at least improve.     I’ll be looking for improvement in several areas, keeping my eye on guys like DeVante Parker and Charles Harris.   This is their third game under their new system, and no more excuses.   No more “I’m still learning the play calls” etc.   It’s time to see them step up a make a damn play.

I will also keep an eye on Josh Rosen.  Can he do any better than Ryan Fitzpatrick  behind that group of linemen?  Can he do any worse?

Most of all, I continue to watch Brian Flores’ leadership, or lack thereof.  53 men on the team, and I haven’t seen a single one of them go all out for their new coach.   It’s been the opposite in fact.  They want out.

Neither Flojob nor his unknown rookie coordinators have done anything to increase anyone’s confidence.  We see weak organizers, rather than strong leaders.  I’ll be looking for something stronger in Dallas.

Chat room will be open for you guys, but I have some previous commitments and might not be there the entire time.

Go Phins!

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  1. Let’s hope that Rosen shows that he belongs. Apparently Taco is playing hopefully he plays like a man possessed. I’m sure he’ll only be in on passing downs but he can make a difference.

  2. Has anyone heard anything about Christian Wilkins?

  3. Yes he hugged the commissioner and that was his last tackle.

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