Every year, we hear comments about the starting time of Dolphins home games being at either 1 pm or 4 pm. The Dolphins train in the heat so it’s to our advantage to play in the heat and wither the opponent. But is it hotter at 1 pm start times, or is it hotter at 4 pm? I mean, if we want to take advantage of the opponent melting in the heat, what time start is better, 1 or 4? What do you guys think?Read More →

There are several factors to consider when grading the Dolphins recent draft. The “experts” have given us a grade of a B or B- in most estimates. Dolphins fans in some surveys gave us a C. We at Dolphins Truth feel that a B is a fair grade. Let’s take a brief look at each player: Ja’Wuan James in the first round is a good, safe pick. We need linemen, Desperately. Some fans yelled and whined that we could have traded down and drafted James later. Perhaps. Maybe. Or another team might have grabbed James, leaving us withRead More →

All things considered, the Dolphins made a great choice in picking lineman Ja’Wuan James. There were two prevailing theories out there, both incorrect, about what the Dolphins should have done when their turn fell at #19. One incorrect notion is that we should have traded down. “They” say James would still be available later in the draft, and we could have gotten another pick for our 19. James MIGHT have been available later, but there would be no guarantee. We desperately need O-linemen because Jonathan Martin ran away and because the Dolphins kicked Richie Incognito off the team forRead More →

One of the most unsung heroes in the history of sports has passed away.  Earl Morrall, who stepped in at QB in 1972 and won the majority of the games in the Dolphins’ perfect season, has passed away. Morrall seems to never get his due, but his accomplishments in 1972 are staggeringly underrated, not to mention that he was the NFL MVP in 1968. When the Patriots went 18-1 a few years ago, imagine how bad they would have been if Tom Brady broke his ankle early in the season. When Michael Jordan left the Chicago Bulls, how many championships did they win with Michael’sRead More →

In the 1970s and 80s, it used to matter if your team got scheduled to play in a prime time game.  But with the advent of cable tv, it’s not so important any more.  For example, NBC now has the right to choose whatever game it wishes for its Sunday Night slot. So if you see that the Dolphins are scheduled to play on SNF in late December, take it with aRead More →

The Dolphins added a another key piece to the offensive line today by signing former Detroit Lion Jason Fox to a one-year deal.  Fox can be a bruiser and a great blocker, but he’s had some injury issues. Still, despite the injuries, Fox is a great addition. Last we checked, he never quit the team because his friends teased him, so that makes him instantly better than a certain offensive tackle we had on the roster last year at this time…Read More →

Each time we are close to ending and moving on from the “bullying” fiasco that enveloped much of the Dolphins’ 2013 season, a new wrinkle appears.  This time, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is apparently ordering–yes, ordering–three grown men to undergo psychiatric evaluations. There is so much wrong with that; we don’t even know where to begin. The men in question areRead More →

Denver running back Knowshon Moreno is rumored to be coming to Miami for a talk with the Dolphins.  Last year, he ran for over a thousand yard in a pass-happy offense, so we know he makes the most of his opportunities.  That’s aRead More →

The Miami Herald is reporting that the Dolphins are top contenders to sign KC left tackle Branden Albert.  Let’s hope this is so. Last year around this time, we also had a chance to get Albert, but the Dolphins management decided that Jonathan Martin was a better and more loyal option at LT.   That was perhaps the worst misjudgment in sports history, but we have a chance to make up for it now. Dolphins Truth optimistically looks forward to the beginning of free agency tomorrow.  Stay tuned for our reports.Read More →

To make matters clear, none of our writers here at Dolphins Truth have ever said  that Richie Incognito is 100% innocent. He used vile language that is not appropriate.  However,  Jonathan Martin used the same identical language. Martin sent death threats to Richie. Martin spoke of using drugs and prostitutes and drunkenness.  When Martin talks about those things, Ted Wells says Martin was just goofing around.  But when Richie talks about those things, he is an abusive bully.  Is that objective? Is that fair? Ted Wells refuses to acknowledge this. Stephen Ross refuses to discuss it. Joe Philbin refuses to mention it. Dolphins Truth DOESRead More →