A few random thoughts for us all to ponder… A few days ago, the Dolphins announced that they’d be wearing their throwback uniforms from the 1960s. The colors were aqua and orange, not stupid powder blue.  The Dolphin on the helmet was upright and majestic, proudly wearing his M helmet.    The Dolphin is in the middle of the sun, jumping in front of it.  (Trivia:   There used to be 2 teams whose logo included a helmet on their helmet.   The Dolphins were one, but now only one remains…?) Since this was announced, nearly everyone has been talking about how great these uniformsRead More →

Let’s not kid ourselves.  The New England Patriots ARE Tom Brady.  They will lose at least 3 of the 4 games without him, and more than likely all four. The bad news is that none of those four games are against Miami.  Why couldn’t we play N.E. in weeks 1, 2, 3, or 4? In Week One, the Patriots will lose to Pittsburgh.   That means Pittsburgh will be 1-0 and already 1-0 in an AFC game.  At the end of the year, that AFC record is hugely important. Next up is Buffalo.  This hurts even more than the Pittsburgh game.   Buffalo will getRead More →

Jonathan Martin,  the Judas who turned his back on the Dolphins because his friends teased him, has retired from the NFL. Rather than simply have surgery, Martin has chickened out (again).  He opted to quit (again). I strongly predict a lawsuit coming from this.  As I reported many many times after reading the Wells Report and after watching Martin’s ludicrous interview withRead More →

A few weeks ago we asked your opinion of Josh Freeman and his chances of replacing Matt Moore at #2 QB, let alone his chances of making the team. Freeman was released this afternoon. It wasn’t a bad move to bring him in, just in case Moore didn’t re-sign or Tannehill got hurt early in camp.  Dolphins Truth wishes Freeman the best of luck.Read More →

Let’s hope the geniuses at Harvard are right. In a new scientific and mathematical study of the upcoming 2015 NFL season, scientists at Harvard analyzed a mind-numbing amount of data and determined that the Miami Dolphins will be in the Super Bowl. More than likely, the study did NOT take into account the negative role that Joe Philbin plays.  Our roster has improved greatly, but the man who controls that roster on game day is still the same old Clueless Joe. For example, the geeks at Harvard probably know that you do NOT call a defensive time out when the other team is exhausted andRead More →

Former Dolphins Defensive Coordinator Bill Arnsbarger has passed away.   He was a genius. plain and simple.  No other way to describe what he did. He inherited a laughing stock defense under Don Shula, and in just a few short years had them playing in three Super Bowls in a row, winning the last two. He built the no-name defense and rode them to the championships.  When Bob Griese broke his leg, the Dolphins defense had to rise to a new level in 1972, they did so under Arnsbarger. Pay attention this weekend to what the old Dolphins say about this guy.   Every player will beRead More →

Andre Johnson recently stated that the Dolphins were his first choice of teams to sign with, but Miami never reached out to him.   As many of our regular readers know, we’re not real big on spending big money on free agent receivers. You need to look no further than New England, who are perennial winners no matter who Tom Brady throws to.  Name me one WR that New England drafted in the last 10 years?    I can’t think of one.  Name me one big name WR that the Pats signed as a free agent?   Not a one….unless you count Danny Amendola. Could Andre Johnson haveRead More →