We might as well throw the 8-3 record out the window. December is here. This is the time of year when us Dolphins fans begin by saying, “We control our own destiny.” “If we win, we’re in.” Etc. By mid-December, that changes to, “Well, we can still make it as a wild card.” And finally, that evolves into “We need help from other teams.” Except for our Tank for Tua year when we had no chance from the get-go, it’s been the same for a long, long time. So forgive me for being a Grinch here, albeit a realistic Grinch. Let’s start with the overallRead More →

Every win counts. Even wins when Tua looked like a confused rookie instead of the NFL’s #1 quarterback. The defense saved the day on numerous occasions, highlighted by Jalen Ramsey’s two interceptions, making himself and Tyreek Hill the best couple of trades and the best money spent in Dolphins history. As Xavien Howard slowly declines into an average-at-best CB with a lot of holding calls against him, Ramsey is shining. Combine that with the defensive line stuffing the Raiders’ run game, and it was lights out. The Raiders caught us sleeping on one TD drive, but that was it. We needed the defense to beRead More →

Thanks to the Bills’ utter choke vs. Denver, the Dolphins inched a little bit closer to possibly winning the AFC East. We do not want a wild card. We want the division and a home playoff game for once. We’re now 2 losses ahead of the Bills in the loss column, but they’ve played more games and they beat us head-to-head. We unofficially, we’re up by one game. A lot of football is yet to come. Luckily, we can make up more ground with 3 easy games coming up, before we get into a tough December. The goal is to be 2 full games aheadRead More →

Looking past the German game for a moment, we have a good record and did some remarkable things so far this year. We only lost 3 out of 9 games, so let’s focus on that positive. We have 8 games to go, and only a few of them are against formidable opponents, meaning that even if we lose to Dallas, Buffalo, and the Ravens, we could easily end up at 11-6. Assume the Bills lose another game in the next 8 weeks, and the AFC East is ours! Now I cannot avoid the inevitable, and I must write about how Tyreek Hill handed a freeRead More →